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So you dreamed of a large giant?

Freud believed that to dream of something bigger than ourselves is connected to our ego. He thought a dream of giants for males and females were are follows: If you are a man and you dream of giants it could mean that you are obsessed with sex while women who dream of giants indicates feel guilty after indulging in sex. Yes, Freud was a bit obsessed with sex in dreams but let's move forward with some other meanings.

A giant in dreams is connected to control and domination. Freud believed it was connected to sex (as we previously discussed) I am going to quickly give a few points to what your dream may mean now.

In order to understand the dream we need to think about what giants are. Giants have an appearance of human beings, but they are massive in size and strength. Yes, they are not real, so if you come across one in the dream it suggests you are ruling with your heart.  It can also be due to hearing about and learning of giants in legends and mythology of many cultures.  According to the myth, giants conquer and help warring communities to win wars and rule over their enemies; they are also portrayed as being rough on human beings at times, forcing them to flee for their own safety. 

So if you happen to see giants in your dream, it is connected to how you nurture! If we look back to your childhood your own parents were the “giants” of that time. The physical and emotional feelings you attached to your parents when you were a child are the ones which will be portrayed in your dream. 

Dreaming of giants simply brings out the obsession that you possess and which is ruling your life at the moment. 

In the dream, you may have

  • Being the giant.
  • Someone else could be the giant.
  • You are facing the giant.
  • Been chased by the giant.
  • Saw many giants.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

When you dream about a giant it has several symbolic interpretations depending on how the giant appears in your particular dream. When you are facing the giant in your dream like David – Goliath, then it has the meaning that, there are several circumstances in your life which are causing obstacles to achieving your personal goals in life. It has become very hard for you to handle the situations using your normal approach and you will automatically require divine intervention.

If you are the one who is the giant yourself then it means that you are the obstacle to achieving your life goals and you don’t have anyone else to blame except yourself. For you to succeed in life you need to relax. Allow your friends and relatives to assist you in reaching your final goals. It could be pride or stubbornness which you possess which is making it impossible for you to get to the peak of your goals; let it be, and you will be shocked how you rise to the top and become one of the greatest achievement of all times.

In general, when you dream about a giant in a dream, it means that there is something in your life which you feel that it is taking charge of everything you do, making you powerless and unable to control it. Whenever you encounter this you are unable to do anything about it, thus, becoming enslaved to it. You need to do everything humanly possible in your waking life to sort out the underlying issues in your life.

A giant chased you in the dream

To dream of the giant chasing you in a dream indicates that you need to stand your ground in difficult situation. The giant scares you in any way then it can suggest you do not feel comfortable in a work situation and you are feeling somewhat controlled.

When you are the giant in a dream what does it mean?

Oh no.. you are the giant! What a strange dream. If you are actually the giant then this dream is in relation to how you are betraying yourself sexually. It can suggest you might be spending too much time partying or indulging in sexual acts with others. Try to have enough individual try to sort out your own matters in life.  Being the giant in a dream can also suggest that somebody will manipulate you in the future. If you are a giant and there are other giants around you in the dream then this can suggest that you need to be more laid-back in life.

A giant suddenly appears in a dream

A giant something appears from nowhere in a dream then this suggests that you need to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.  the joint appearing is a metaphor that you need to control your own emotions and have more community spirit.

Killed by a giant in a dream or killing a giant

To kill a giant dream or to be killed by giant indicates that it is  time to rejoice your own personal control and power. There is a sense of harmony around you at the moment which is very positive you need to turn to controlling more elements in your life.

Orgs In dreams

If we look at the definition of an all it is basically a fairytale or folklore monster,   Shrek is considered an org. In your dream you might not be sure what you’re seeing. Generally,  we often use the term giant, or or monster or meaning the same thing.  If in your dream you encounter horrendous, ugly orgs  and this illustrates the need to have more control and power over your own actions.

Hands of a giant in dreams

To see oversize hands of a giant injury suggest that you will get what you want in life. The hands  symbolises the greatness of life. To see Jack and the Beanstalk in a dream indicates that you need to grow something in order for the best results.

BFG film in dreams - how bizarre!

To see the big friendly Giant,  as in the BFG film is generally not a dream interpretation,  it is just subliminal in that you’ve probably seen the film or had subconscious messages in the daytime.

Feelings Associated with Dreaming About Giants

Authoritativeness, Helpless, Power, Self-centered, Greedy and Enslaved

By Florance Saul
Oct 19, 2017