Being Chased By Murder

Being Chased By Murder

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It is not uncommon to dream that you are being chased or hunted by murderer.

It could be that in your dream you saw yourself running away or hiding from a killer. Sometimes in the dream it can play out as a who’s done it. This is very similar to for example Cluedo the game. It can be quite disturbing when your dream your escaping from the murderer, turning around to see if they are still following you or you are hiding behind a tree or bush in order to escape. Sometimes in dreams there is a relationship between murdering and daily stress in waking life.

In your dream

  • You hid from a murder.
  • You were chased by a murder.
  • A murder was not known to you.
  • A murder killed you.
  • A murder chased you and you went on a roof.
  • A murder chased you and you hid.
  • You were hiding from a murder.

Detailed dream interpretation

It could be somebody you know like your life alternatively complete stranger. The most common dream of being chased or hunted by a murderer is the fact the dreamer doesn’t know their identity in waking life. So what does this mean? Many times a murderer seen in a dream is related to a problem that is not resolved in waking life. If you are actually murdered dream this can suggest that you are going to be affected emotionally by another.

Dreaming of being stabbed or shot by a murderer indicates that there is something in your life which is causing you to not enjoy elements that you should. We all look at death in dreams it is a worrying omen, it is no different than death in a tarot reading. In that indicates change and new beginnings. To actually dream that you are running away from a murderer can suggest that there are many different problems in life you do not wish to face up to. It can suggest that responsibility is required in a situation. If you see yourself hiding from the murderer in your dream and this can suggest you’re hiding away from an important decision in waking life. If the dream is re-occurring and you are running and hiding away from the murderer then this can suggest that you may have encountered stress in life.

Being chased is a common dream, especially when running away from animals. The murderer can also be a symbolic symbol of threat in our waking life. If you are able to see the person in the dream state try to turn around and see who that person resembles in your waking life. If you find yourself in a confined space after being chased or pursued in your dream. This could be possibly be a covered area, bush, closet or alternatively underneath a rock - it indicates that there are problems in life you cannot get away from. The dream itself is related to your anxiety in waking life. If you are running away from an attacker then it is associated with facing your fears in waking life. To escape from a window onto a roof in your dream suggests that you are trying to understand yourself better in waking life.

The roof is a representation of your own personal care. Therefore, to dream that you escape the murderer from the roof suggests that you need to think about your own personal health and well-being before there are any problems. To be chased and then hide under a bush in your dream is a suggestion that we need to overcome some difficulties in waking life in order to achieve what you want. This dream is symbolically associated with change and new beginnings.

The bushes also represent desire, and it has been associated with the female vagina. To hide behind a bush indicates that you need to keep things to yourself. It can suggest that you are hiding your true feelings, perhaps for gain or the avoidance of hurting somebody close to you. The bushes indicate avoiding showing true emotions by other people. It can also suggest that you were looking for comfort.

Being chased by a murderer is a very common dream and psychologists believe that this comes from different anxieties connected to waking life. To be pursued by killer is a suggestion that sometimes it might be better to come front somebody close to you if their behavior has not been admirable. The actions that you carry out in your dream indicates how you respond to stress in waking life. If the attacker is chasing you then this can indicate there is part of yourself that you wish to hide away. There could be a feeling of danger.

Feelings after you have had this dream

Worried. Murderer frightens you. In Danger. Worry.

By Florance Saul
Jul 14, 2017