Rabbit or Hare Dream

Rabbit or Hare Dream

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A rabbit or hare in your dream signifies luck, energy, as well as success.

What does it mean to dream of a rabbit?

Hello, I am Flo and I am going to help you decode your dream. I plan to show you what this dream means without a nonsensical proposition that is found in some dream interpretations. The best answer I can provide is that this dream spiritually is a positive omen. Because the rabbits are excessive breeders it is often a dream which is focused on fertility and sex! The dream of rabbits can also signify that you are being rather tempestuous- so I can conclude that you are in a good place to lead others right now. Additionally, rabbits point to sexual urges, gentleness, a sense wealth and also idealism. Carl Jung believed a rabbit symbolizes your threatened freedoms. Right, the first thing i will say is that a rabbit is a positive sign in your dream and is connected to the spiritual world, take it's guidance and consider other parts of your dream for true clarification.

If the rabbit was frightening then it can be associated with your inner emotions of uncertainty. White rabbits are often considered lucky omens in the dream state. An unusual rabbit can suggest a connection with a lover. The Brown rabbit works as a guide to drive you towards the proper course of action in life. To see a black rabbit in your dream means that you may suffer minor anxiety in the future. Scroll down for more dream meanings.

To kill a rabbit in the dream indicates that times will soon be changing for the better. To turn into a rabbit is an omen that other people will provide help. To feed a rabbit in your dream means that other people will try to take something away from you. If the rabbit is starving hungry then this indicates that other people may turn to you for help. To see blood on a rabbit in a dream suggests that someone will speak about you to others. If this animal was tame then children are soon to come into your life, and you will have a connection with fertility. When the baby rabbit is born they are naked, blind and deaf. This can indicate your ability to understand other people but it may take you time to realize the opportunities ahead of you. Commonly, as well all know rabbits are also raised as a food source. This can suggest that nutrition is important right now.

Sometimes dream dictionaries state that the animal is a protected teacher of life. When an understanding is required this dream urges that you need to seek qualities in order to improve your lifestyle. To see multiple rabbits, especially if they are multiplying in numbers or the whole dream consists of hundreds of rabbits, can indicate that great fortune is coming your way. If you are looking after or caring for a rabbit or a hare in a dream then this indicates that it is possible to be more productive in your career. In particular, seeing the white fluffy bunny in your dream represents a deep commitment to love.

What does the rabbit or hare dream mean for your love life?

Rabbits are somewhat spiritual lovers, they are extremely social and enjoy companionship especially from another rabbit. Rabbit’s generally become bonded and inseparable once they find a mate. Romantic right! They spend a lot of time in each other’s company and groom each other and clean one another’s fur, therefore in dreams rabbits in love can indicate love, sex, and companionship. We all know the common phrase “at it like rabbits” In regards to your sex life this dream will be connected to connection and your love relationships. If you find a rabbit is a group then this dream is a positive omen for your love life. If you have found that your partner is acting strangely in a recent situation then this dream indicates that it is important for you to try to find the root cause as it will help you develop your relationship much further. If you are single then dreaming of rabbits or a hare often indicates that your true love is waiting in the near future. This is a really exciting time and if you are single you will have HAPPINESS in love in the future.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a rabbit in a dream?

Many different spiritual dream books from the 1930s state that seeing a rabbit in a dream can represent great luck, spiritual messages, fertility, a better sex life and finally the hope of a bright tomorrow. Rabbits generally live together in a warren, in fact hundreds of rabbits are normally part of this warren - therefore, spiritually this is a great dream if you are undertaking teamwork or you are communicating with others.

The rabbit is also cleaver. Therefore the question is - do people feel that you are highly intelligent? If you could see a network of rabbit burrows or tunnels underground in your dream - then this can signify you are looking for something in life. To walk through rabbit holes/burrows in dreams can often signify spiritually you are looking for something in life.

What does seeing a hare mean in a dream?

