Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

This dream can mean that you feel too sealed up in life, stuck, or stagnant… but there are also positive connotations to these dreams too.

Sometimes there are dreams that show that you are happy being stuck where you are and when you dream of a jar it can be an omen for you being stuck in a situation which is beneficial for you.

In this dream you may have

  • Seen jars full of honey
  • Seen jars full of something rotten or mildewed
  • Empty jars that are not being used
  • Filled jars with jam, honey, or fruit – such as in canning.
  • Cleaned jars.
  • Placed new seals on jars.
  • Bought jars.
  • Broken jars.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The jars you see are full of honey.
  • The jar is open and on its side.
  • The jars you see are brand new and shiny.

Detailed dream meaning

In this dream if the jars you see are filled with honey, jam or something yummy and it is fresh and smells great, that is a great sign that you have many riches and prosperity coming your way. It means that you can live life to its fullest and not worry about it one bit. Always keep a hold of what you have if it’s good, and always have fun and smile. Be happy with this dream for it is a good omen that your life already is or will be full of happiness and joy.

Sometimes with dreams of jars you may be dreaming about canning. Canning is the process of storing food for the winter or saving food. This can indicate that you need to  be prepared for the future and start saving now. When you are doing this with others or making a big deal of it in a dream such as a canning party – there are usually events coming ahead that will affect those around you such as a drop in real estate prices that would effect a neighborhood, a sickness in a family, etc.

If the jars you dream of are on their sides and open that means that you can be free of anything if you really try and can walk right out, that it won’t be too hard no matter what and can get out of any sticky situation if you just try, and that is the key, you have to always try to get out of the situation. You can’t get out of the situation if you don’t try.

If the jars you dream of has brand new shiny jars that is a sign that you are happy where you are at in life right now. you don’t have a great life and don’t have a bad life, but you don’t mind where you are at, which is good and you don’t need to change anything. You will be ok in life.

If the jars you see have rotten things in them that is a bad omen that you have some very bad things coming your way and you need to be on the guard and to always make sure that you don’t trust people who given you reasons not to trust them. Watch who and what you are around. You never know when calamity will strike.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Getting money – an increase or a windfall that was unexpected.
  • Losing something in your life – usually a material item.
  • Breaking free of a bad relationship.
  • Creating the reality that you want to have.
  • Being positive and accepting what life throws your way.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a jar

Scared. Hurt. Envy. Betrayed. Happy. Excited. Refreshed. Trapped. Confined. Busy. Tired.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012