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Snakes or serpents tend to show up in dreams in times of transition and transformation. Accordingly, the Freudian terms an adder is a phallic symbol.

Sometimes in dreams, we see important symbols - like the adder! Oh... Hello there. Firstly, I am excited you found my website. You obviously had a dream of an adder! You are probably wondering what on earth the adder appearing in your dream means! Now, the adder is one of the most terrifying and worrying dreams that I have encountered. To be attacked by an adder in a dream can be considered a nightmare, I do feel for you after having such a dream.

My name is Flo and I have a passion for dream interpretation. In fact, for years, I spiritually decoded every dream before creating this website. I am so glad you found me, don't forget to bookmark me! Over the years I have had reoccurring dreams of snakes. In particular the adder. It always appeared to me being black and long and frightening. It took me many months to understand the basic interpretation of this dream. Interestingly, there are many elements of the dream which may result in you being left terrified or perplexed even! Dreams of being paralyzed by an adder suggest that we have questions that need to be asked regarding our life.

Try to uncover what is important in one’s life. If you have yet to visit my lovely website then I will introduce myself. If we turn back to the psychologist such as Freud or Carl Jung they had an array of theories on the dream of snakes. They believed that snakes were not only a connection to our subconscious mind but the symbolism of the stake often appears in a waking world and affects our dreams. Obviously, these two theorists have written from different perspectives - on the snake dream. However, we can conclude that the theory of seeing this symbol in the waking world can affect our dream state.

What does it mean if you are attacked by an adder in a dream?

The simplest meaning of an adder dream in which you are attacked by an adder is that you are unable to understand other people at the moment. The adder represents others that do not comply with your intentions. There are certain elements that we know about and what these mean, being specific of the breed of the snake (such as the adder) gives one greater information for interpretation. So what does the adder mean? The adder is all about our unconscious mind, it symbolizes that you are in the process of trying to work out what you want from life. As a “snake” is a symbol for an untamed part of yourself or an untapped resource, it is clear you will learn more about yourself in the future.

An adder is a beautiful creature. Unlike some of the other snake around I found it interesting that the adder cannot poison you. Symbolically and spiritually I believe that the adder can represent happiness, unlike some of the ancient dream dictionaries. I also feel, from my own experiences that the adder can affect our emotions going forward. This will be a minor effect because the snake itself is not poisonous. The adder is considered to be passive aggressive, so it only bites you when it is worried, alarmed and disturbed.

Commonly, this snake is normally found in Britain and various parts of Asia. Can you remember the color of the snake in the dream? If the snake is gray with markings that are black in color this is a male adder. I have read in old dream books that this dream can indicate masculine tendencies. This means that you will need to hone in on your masculine qualities in the future. If the adder snake is a brown color this is connected to our female instincts.

What is a spiritual significance of dreaming of an adder?

The adder is featured in many different spiritual contexts, I have found many over the years. In many different cultures, the adder is represented as a fertility symbolism. Sometimes snakes, in general, appear in our dreams when the “symbol” is connected to our dynamics in our current waking life. The snake in this sense is an adder can indicate that you will not encounter too much difficulty in life because obviously, the adder is not poisonous.

Now, I will give you this advice - you must try to look at ways you can transform your life into a positive. Seeing adder imagery, such as a picture of an adder can symbolize that you have been tied up with too many projects recently. Perhaps you have not been sleeping well or you have been skipping eating healthily. Key message Is to take care of yourself, diet and health... for now consider different aspects of the dream.

What does it mean when you dream of being bitten by an adder?

Oh dear… the dreaded snake bite dream! I can understand this dream will be not only terrifying but also quite emotionally disturbing! So let’s try to decode this dream. A snakebite can often represent a wake-up call, especially if you were bitten by the adder. If more than one adder appears to bite you in your dreams then you need to focus on healing. This is a dream interpretation taken from Victorian dream dictionary, so not that modern. I believe a snakebite in a dream means that you will wake up from a long sleep and realize you need to focus on your own path in life.

What does it mean if you see an adder climbing in a dream or round your neck?

To see an adder climbing according to old dream dictionaries is associated with not only the way that we are healing inside but the opportunities that we have in life. Yes, amazing I hear you say! There is going to be many opportunities around you if you could feel or see the adder around your neck. I believe, from a spiritual context especially the adder is a traditional color. We will move onto the color later on!

What does it mean to dream of adders which are different colors?

How wonderful that you could see these amazing snakes in different colors. As we already defied an adder is normally grey or brown in color. To see various colored adders in a dream indicates that you are going to leave a strong impression on somebody close to the future. The color represent your arrays of aura. The red adder snake is connected to our temper in life, it is associated with how we feel inside maybe you are angry in life?

What does it mean to dream of a black adder?

A black Adder in a dream can represent your subconscious mind. We associate the color “black” spiritually with darkness and I personally believe that it is connected to how we integrate ourselves with other people. In my experience, the black adder is connected to our subconscious mind. No matter how the black adder was seen it can suggest that you are going to prosper in life.

Does the adder symbolize death?

There is a spiritual connection in ancient occult books which refer to seeing a black adder snake as a death symbolism. Do I think this is true? Not in the modern world. Adders represent intuition or spiritual aspects of oneself. If the snake is a black in some spiritual texts it represents your instinctual drive, what moves you from the depths of your soul to the present.

How creepy, did you dream of turning into an adder what does this mean?

To turn into an adder in the dream in older dream dictionaries indicates possible trouble in life that will be caused by a deceitful person. You may defend yourself and your family from the deceitful attacks that are made on you - especially if you are a woman who is having such a dream. This person may be envious, jealous or just want to get some gains by making these deceitful attacks against you.

What is the general meaning of seeing an adder in a dream? I have analyzed thirty old dream books and here are some more interesting meanings. When you have a dream of seeing an adder then you need to be careful with the people around you. Dreaming of an adder can also symbolize possible danger that you might get into. It can also mean that you have encountered negative emotions. It can mean that you actually need to get over and move on in life. When you have a dream of the adder, it acts as a warning message. Possible people in waking life can be either devious or scheming. Such people tend to pretend. You, therefore, need to act carefully.

What is the victorian detailed dream interpretation of an adder?

There were many magazine articles and extended spiritual texts during the Victorian times that wrote about the adder dream. The London Times, from 1930’s wrote some really interesting ideas on what this means. Here is an overview of their interpretation which I have re-written and don’t be alarmed! This dream is simply a warning of a possible cunning person or a person who is crafty who may enter your life. Don’t worry I say! Any dream in which your safety is threatened by feelings of insecurity such as the adder dragging you down, killing you giving you a reason to be worried means that there is something negative in your life at the moment. Dreams in which you are unable to understand why the snake is has attacked you are classic symbols of being uncertain about new situations in waking life.

And I will further go on… this is so interesting! Dreams in which you turn into an adder or see one in the grass means that there will be someone in waking life ready to pounce on you. To see an adder in the dream state means there is a person that cannot be trusted. Dreaming of an adder can also be seen as a symbol of someone who has moved from your life. Well, I do hope this helped you and don’t forget to visit my tarot pages for a detailed reading.

The dream of an adder may have include any of the following:

  • Turning into an adder.
  • Being attacked by an adder.
  • Seeing an adder in the grass.
  • Being threatened by the adder.

You could have had any of these occur in the dream, these have been sent in by the users: seen an adder strike another person. Turned into an adder. Been killed by an adder. Bitten by an adder.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • You kill the adder in the dream.
  • Someone turns into an adder.
  • You have a positive dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of adder:

Scared, worried, anxious, fearful, sad, afraid. Adder scares you in the dream.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013