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Veils are traditionally used for mystery and have different meanings depending on their color and shape.

White veils and black veils both have distinctive meanings and are different from the general meaning of the veil. Veils represent purity, honesty, and an emotional connection to others. Veils also represent a life change for a woman.

In this dream you may have

  • Gotten married.
  • Went to a funeral.
  • Picked up on a new Hollywood fashion.
  • Wore a designer veil.
  • Received a veil.
  • Tried on a veil.
  • Bought a veil.
  • Hid behind a veil.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Went to a funeral and processed out your grief and emotions honestly.
  • Tried on or bought a veil for a wedding.

Detailed dream meaning

Veils are a sign of love in all forms. Whether the veil is worn to hide emotions, for a wedding, or for a funeral – the message of the veil in the dream is holding back your emotions and allowing for change – sometimes for better and at other times for worse – in your emotional state.

A white veil denotes purity of feelings and being honest with how you are feeling about a person or situation. Wearing a wedding veil can indicate holding your true feelings back but wanting to share. To see this in a dream shows that you need to consider your partner’s feelings more and be more honest with your intentions of the relationship. It is also said that a bridal veil indicates a change coming very soon in the future and the change is usually a positive one. This is the time to take a risk on love and lay it all out on the line.

A black veil indicates a loss in your life or not being honest with your feelings. When it is reflective of a loss – that which is a loss in a relationship or simply a loss of words when you feel that you can’t connect with another person and reaming of a black veil indicates untrue intentions, holding back, not being honest, or sadness. When you see a black veil know that you are about to or recently have been dealing with a tough time in your life and that until you open up about your real feelings that this is going to continue a negative trend in your life. Now is the time to open up to those around you, share your true feelings, and stop hiding.

Some cultures state that veils that are designed for funerals, or mourning veils, indicates disgrace, regret, or sadness. Consider areas of your own waking life where you feel that you have let someone down or have had someone lose faith in you or your judgment. Dreams that are associated with funerals in general can signify embarrassment or repressed changes. That is, changes that need to happen but that you are resisting. Consider how you may be holding yourself back or holding on to the past to a detriment to yourself.

When you dream of veils in general or needing a veil, this can indicate knowing that you are not being honest and making a decision to tell the truth or to lie. You are going to be faced with a difficult decision but remember that the truth will set you free. Being honest about your feelings in a dream whether it is anticipating a wedding and feeling your love for someone or experiencing a loss and allowing yourself to feel your sadness, understand that feelings are experiences that we should allow and not restrict. Each moment that you are honest with yourself is one less moment that is wasted by having to explain the lie or to hide from another. Allow joy and sorrow to be experienced as they are intended to be.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Holding on to the past.
  • Having honest and true feelings or intentions.
  • Opening up about your feelings to another person.
  • Being embarrassed or having anxiety.
  • Experiencing loss in life.
  • Relationship concerns.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of veil

Happy. Peaceful. Blessed. Obedient. Sad. Depressed. Worried. Nervous. Shocked. Biased. Confused.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012