A hare suggests intuition and great spiritual incitement. This dream can also be associated with new beginnings. Try using your feminine qualities in life. Have you been quick in making too many decisions? A hare suggests that things in life will speed up. This dream also connects with fertility and you may find that you will be able to conceive a child quite easily in the future. To see a hare in a dream carries the same spiritual meaning as a rabbit in that it is a lucky omen. Oh, I forgot to mention the difference... A hares is generally the same as rabbits but they have long ears. They are not to be mistaken for a rabbit because even though they are part of the same family hares in dreams often indicate that you feel rushed into a decision.

Hares have featured in many different fairy tales and we often associate the hare with speed and transition. If you cannot work out if you could see a hare or rabbit in the dream then follow the rabbit dream meanings but keep in mind if decisions are made instantly in your life, and you’re finding it difficult to concentrate then this can often indicate that a hare has entered your dream state. Rabbits themselves are intelligent animals, therefore they often represent how you are perceived by others.

What does it mean to see pet rabbits in a dream?

To see rabbits in a house or as a pet in a hutch is associated with children. This dream suggests that you are thinking about your own childhood or bearing children. Around 2,000 years ago we started to keep rabbits as pets. To see a pet rabbit in the dream indicates that you will realize that you have the capacity to focus on your own needs going forward. The pet rabbit in a dream can also signify an opportunity to question your own loyalty to a particular person in life. The pet rabbit can often appear when you need to be more caring in life.

What does it mean to see rabbits biting or scratching in a dream?

To see the rabbit scratching or biting signifies plethora, warmness, male fertility as well as intercourse. The particular dream may also be connected with Easter time as this is connected to symbols that can enter our dreams.

What does it mean to see a rabbit hopping in a dream?

In the event the rabbit is hopping, especially in fields, this dream signifies virility. You will end up bearing many children. Additionally, the particular dream may be analogous to your lack of commitment to work. The hopping sensation in the dream means that sometimes you leap from one event to another. For the rabbit to be friendly means communication will improve between yourself and a loved one. To see a dead rabbit indicates that you need to be more conscious of your personal connection with someone of the opposite sex.

What does it mean to see the Hare or Rabbit talk in a dream?

If the animal takes a human characteristic such as talking to you or providing you with advice and guidance in your dream then this often indicates that you need to enable a person in waking life - to provide you with the help you need. Rabbits talking indicates that you may face a difficult situation.

What does it mean if the Hare or Rabbit helps you in a dream?

If the rabbit or hare helps you in your dream then this indicates that you will need to help others in life. if you see a rabbit or hare helping you down a set of stairs it can suggest that changes are on the horizon - if the rabbit helps you get out of a sticky situation it can also denote other people are going to turn to you for help.

What does it mean to dream of baby rabbits or baby hares?

If you could see baby rabbits in a dream this indicates that you are having some problems in connection with facing difficulties in waking life. Think about how others perceive you. According to dream books, this dream means you have the ability to adapt and change according to your surrounding circumstances in relation to your childlike approach to situations in your life.

What does it mean to dream of eating a rabbit?

Seeing yourself eating or cooking rabbits in a dream indicates that your attitude has been somewhat superior to others recently. This is quite important in regards to if you killed the rabbit before eating. The rabbit being prepared as food in your dream represents energy from your instincts. In clear English - this actually means that you have been making a conscious effort to control your own instant instincts and to influence others. Try not to build up defenses and be more open to other people's opinions. If you dream of cooking or skinning a rabbit then this shows the focus on your relationship with others, try not to become a hermit - as this will make you feel sadness and loss.

What does it mean to dream of a pink rabbit?

If you had a dream of a pink rabbit then this indicates that there may be some trickery involved in your financial affairs. Be careful. Pink rabbits have magical connections and may indicate that it is important for you not to be tricked by others in the near future. From a spiritual perspective, pink may also indicate action. It can suggest you’re going to change the reality of your waking world, therefore try to be aware of any gaps in aspects of your knowledge. It may mean educating yourself better in life.

