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Dreams about fish can occur in many different ways.

Eating fish is quite a common dream. It could be that you are eating some fish and chips alternatively you were eating fish you caught in the sea or river in your dream. Some people have emailed me as they were puzzled about constant dreams of eating fish. Here I will try to understand what eating fish means and what this means as both a dream symbol and also what it implies spiritually. In order to understand the meaning, we need to look the elements that surround the fish.

For you to look up this meaning tells me that the fish was quite prominent in your dream. In biblical times fish represents food that is nutritious and healthy. Fish Is a popular dish it is a source of great protein and is based on protein. There are in total around 30,000 different types of fish. In a dream, you could have seen an uncooked piece of fish, marinated fish, grilled fish, poached fish and you could have seen a fish cooked by frying, baking or even steaming. The research I’ve carried out in regards this dream meaning is that spiritually Fish represents wisdom and emotional ties, in older dream books the fish is a negative omen and more modern ones the fish is a positive symbol. Eating fish can mean that you are going to develop your psychic side of life. Petting or catching a fish before you eat it can be in association with a new beginning or hope of a bright tomorrow.

What is the general meaning of eating fish in a dream?

To eat raw fish in a dream indicates that you are worried about the future. If you see yourself eating fish in a restaurant then this can indicate a new fresh start. The type of food is equally important. You may not know the exact fish that you're eating in the dream but if you do give some clues to the meaning. Fish in dreams in old dream lore represents a disappointment.

Fish are connected to the element of water. There are four elements which I am sure you are aware of, these spiritually are earth, water, air and finally fire. Water is connected to our own emotions and how we feel inside, grouped with how we communicate with others. Eating fish indicates that you're going to be experiencing an emotional time shortly - but overall your life will be positive. If you catch a fish before consumption this dream can indicate that other people will turn to you for advice. Of course, I am going to go through a more spiritual interpretation. If we turn to dream psychology Sigmund Freud, he indicates that fish is connected to success. If you put your mind to it you can do anything is the message. Freud had many theories on what symbols mean in dreams. He believed that our dreams are motivations of our daily life. He believed these symbols were camouflaged and there was a hidden meaning in our dreams.

The fish symbol is an archetype which is animal and the Freudian view this is associated with our natural instincts. Fish is high in protein and additionally omega three fatty acids. This is great because we don't produce these oils ourselves. There are many different benefits of eating fish. For example, the American Heart Association believes that we should eat a piece of fish officially every single week including fish such as: salmon, sardines, trout, and tuna. Sometimes, fish can be contaminated and not recommended for those that are pregnant but many readers have contacted me after having a dream of eating fish while they were pregnant. So, I will say that this is common.

What does it mean to dream of eating Fish from a plate?

If you see yourself eating a dinner of fish, such as fish and chips or that you are eating a fish dish in a restaurant then this dream denotes that through difficult times you will finally succeed. As I've already mentioned in the opening paragraph the “fish” represents your natural instincts and creativity. As the fish is connected to the ocean and also river it can denote the movement you feel emotionally. Much like the movement of waves things could be either be erratic or quite calm going forward. The plate that you are eating off should also be analyzed. To eat off a white plate indicates peace and tranquility, however, if the plate is colored or a plate that you recognize from your own kitchen - then this can indicate through a number of relationships or endeavors where you will succeed.

What does the type of fish mean in a dream?

The type of fish in a dream is significant. If you are eating salmon it can indicate a new love life, perhaps somebody is going to ask you out for dinner. To dream of mackerel can imply that the new starter on the horizon. If you dream of wild fish then friends and acquaintances are likely to provide you with some advice. To dream of battered cod can suggest that somebody who is important to you will ask for your help. If you dream of eating a goldfish or a pet fish then this can suggest that your comfort levels are going to rise in the future. Perhaps you're going to get a new job or commence a new business. The most important takeaway from this dream is that a fish is a natural animal and is connected to our own emotions. I will discuss eating other types of fish further down.

What does it mean to eat fish from a restaurant?

If you dream of eating a fish in a café or restaurant then this can represent your natural instincts are spot on. In the many dream narratives that I've researched being served fish is a sign of great luck. Therefore, contentment and happiness are likely to enter your life soon.

What does dreaming of eating fish with somebody else mean?

If in your dream you are eating fish with other people and this can represent that you are going to comfortably succeed at work. It could mean there's been a hostile environment that has made you feel inadequate in some way. To see other people eating fish, especially if this is at a table indicates that great times are ahead. Fish is an international symbol of hope contentment.

What does it mean to cook fish?

In a dream if you cook fish by frying this then this can imply a great time with friends. For the fish to be steamed indicates that you need to take some time to focus on you. To cook fish in a pan of water indicates a new start. If you find yourself sitting down for a dinner meal which contained fish then this can represent your social side of life. Fish is associated with water as it indicates emotions in a social aspect. Whitefish means peace and tranquility. If you dream of eating burned fish for then this dream suggests that somebody will turn to you for advice and it can also mean solitude.

