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Salt makes a difference to life, incorporating zeal for your food and satisfying your taste buds.

This mineral represents the better characteristics that you incorporate into your daily routine. Salt is a choice at meals; it may symbolize position or amazing benefits, as with the saying “salt with the earth.” Salt can represent the choices you make, or of those around you. Spiritually, seeing salt in a dream symbolizes your wisdom and knowledge. Dreaming of salt may be the omen of a standing feud, bad luck, and illness. If you dream of salting your food, this means you may have mild indigestion. This is an ominous dream of happiness in every situation. However, the dream that you spill salt indicates that you can expect some difficulties, such as getting sick. The dream that you eat salt is an omen for big wealth. Sprinkling salt for you also portends richness and abundance ahead.

In your dream you may have

  • >Eaten salt.
  • Can see salt.
  • >Used salt to cook.
  • Sprinkled salt on your food.
  • Eaten sea salt.
  • Seen pink salt.
  • Seeing too much salt.
  • Seen white salt.
  • That you spill salt.
  • Seen fine salt.
  • Seen coarse salt.
  • That you receive salt from someone.
  • A salt lake.
  • A salt mine.
  • You step on salt.
  • You bury salt.
  • Undertake a salt massage.

Detailed dream interpretation

According to the Eastern tradition, salt in a dream foretells sickness. Salt means good wealth. It is also important to sprinkle salt in your dream, as it portends good material condition. In the Persian tradition, salt dreams mean that you will have to fight with someone soon. The Western tradition applies a totally different meaning to this dream. For this tradition, dreaming of salt indicates that you will entertain difficulties only if you step on salt.

Salt is associated with your taste and intensity. You should ask yourself what aspect of your life should be spiced up. Salt symbolizes health, vitality, good luck, and success in your waking life. Dreaming of it is an omen for a good start ahead, good friendships and fulfillment of your wishes. However, if salt gets buried in your dream, this portends family issues ahead, as well as worries and misfortunes. Salt also symbolizes permanence and innocence.

Seeing or having salt in a dream can be an omen for a quarrel in your family. Buying salt means your life will become happier, and you will receive blessings for your household. Too much salt in food in a dream indicates that you should not interfere in other people’s business. Eating food that is over salted is an also an omen for conflict and a difficult time ahead. However, salty soup means you are in love or will fall in love soon.

Dreaming of receiving a salt massage indicates tears ahead. Scattered salt indicates annoyance coming from people in your entourage, which can lead to serious issues, such as threats. Cooking with salt in a dream means that a suffering will come to an end or a disease will be cured. Delivering salt indicates that you will soon be in need.

If you see salt, this means you will soon engage in a new enterprise or plan that will be a happy experience. Using salt in a dream suggests that you will win a family quarrel that has been going on for a long time. Eating salt can be an omen that your wishes will come true. White salt means you will accumulate material riches. Fine salt suggests not only that you have an excellent imagination, but also that you need freedom and independence. Coarse salt means a money issue will turn around. A salt lake is the omen of a lack of imagination.

Great things will happen if

  • Salt brought you happiness in the dream.
  • You see salt as a significant element for life.
  • This dream conferred you much knowledge.
  • The dream was extremely positive in nature.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of salt

Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Admiring. Yummy.

By Flo Saul
Nov 18, 2012