Overflowing toilet dream

Overflowing toilet dream

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The overflowing toilet’s seen in the dream is common, so the first thing I will say is your not alone.

Toilets per se, are representations of our emotions in life. In this dream meaning, I am going to try to define your dream. Interestingly, all the dream books I have researched for over 20 years state that generally an “overflowing toilet” represents our own emotions, think about your own emotions simply "overflowing". And, more importantly, the toilet indicates trying to get rid of hidden emotions that you have, think about flushing things away for example. In dream lore, an overflowing toilet indicates that your “emotions” are not being listened to and you need to express emotions.

A blocked toilet in dreams can indicate that there is an inconvenience in life. Let’s face it, an overflowing toilet can often be down to clogged or blocked drains but in dreams, this rarely even crosses one's mind. A dream of an overflowing toilet can often be a result of an argument or unsatisfying communication at this time. Often, dreams of this nature can indicate that shadow work is called for to remove that low vibrational emotion. Dreams are given different indications of importance in our lives and this dream is considered quite popular. The presence of the toilet in the dream indicates sometimes difficulty in love, this could be that a relationship is totally transformed. 

What does it mean generally to dream of a toilet?

Generally, a toilet in a dream can imply that you are ridding yourself of an emotional problem. In dreams, the toilet represents our own emotions that we are holding onto. The toilet can represent how we “hold” onto and “control” our emotions in dreams. This dream can be somewhat graphic in nature. My honest impression of such a dream indicates that you may have regret over dealing with others in life. While we cannot necessarily change our past events or things that have happened in life we can think about our own reaction to it and change the psychological effect of things upon our lives. A toilet in a dream influences our own emotions and the present. We can, in fact, change the past in regards to our own thoughts. I always say it is very difficult to change people very easily to change our response to people. Whatever our emotions we can come to terms with it and learn the lessons and gifts that we are given in our daily lives.

What does it mean to dream of a toilet bowl overflowing with feces?

Seeing feces floating in a restroom can indicate our own powerful forces inside. Basically seeing "shit" in the dream indicates a shitty person, alternatively that you are finding it hard to "rely" on others. You must excuse my French language here!! The swear words I mean. But basically, the dream is an expression of your own emotions and the fact that you wish to remove difficulties in life. I can remember that I kept having repetitive dreams of overflowing toilets, dirty bathrooms, or restrooms and realized that it was just my own subconscious mind trying to work through the emotions in life.

It is common to have such dreams after we have broken up from a relationship or taken on a new career or project in life. It is your subconscious mind that symbolizes that you are trying to rid yourself of difficulties that are generally surmounted in daily life! There are certain messages that come into our minds and this dream is going beyond the past and present the fact that you need to stop holding onto any regrets in life. Try to repair and embrace difficulties that you have encountered. In life, we are responsible for our own growth and also for the benefit of others. Try to think about the fact that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, only what you will do but your emotional response to difficulties and problems.

What does the water signify in an overflowing toilet dream?

Water in dreams indicates our own emotional responses in life. The water in the dream is obviously polluted, it can indicate this is how you are feeling “pent-up” in terms of your emotions. There is a wake-up call here in that you need to ask yourself honestly how you feel about your relationships and life. Are you worried do you feel about others? often we have such dreams and we are encountering a life-changing event like a new job, career, study or relationship.

What does it mean to dream of an overflowing toilet with poop?

To dream of poop rising from the toilet or that you find poop all over the floor of the bathroom is connected to trying to be happier in life. This intriguing dream can be quite graphic in nature. I believe that this dream is the cause of anxiety in waking life. Toilets are often blocked due to either object being trapped in the toilet bowl or attentively faulty float mechanism that affects the water flow. If you notice that the poop is regurgitating in your dream - this can indicate that you’re trying to unplug your own emotions. If the poop itself flows up but does not go over the sides of the bowl this can indicate that things are still in your control, of course - is from a spiritual perspective. Flooded toilets often in dreams can be associated with our own emotions. Turning to older dream interpretations a poop in a toilet indicates that you are feeling rather distressed at the moment.

What does it mean to dream of a toilet with water flooding the floor?

A flooded floor in the overflowing toilet can indicate that times will be challenging going forward. Your dreams will naturally be focused on your energetic wishes, so take a moment to imagine that the water of the floor in the toilet during the dream went back into the toilet. That way you are “reconnecting” your subconscious mind. This will help you do the work you desire to do. Then manifest what you want, this could be signing the new contract, finding your sweetheart, opening a new door, healing those around you... whatever your objective is, get into meditation and visualize that you have cleaned up the toilet in your dream, cleaned away all that water then play with the idea. Maybe you can even imagine a few special words or skills being inscribed on your hands while you clear away the waste! In all our dreams we have to trust our inner emotions and what we are trying to say to our inner child. 

By Florance Saul
Feb 4, 2018