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For years, I’ve been fascinated about dreams and have had many experiences seeing into the future.

My name is Flo - thank you for visiting my website. Arms are a rather peculiar symbol to dream about. You may have found yourself with a broken arm, carrying something heavy alternatively seeing many people with different arms. 

My job here is to help you unravel the dream of arms. Some people have even contacted me when they have dreams of deformities of the arm in a dream. Right let’s get to it! In our waking life we have many different symbols that enter our mind every second of the day. If we turn to the psychological meaning of dreaming of arms first this will give us some insight. What did famous dream psychologists say about dreaming of arms? I am firstly, going to turn to Freud. He associated many symbolisms with passion, including the arms - however in his dream studies he did say that the reason we dream of certain things is because we experience them in the waking world. 

In ancient occult books let’s see what the arms symbolism means! Now, is not only control but also strength. This is because on a daily basis we use our arms in many different ways. There are many dream books I have read and if we turn to the Victorian interpretation of dreaming of arms it indicates that we might need to be offensive. If you dreamt that your arm was severed or cut off this can be a rather frightening dream. 

In my opinion this dream is connected to how you interact with other people on a daily basis. If you dream of your arms open, hugging someone or maybe somebody hugging you then in our dreams this can indicate that you need to meditate for spiritual clarity.  As we’ve already discussed above, the arms themselves can be positive depending upon the context of the dream.  

Ok, so let’s decode the “arm” dream futher! If you see yourself holding your arms out or reaching for something in your dream, then this can indicate that you are achieving everything that you need in life. I can remember that I had a dream about clapping and see many people lifting their hands and clapping in the air, in terms of this interpretation even though it was a rather odd dream the symbolism was of reaching goals that may be too ambitious. So, how are your goals right now? If you see your arms being restrained or somebody’s putting rope around your arms tying you up then this can indicate that you are feeling too controlled in life. Ok, I have given a brief overview of what arms can signify your dream. Let's for now go deeper into certain dream interpretations. After all, each dream means something!

What does it mean to dream of a broken arm?

Yes, this dream is popular! So what do I think? A broken arm and a dream can signify that you feel weakened, tired and afraid of trying to reach a certain level in life. Poor you! To see yourself in plaster can suggest that you need to think about the qualities that you portray to others. If your right arm is broken in a dream and this suggests that you need to look at your actions from a masculine perspective. In occult terms,  the right arm is considered masculine. If however, you dream of breaking your left arm and this suggests that your female qualities will be challenged in the future.

What does it mean to dream of your arm being cut-off or amputation?

To dream of amputation can be a rather concerning dream. In my view,  amputation means that we are feeling something lost in life. Perhaps you have a business where there is too much competition or you are feeling overburdened work. If you’re in a hospital during the dream, and you see someone undertaking an operation to arm then this can suggest a difficult working environment in the future. I can remember my neighbour who was a nurse saying she cut off an arm when I was having a coffee with her about ten years ago. She said she had to put it in a medical bag! Yes, it was alarming but that night guess what my dream was about… yes arms! Now, however if this dream resulted in having your arm cut off by somebody (ouch! maybe could actually feel the pain) generally, I feel this indicates other people are going to give you some advice going forward you must listen to,  that you may feel overburdened general life.  I’m sorry that this is such a negative interpretation, make sure you take on this meaning  and use the information given by others to progress yourself in life.

What does it mean to dream of an injured arm?  

Firstly, any injury in dreams indicates the fact that you’re not caring for your body, make sure you care more about your body and your diet going forward! The arm itself is about reaching the goals that perhaps are an achievable. Now, to dream of your arm being hurt in any way during the dream signifies you are going to have issues with reaching “unachievable” goals. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t reach for things in life, but make dam sure that you set yourself realistic targets. If you see your arm bruised or cut open it can suggest that you are going to be hurt by other people. If you see a hole or bleeding graze/cut in the dream then this is in connection with work.

What does it mean in a dream if my arms are tied up? 

