brothel dream meaning

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Although it is embarrassing to most people, the brothel dream is a common one. Those who dream about brothels are often anxious to find out exactly what this type of dream means.

Those who experience this dream repeatedly often experience feelings of guilt and shame. However, there is no need to feel badly about a brothel dream, because it simply indicates the need for comfort. Both men and women dream about brothels, but the meaning of such dreams is for each sex may vary. Brothels symbolize sexual control and indicate a lack of satisfaction in your emotional or sexual relationship.

In your dream, you may have

  • Visited a brothel.
  • Worked in a brothel.
  • Struggled to enter a brothel.
  • Saw a brothel or walked past one.
  • Spent time with a prostitute.
  • Been seduced by a prostitute.
  • Paid or received money.
  • Managed a brothel.
  • Had sex in a brothel.
  • Experienced an orgasm in a brothel.
  • Firmly maintained your dignity and respect in a brothel.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dream you are in a brothel in Amsterdam.
  • In your dream, you are stroll past a brothel without entering.
  • The dream involves you as the manager of the brothel.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream you are in a brothel in Amsterdam means you will make certain everything in your life from here on runs smoothly, because you feel like you have the power. Ideas and new beginnings are on the horizon if you dream you are a manager of a brothel. To dream you are having sex with somebody in a brothel indicates you may unite with someone of the opposite sex via your shared qualities.

If you dream you are strolling down the street and see a brothel, but do not go inside, this indicates you are going to have some unforgettable moments soon. To dream you are in a brothel signifies feelings of dissatisfaction and deprivation in your emotional or sexual relationship. It may also mean your physical urges need attention or you may need comforting.

If you dream of working in a brothel, this suggests you are looking for new ways to approach a situation. Women who dream of being in a brothel may signify a male influence concerning their sexual impulses. Men who dream of a brothel may find it difficult to communicate with women at this time.

Some ancient dream dictionaries generally advise that seeing a brothel in your dream is a negative omen. However, it is important to understand the connection dreams have to your working behaviors. For example, visiting a prostitute in your dream may indicate near panic is going to set in with connection to work.

To dream a prostitute is seducing you in a brothel means in your waking life, you will see something negative and this will be your opportunity for improvement. To dream that you are giving money or taking money in a brothel indicates you are going to feel guilty about a situation close to you. To dream of working in a brothel means you do not feel worthy of a better position in life.

To maintain dignity and respect in a dream connected with a brothel signifies you will be involved in a litigation, which you may win. To dream you are having an orgasm in a brothel is in direct association with bringing a situation in your waking life to its conclusion. If in your dream you have trouble getting into a brothel, this means you are going to find some competition in a situation relating to your family.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Self-realization and discovery.
  • The need for positive changes.
  • A struggle with interpersonal relationships.
  • The need for human contact and comfort.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a brothel

  • Embarrassment and shame.
  • Vulnerable and weak.
  • Powerful and useful.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012