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You will laugh at me to get your attention for this kind of a rare dream.

The dream is simple as well as awful, but the message it is going to convey is very great. The dream of a toilet usually brings you luck and well being of the society, if you had this kind of a dream, you should be more careful in the future. That is not in fear but to find out lucky occasions of the life.


So whenever you have a dream of a toilet do not take it lightly as a useless or awful signal. It has a strong message to convey, and most probably, the message will be good one about your future.oyu can learn about many things, that are going to take place in the near future.

You may have seen...

  • An old toilet near the house.
  • A toilet which is not using.
  • A boy is near the toilet.
  • A new toilet but without water.
  • A toilet with a large number of people.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream…

If you have seen a dream, in which you are in a toilet, you are going to have a very important change in your life in the future. It may be something like promotion, lottery draw or gift from one of your friend.

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The dream which you are in a toilet pit and you are covered with all the waste from head to toe, brings you all the success, that you are expecting to have.

Detailed description...

Old toilet near the house is a very strong symbol in dream interpretations. the toilet represents the wealth as the house is the symbol of the life or your self .so we can understand the rest, you are going to have some sort of good thing .Sometimes this dream will show you about the land profits that you are going to have in the future.

The toilet, which is not used, represents the resources or wealth that you have but not being used. So if you have seen this type of dreams please take some pain in checking your account and ancient places of the house or the garden. Once, my friend found a buried pot of gold coins in his garden after having this very dream.


If you are a person, who is waiting for children or staff to your office, this is your dream. The toilet symbolizes the wealth or the profit, which you are going to enjoy in the future. In dreams child symbolizes the kids and the servants.

A new toilet but the water supply is not given or terminated represents the wealth that cannot be utilized by yourself. The toilet represents the wealth and the lack of main facility gives you the message of unavailability.

The toilet with large number of people is another dream, that indicate you about a fortune but it will be shadowed by other actions. So think about something that you must have profits, but you can not get any. You must think about those situations carefully and try to find out the particular problem. By doing so you can get the advantages that the dream showed you to have.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of actors...

Shyness, anger, awful feelings, feelings of carelessness.


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