Firstly, to see tied up arms in dreams indicates you’re going to be restricted in life. In my experience, if your arms are tied up or restricted than in dreams this signifies that you will need support in waking life. Perhaps you’ve been putting too much energy into pursuits? So, it is time to sit back and relax, recuperate and try to think about the positive aspects of life. If somebody has tied your hands in a dream this represents the sense of feeling trapped by another person in waking life. If your arms are tied to each other in a dream then this signifies that you need to clear away all the old difficult situations that you have worrying about recently. And finally, handcuffs in dreams signify a lack of freedom.

What does it mean for your arms to be tied up by a lover in a dream?

Wow... what a steamy dream! Even if you’re in a steady relationship this dream indicates that you have occasionally worried about the future. As people around you may have begun to get married it is making you question whether you can continue the relationship you have! When you see your partner restricting your hands it indicates that you are in this for the long haul, perhaps you are questioning the love for your partner. 

To see a stranger tie up your arms is positive. Yes, the good news,  is that this dream means that you value your freedom. It can suggest that you need to be more honest about the relationship that you have, afterall my motto is that life is somewhat unpredictable. The fact that your partner is tying up your hands can also suggest that you are not feeling that the relationship that you currently have is equal. Try to uncover whether your values are the same as your partners.

What does a cut arm in a dream mean?

For years I’ve often been fascinated by the history of seeing arms cut in a dream. In ancient dream dictionaries seeing cut arms is associated with sorrow and misfortune. Do I think that this is the correct interpretation? The answer to this question is no! I don’t I believe that when we see times it is a representation of our work and emotions.  After all our arms help us do everything we can in life. Regardless, I would suggest that you need to look internally about how you approach life in connection with work and the environment that surrounds you. You might need to bite your tongue in the future!

What does it mean when you see an arm around someone’s shoulder in a dream?  

Oh yes, this is quite a nice dream in my experience. To see someone put their arms around another person’s shoulder in a dream is associated with showing emotional support and affection. Now, I believe that when we dream of comforting other people, or seeing other people comfort us - it can indicate that there is an important lesson to learn, and here is is! You must show compassion, are you?  it can indicate that perhaps you’re missing out on life due to working too hard not having the time to do what you want to do in life.

What does it mean when you dream of the left arm?

Sometimes it’s very hard to understand or even remember which arm you are actually dreaming of. Why?  because we use our arms interchangeably. However if you do realize that you are dreaming of the left arm this can be associated with the female aspects we have in life. You may need to turn to spirit and look at the energy which surround you at the moment. In my opinion, to get a better understanding of the dream  I will turn to ancient dream dictionaries. In these dictionaries, the left arm can be associated with our mother, sister, daughter or a female friend it indicates all the things are hidden in this relationship, therefore, to dream of your left arm illustrates that it’s time to work harder in a relationship.

What does a right arm signify in a dream?  

Okay, the biblical meaning of the right arm according to many ancient texts and meanings indicates that it is a association of the masculine side of life. Even though the arm appeared in a dream it can signify a male in your life. This could be your son, father, or a male friend alternatively your boss! It can suggest that you need to place more care and attention in the relationship that you have with them.

What do hairy arms mean in a dream?

Oh… the dreaded hairy arm!  Yes, I do have rather hairy arms (smile!) this is a very peculiar dream. In order to decode the meaning we need to turn to the ancient dream dictionaries again! If you yourself have hairy arms in the dream then this can indicate material well-being and also prosperity. If you are removing the hair on your arm during the dream it can suggest you’re going to serve somebody else financially. To see other people having hairy arms in the dream in ancient dream dictionaries signifies possible promotions at work.

What does it mean to dream of deformed arms? 

A deformed arm in a dream, I feel indicates that you may face difficulty in reaching the goals. Many legendary dictionaries state that deformities found in dreams represent struggles. I believe that in the modern world the dream of a deformed arm could be symbolic in nature. It could just indicate that your goals and ambitions are too high. My advice, it is better to segment our goals down to daily targets. Otherwise there is a danger that you may become too overburdened!

