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demon dream meaning


Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, paralyzed with fear, with a feeling of undefined inner horror, as if the quintessence of evil has materialized next to you? You are not the only one.

Such experiences fill the chronicles of time, each with a personal touch, but all focusing on a central, defining element: the intuition of a presence that we usually call evil, the demon perceived in the immediate reality. The feeling is so strong and wild that it is unbearable. The dreamer searches ways to escape, and wakes up in violent spasms, calming down when realizing it was just a dream.

In your dream you may have...

  • Had a demon scares you.
  • Had demons haunt your house.
  • Seen dark or lightly colored demons.
  • Seen a male or female demon.
  • Encountered a demon’s attack.
  • Seen falling demons.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You face your innermost fears.
  • You are able to overcome your strong character.
  • You can accept your past and focus in the future.

Detailed dream interpretation...

The interpretation of ancient dream books is that demons represent a part of our personality that we need to overcome in order to enable our life to function much better. Such manifestations and their multitude are justified by a few theories that appeared even from ancient times. Ancient people claimed such apparitions tried to allure and disturb those with an abnormal sexuality. The legends of Mesopotamia depict Lilith, the demon of death and body ailments. Lilith appears in men’s and women’s erotic dreams, burning their souls and loading them with useless passions.

In the Middle Ages, these apparitions were demons named incubus and succubus. Incubus was the male demon that roamed around in women’s dreams, pushing them towards unnatural tendencies from young age. Succubus was the feminine version of the demon, haunting men’s dreams from young age, pushing them to have erotic dreams and savage passions.

The Algonquin Indians believed that dreaming of a demon is a special state of mind, when the soul hangs in between the world of the dead and the world of the alive. From here comes people’s vulnerability when dreaming of demon attacks.

Another theory claims that those that have inferior spirits, people that have committed dreadful acts and died, do not find their peace after death and, before entering a new body to serve their sentence, they try to satisfy their demonic hunger in other ways. Since they do not have a body, they try to possess one, or even easier, they attack the weaker spirits of people in the most vulnerable moment: in a dream.

Modern theories place such manifestations in connection to events in the dreamer’s life. For example, negative events and traumas during childhood can have a negative effect on the long run, manifesting through agitated sleep and nightmares during adult life. Criminality, corruption, physical and verbal violence, and natural disasters corroborated with human incapability to stop or limit them can create states of inner fussiness, having as effect the demonic dreams. Stress and anxiety at the workplace, unsatisfactory emotional connections with family, friends or life partner are factors that unleash demonic apparitions in dreams. The so-called demonic dreams appear in the life of every individual, and their pathology can be found in their frequency. Whatever the cause, a higher frequency of such states refers to a fragile psychic-emotional state and a quick intervention is necessary in order to cure it.

If you dream of a demon, this symbolizes temptation in thinking and appreciating people around you, thoughtless actions that can hurt, indifference, lack of compassion, judging, laziness and limited concepts, exacerbated selfishness and pride that does not do you any good, inner struggle with childhood traumas, or feeling a lack of affection from parents and loved ones.

A demon in your dream refers to possible indigence, unpleasant events at the workplace, a desire to do something else in your waking life, discontent in regard to your career, loss, a wish to free yourself from too many responsibilities, making decisions by yourself in regard to your private life, and the need to adapt to any situation, even the most difficult one.

Dream psychologists believe that demons represent our innermost fear. If the demons are dark in color, it generally indicates that you are feeling some type of depression. If the demons are light in color, this is a happy dream. Demons and natural spirits are designed to undermine human beings. If you dream that the demons are connected to falling, this demonstrates temptation in the future.

To provide you with more clarity, here is a passage from Fyodor Dostoevsky in 1880 from the Brothers Karamazov:

“I sometimes dream of devils. It is night, in my room is the devils everywhere in all corners and under the table, and they open doors, and behind the doors of the crowd them, and they all want to come in and seize me.”

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a demon…

Afraid. Confused. Alone. Controlled. Wild. Haunted. Paralyzed.

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