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Dreaming of being ugly is a sign of luck in old dream lore, especially if you see an ugly person.

If you see yourself being ugly, this dream omens beauty. To dream that you see your ugly appearance in a mirror, or if you dream you encounter ugly people, this means you will have disagreements on a social and business level. The dream of ugliness can be deep for most of us. I would say that this dream could also signify that you are worried about your own appearance. Of course, this can be rather worrisome.

A dream of this nature could be in relation to an extreme sensitivity of acceptance among a group of people in your current life. The most important thing to take away from this dream is to try to stop worrying. Most people will agree that we all want to be beautiful, loved and live our life to the best of our ability. Many people also worry about work, finances, health, and relationships.

In ancient dream dictionaries seeing any ugliness in the dream is connected to great luck and happiness. I believe it is more focused on our own inner worries and concerns. From a dream psychology perspective perhaps our fears and rejections are simply that we are not good enough. Ugliness can appear in many different ways. You may see an ugly face, people that deformed alternatively an ugly looking animal in a dream. I hope to generally cover the meaning of ugliness. I will say that I believe that it is focused on our own in worries.

The good news is that you can develop the tools to overcome any of your problems in life. If you are sensitive and there are certain things that trigger your worries then I would say this dream could be somewhat common. We are often hardwired to recognize any types of threats and designed to alert us to any dangers. To make it easy I have segmented this dream into common ones so just scroll down.

What does it mean to see your own ugly face in a dream?

Seeing your own face in a dream represents how you feel you are represented in the world. If your face is ugly or changes in the dream it can indicate that you need to try to change your outlook on life. Ugly faces generally mean there’s going to be some difficulties in the future. Perhaps you are not expressing yourself as you wish to? Seeing yourself ugly in a dream can indicate that you may be obsessed perhaps you of focusing on your looks. The message here is to try to be more confident and lovable. If you’ve toyed with changing your looks, even to the point of buying those sparkly jars of mac or pricey lip glosses then it’s not uncommon to have a dream of ugliness. Being beautiful comes from within. In our modern world, the beauty industry supports how we should look and to see yourself ugly in a dream or you see your face disfigured indicates that you may be shifting to a more spiritual dimension.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of being ugly in a dream?

I will now briefly go over old dream lore. Being ugly in a dream foretells misfortune in love, but also that you will stir up the admiration of other people through your physical appearance. Being ugly in a dream indicates that you might encounter some difficulties with your life partner. The same dream could portend a dark shade falling over some aspects of your life, mainly the social aspect of it. If in your dream you see an ugly woman, you might have to deal with some quarrels ahead. If you are a woman and you see yourself being ugly, this means you will be inconsiderate to your life partner, and this attitude of yours can lead to a separation.

What does it mean to see an ugly demon or monster face in a dream?

Seeing an ugly demons face that disgusts you is associated with feeling rejected waking life. To dream of a monster or human being that is disfigured can suggest that you may have difficulty connecting with others. An ugly face can be quite and disturbing image in the dream and I would say might play on your mind. If the face was burnt then this can suggest that somebody will turn to you for advice.

What does it mean to see your face change in a dream?

Seeing your face change into an ugly face, or perhaps a face that you do not recognize indicates that there may be an unpleasant or desirable situation that is soon going to occur. The fact that your face changed could also suggest that you are changing your feelings about project or issue in regards to your work.

What does it mean to see a deformed face?

A deformed face in a dream points to the negative feelings we have about certain people in our life. If you could see many people with deformed faces and this can be quite a traumatic dream and indicates that with time things will move forward successfully. I will also say the dream can indicate that you feel that something is not quite right or deformed in some way a situation or a relationship with another person.

What does it mean to see an ugly man in a dream?

An ugly man seen in a dream can suggest that you may encounter some problems but you could be quite sensitive to possible worries in the future. To encounter an ugly man is a representation of your worries about a male in life. Perhaps the presence of a ferocious beast or a man that does not look right entered your dream. The first reaction is obviously to run away. This interestingly is a psychological response to run away from worries in life.

What does it mean to see an ugly baby in a dream?

An ugly baby and the dream indicates our own innocence. It can suggest that you are tackling avoidance in regards to overcoming problems in life. The good thing is the baby can represent solvable worries. That can suggest that you may be having problems with your family or that somebody requires an exceptionally high amount of attention at the moment. As a baby is also associated with being cared for you may need to try to solve some problems that are impertinent at the moment.

What does it mean to see an ugly animal in a dream?

To see an ugly animal in a dream (dog, cat, tiger, beast, monster) can often predict that you will be encountering during problem-solving and trying to buy some answers to your own anxieties stop if the animal was deformed in any way or frightened you during the dream then there is a clear and present threat in waking life. The best approach is to try to define the worries by applying what-if scenarios. What is the very worst that can happen?

What does it mean to see an ugly women in a dream?

Seeing an ugly woman in the dream can suggest other people will turn to you for advice. If you are a woman yourself then this can indicate something is going to grow out of all proportion. You may find this difficult to control there is also a lack of conformity - especially if you actually know the ugly woman in a dream.

In your dream you may have

  • You see yourself ugly in a mirror.
  • Other ugly people.
  • You are ugly.
  • Lots of ugly people.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You avoid disagreements.
  • You become nicer and more considerate to your life partner.
  • Despite being ugly, your experience in the dream was positive.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of ugly

Surprised. Discontent. Amazed. Curious. Upset. Disappointed. Worried. Anxious. Sad. Crying. Insecure. Disgusted.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012