What do arms symbolize in different dreams?

Here I have detailed many different types of dreams that feature arms below. Make sure you give this a quick glance. These dreams do not warrant their own paragraph but they are interesting nevertheless! There is allot of information so do take the time to read as your dream maybe here. If you dream of your arms, you could see them in a number of situations, for example fighting or offering help to another. A dream which involves your arms growing larger or longer than normal is an indication that your family will profit in some way according to old dream books. Good news right! Arms can cover a large array of objects in dreams. If you dream of a coat of arms you are likely to see an increase in prosperity and good fortune. So great news again!

Ok, we all love children but to hold a child in your arms in a dream is another sign that your health and fortune are on the up! It might be a dream of sadness but to dream that you have a dead person in your arms indicates that you are likely to argue with some significant people in regards to profit and gain. What does it mean to dream that your arms are swollen? Well, this indicates riches for a close family member. Now, to dream of a pet in your arms indicates the love that you will provide others. To carry a pet in your arms indicates feeling love towards another. Interestingly, to see a false or fake arm in your dream denotes the loss of friends and loved ones. I have had some odd dreams sent in about expanding arms in dreams! So, to dream of arms larger than your own means an increase in money. To dream of both your arms are cut off is a sign that your health is likely to decay in the near future. Expanding arms indicate a goal that you will reach. Yes, this is all allot of information to take in but here are some more interesting meanings of dreaming of the arm.

To dream that both your arms have been removed or cut off in your dream indicates imprisonment. Are you in a situation that you need to get out of? The other ancient interpretation of this dream is possible sickness. In over fifteen dream books ther right arm sometimes signifies the male (such as a father, son, dad etc), while the left arm represents the female side of the family. In the old dream dictionaries, to have an arm amputated indicates the ending of something close to you or possible captivity. For more information about this dream, please click here. Dreaming of a hand wrestle indicates that you will be pestered by the curiosity of your partner or close friend. A broken arm is not a good omen. To read more about this please click here. This dream shows that you are sincere. If your arms are stretched out, then this points to the need for help in a situation. You need to be sure that you are reaching out to the right person for advice.

Dreaming about folding your arms suggests a faithful friendship. Not having an arm in your dream could mean good reception, a big problem, fakeness, and a possible disaster in the future. If you do not have your right hand, this is the sign that a man may become ill. If you are missing the right hand, this is the omen of a woman’s death.

What do ancient dream dictionaries from the 1930s say about dreaming of arms?

Yes, I have many books on dreams. So here I have summarized the meanings of the “arm” dream from the 1930s this is because occult and dreams were extremely popular during this time. You might read I repeat myself, but I think it is important to give you all meanings that I could fine! If your arms are wounded in a dream, this foretells danger. We have covered broken arms above but in spiritual terms to see broken arms in dreams or meditation suggest: unhappiness, big danger, and the loss of a friend. If your arms are cut in the dream, this can omen an arrest, imprisonment, or the death of a relative. If cutting your arms was not painful, this indicates abandonment of actions, but winning another better one. The same dream can suggest that you will have some trouble in your family. Now, swollen arms indicate unexpected richness and discussions for an inheritance. Seeing ugly arms predicts that you will receive lots of affection. I hope they were not too ugly!

Beautiful arms displayed in your dream are the omen of kinship, friendship, success, and a good state of mind. Small arms mean misery and deception. Dirty arms are the sign of sorrow, suffering, and that enemies may be plotting against you. Not having arms in a dream means happiness coming from your relatives. Having strong arms indicates overcoming your fear. So, thank you for visiting my dream dictionary. Please take the time to visit my tarot section of the site as I will be able to give you a free reading. Blessings xx Flo xx

Over the years the following dreams have been sent into me. Seen a coat of arms. Held a child in your arms. Held a dead person in your arms. Stroked a pet in your arms. Had false arms. Started to hand wrestle with your arms. Broke your arm. Had your arms cut off. Positive changes are afoot if: The dream was positive in nature.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of arms:

Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Upset. In pain. Worried.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012