What does dreaming of eating raw fish mean?

Raw fish is generally marinated or seasoned and can appear in our dreams in many ways. Eating raw fish can indicate that there is an unstable environment around you. If the raw fish has been frozen in order to kill off parasites before you eat it, then this dream suggests that you will overcome any enemies. Commonly raw fish is found in a dream is a symbol of preparation for fertile ground. If you see yourself eating sushi, ceviche or sashimi in a dream this can indicate (in older dream books) there is an unachievable aim. If you contracted a parasite infection because you eat raw fish during the dream then it indicates that you are feeling something needs to be validated. This could be in relation to a new phase in life. Raw salmon in a dream is symbolic of physical or emotional coldness. Raw seafood (prawns, mussels or other types of seafood which is served in a dream can illustrate that you have the power to change things and ultimately you are in control.

What does it mean to dream of eating marine fish?

Eating marine fish can imply that you don't wish to socialize or mix with people and you have more important things to do with your life. It is an important moment at the moment – which represents that you need the time to focus on yourself.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of eating fish?

Fish is spiritual and represents cleansing. The fish symbolism is associated with Christianity. If you are a Christian then to dream fish can be connected to your own beliefs. If you look at many different parts of the Bible it is quite common to see many pictures and drawings of fish. Even the bibles logo is a fish. And, the symbol found in Greek is known as ichthus. This means “Jesus Christ” Luke 24:42043 discusses eating fish “They gave him a piece of broiled fish, and he took it and ate before them.” the other famous saying is “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. And, most of us know the saying “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” biblically the fish is connected to how we nourish life – as it is a food that provides us with the most important nutrients. If we take the Christian symbol of the fish it can indicate our beliefs.

What does it mean to dream of eating trout or salmon?

There are different types of salmon divided into farmed and fresh. Trout this beautiful pink meat indicates that you're going to have to make some important decisions going forward. To grill, the salmon can apply that you will overcome some difficulties. According to ancient dream, books to eat salmon is a positive omen. The word salmon comes from the Latin term “slamo” which means to leap. I will suggest that eating salmon represents leaping into the unknown. If you caught the fish before you act seven can represent a harmonious time life. If you see a bear eating salmon, which they do regularly in Alaska then this represents a transfer of knowledge or information. This is due to the fact that salmon provides nutrition from the sea and moves into land in order to provide nutrition. Seeing a beaver eating salmon suggests a deeper side of life will be explored. If the salmon contains parasites or is moldy, and not the fresh pink color that we expect then this dream indicates new start with a fresh perspective. Dreaming of trout is associated with luck, money and a fresh start in life. The trout is often strongly connected to salmon – part of the same family. There are various animals that eat trout, such as brown bears and eagles. As trout is classified as oily, eating the trout in old dream lore indicates a difficult or slippy situation that will enter your life soon. If you were river fishing and you caught a trout indicates a new start.

What does it mean to dream of bad fish?

If the fish was moldy or rotted in any way or you could smell the unpleasant smell of something “fishy” then this could be a representation of somebody not being that honest with you. Think about the term something fishy! It could mean a possible dishonesty in the near future. In many dreams, fish is also connected to new beginnings and a focus on growth. If you are a woman then to dream of eating fish can signify conception or fertility. It is not uncommon to dream of fish when you are having a baby.

What does eating haddock, plaice and cod mean in a dream?

These beautiful white fish are full of protein and vitamins. To see cod that is deep fat fried suggests that somebody is covering something up. The fish belongs to the family known as Gadidae and is normally found in the Atlantic. The white flaky flesh is often a favorite especially for fish and chip shops in the United Kingdom. Along of course, with haddock then place. Haddock in ancient dream dictionaries indicates your characteristics can be reviewed. To dream of place can suggest that no matter what happens things will work out for the best. There are many references in my older dream books about life cycles and white fish. This indicates the fact that we sometimes “change” in order to focus on our life’s course. To dream of predominantly white fish indicates a time of peace would retreat.

What does it mean to dream of eating mackerel?

A prominent feature of mackerel is that it is associated with teamwork building. Mackerel is connected to giving someone something, this dream can also imply that other people will support you.

In conclusion, eating fish according to most dream dictionaries and gypsy folklore is connected to disappointments but also after this disappointment joyful tidings. Food is eaten in the dream is generally associated with your own potential ambitions in life. The appetite indicates success. This is quite contrasting when we look at the general interpretation of dreaming of fish. In my opinion, this dream essentially means that you have an opportunity to understand your deeper ambitions and the spiritual message is to not be disappointed which is a representation of the fish. If there’s something I haven't covered in this dream meaning then please send me a comment at the bottom of this page.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2018