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Generally, this dream is negative in regards to its interpretation. The reason is because of the negative so-called human sensations that the anus produces.

If your dream is connected to some type of homosexuality, then it is important to recognize this dream marks a need to understand a love or hate relationship. You may dream that your anus is bleeding, and alternatively that you have worms. You may feel that excrement/feces are coming out of your anus. The dream features that you have constipation. Common ancient dreams feature that some type of insect or animal is coming out of the bum hole. This dream can also involve homosexuality between two men.

In your dream you may have

  • You see an anus.
  • Your anus is bleeding.
  • Excrement coming out of your anus.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • A medical problem with your anus which is cured before you wake up.
  • The anus was in no way associated with any negativity.
  • You experienced contentment within this dream.
  • You did not dream of excrement in association with your anus.
  • The anus in your dream was connected to somebody else that you do not know.
  • The dream was associated with homosexuality.

Image of the anus

If you actually see an image of the anus, then you need to interpret this separately. As the anus shape is rather similar to a ring, there is a strong symbolic connection with commitment in a relationship in the forthcoming future. Good things are going to happen!

Detailed dream interpretation

Freud meaning: to dream of an anus generally symbolizes a regression or an earlier conscious desire to go back to your childhood dreams.

This dream is connected with bowels, and signifies that things are likely to move quickly in your life. There is a type of your personality that is masculine, which you may need to use in the future. It is important that you have an inability to enhance self-awareness, and connect with the different people around you.

Interestingly, this dream has a particular emphasis on your own understanding of yourself. This can reflect greater involvement in the social aspect of your life which is clearly required now.

To dream that your anus is bleeding in any way suggests that you are likely to encounter a very small loss in connection with your work life. To dream of your own anus shows that you are connecting circumstances to gain a reaction from an adult at work.

This dream can indicate your ego has been suppressed in some way. Sometimes you have found it appropriate to lunge yourself into situations, and this dream is a wake up call to tell you to stop and think first. If the details of your dream involved passing wind, then this shows it is time to make a judgment, so that you are happy about your life in general.

Going back to historic interpretation of the anus

If we look back at the ancient interpretations and meanings of this dream, it is quite straightforward. Historically, dream interpreters found the anus was connected to their own business.

If you dreamt that a snake was coming or moving in your anus, this suggests that you are going to encounter some lucky times in the future. This dream basically indicates that you are going to reach your desires. If you dream that a piece of flesh or alternatively a worm is coming out of the anus, then this indicates an illness is likely to happen in your family. This will not be a matter of life and death, just a minor illness such as a cold or flu that will hit you and your family in the near future.

If you injured your anus during your dream, then this relates to your behavioral characteristics. The indication is that you are likely to encounter some type of loss in connection with the unconscious mind. This loss is likely to be minor, in a positive light, and you may lose some type of material possession in the future that you thought was greater than it was. This will be a small possession and will not cause you too much concern.

If you dreamt that the anus was bleeding, or excrement was coming out of it, then this is connected with your financial affairs. The general meaning of this dream is that things have become quite polluted in regards to your financial freedom. The message is to save the pennies. To gain better and clearer definition of excrement or feces featured in connection with the anus in your dream, it is important to consult the other meanings that are related such as poop, so click here for the meaning.

Just briefly because I like to provide you with as much information as I possibly can, excrement in a dream is connected to a sense of letting go of old beliefs. Large quantities of excrement in relation to coming out of your anus indicate the feeling of being overpowered by events which are out of your control.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • You are feeling some type of aggression in connected with your work situation.
  • You may be thinking about a relationship, and whether it is worth continuing in the near future. This can be a love relationship, or a friendship.
  • Are you finding it difficult to connect with people? This dream refers to difficulties in making friends or wanting to be alone at the moment to reflect on the future.
  • A work situation in your life is threatened by loss of job or redundancy.
  • You are lacking passion in a love affair, and need to β€œspice” things up slightly.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of anus

Shame. Painful. Scared. Frightened. Sore. Love. Nothing. Worried. Scared. Fearful. Unpleasant experience. Illness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012