Factory dream meanings

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Our dreams at times take the shape of things in waking life. Sometimes we dream of places were we work, places we like to visit.

If you dream involves a factory it has many different meanings. If you see a large factory that is clean beautiful you need to be alert. The actual factory itself is a symbolic indication of your working environment. If the factory is old-fashioned then this indicates struggles in daily activities and relationships. Alternatively, to see a small modern factory is an indication that your career path will improve going forward.

On the other hand if it is a busy, dirty and full of noise you are heading for a negative period of your life. If the factory is producing any type of food products then positive times are ahead. Something going to happen in your favor if were working at the factory.

In your dream you may have seen

  • A factory with many workers.
  • Factory covered with smoke and dust.
  • People running out of a factory.
  • An old factory in the country side.
  • A crying girl in an abandoned factory.
  • Beautiful roses in the garden of a factory.
  • A river flowing near a factory.

Detailed description

A factory with and vast amount of workers suggests you that you are socially in a situation where people don't care about you as much as you care about them. Obviously this can be troublesome. Both factory and workers represent the force or the power, so you have to protect yourself at any cost.

If factory looks like a busy place and dust is not uncommon there, it symbolizes that about an event or secret is going to reveal. So you can expect some sort of secret is going to take the form of the reality. It may be a romantic affair, crime or sometimes a theft.

If in your dream you see workers running out of the factory this is a positive omen. Be happy because you are going to have a solution from a long term problem. However, if you see people who work in the factory displaying signs of being restless and stressful then this indicates a negative dream. To see workers who want to escape but can’t suggests difficulty in life. Basically, any dream involving workers who show signs of unhappiness as a symbolic link to your own career.

A river flowing near a factory is not an uncommon sight but if you dream of this, it reveals an action that can make you unhappy. To see a factory in a foreign country indicates that business propositions will not come into force. There is a focus on wasting your time and money. To see a river mere factory indicates that the situation will become slow and lethargic. It is a warning - you must be careful about selecting partners, either in romantic relationships or business. To see a factory producing toys indicates that you are looking to work on your own childhood memories. Perhaps your own memories have resulted in new problems in waking life, and therefore you're looking to heal yourself subconsciously.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a factory

Horror of the work, amusement, loneliness. Isolation, poverty.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013