What does it mean to see a dead rabbit in your dream?

A dead rabbit in a dream generally indicates that something you care for is in jeopardy. We often think of rabbits as fluffy, beautiful patterns that have correlations with our inner ability to care. Rabbits are also often frightened very quickly, therefore if you notice in your dream that the rabbit is dead this can signify that there may be issues or problems that will cause you to worry unnecessarily. The good news from a totem animal perspective to see a rabbit which has passed away in your dream it can suggest that despite everything you will overcome any goals or accomplishments in the near future. If you notice a white dead rabbit and this can be connected to your innocence and purity. After all, White is a color of innocence. If you notice a brown dead rabbit in the dream this can suggest that you need to think about rounding yourself in life, perhaps you've been working too hard recently and it's finally taken its toll. If you notice a dead black rabbit when this can suggest that there are issues and problems that surround you at the moment. The dead rabbit symbolism basically makes you feel you're taking on somebody else's energy.

What does it mean if you dream of seeing rabbits?

See multiple rabbits in a dream is a positive omen, many different spiritual dream dictionaries indicate that the rabbits equal fertility, honesty, caring less and also warmth in life. Understanding your dream the most important because sometimes we all have different dreams that may include rabbits other symbolism. If we turn to psychology the rabbit is associated with sexual correlations. Sigmund Freud believed that the rabbit was symbolism of sexual frustration, in fact, most of his analysis on dreams came back to sex. It is very common especially around Easter that many people have dreams of rabbits. The reason being is the psychologist theory that we take in very symbolism is through our waking world which affects our dream state. Therefore rabbits in this sense could just be the fact that you are seeing lots of rabbits throughout waking life, I do however urgent you to take notice of the spiritual meaning in case it has any relationship to your life.

What does it mean to dream of a white rabbit?

The white rabbit is connected to how we relate to our lover. It can often signify that there was a difficult time in the past but your love life will expand, it represents that your partner is a faithful, wonderful companion. To see a white rabbit running in a dream is connected to our innocence in life. Many ancient dream dictionaries state a white rabbit also suggests that the love and contentment and happiness will soon be yours. The White Rabbit is a spiritual symbolism denotes not only innocence but also a connection with others. If the white rabbit was attacking you in the dream and this can suggest there will be difficult relationships ahead, however in order to progress your life it is important for you to go through the motions. We often associate the white rabbit with magic, often in acts seeing the white rabbit popping out of the magician's hat! Therefore, spiritually there may be some magic coming to life shortly. Overall, the White rabbit is a positive omen. What does it mean to dream of a grey rabbit? To dream of a grey rabbit often suggests that you will encounter somebody that is likely to trick you in the forthcoming future. It is important to consider other people and their motives over the next six months.

What does it mean to dream of a rabbit attacking you?

Rabbits attacking you in a dream is connected to your fertility in life. The rabbit is also associated with grounding and in a spiritual context the mother Earth. The attacks by rabbit can be a rather worrying dream. You could possibly see the rabbit as which monster coming towards you, alternatively, the rabbit could be small. To dream of multiple rabbits attacking you denote friendship problems. If you kill the rabbit after it attacks you in the dream this can suggest that there's going to be new opportunities on the horizon. The rabbit, after all, is an omen of positivity great look ahead to be attacked by the rabbit can often mean that your mind will be challenged shortly. It can often signify that it is important for you to gain an education in life. Maybe you're thinking of a career move and you possibly to re-educate yourself in certain matters. The great news is that a dream of a rabbit attacking you symbolizes a new beginning ahead.

What does it mean to dream of a rabbit dying?

To see rabbit dying is connected to a positive time in your life. To witness a rabbit is dying the dream, or the rabbit is gravely ill it can often indicate that changes are soon to occur these changes will often be positive nature however you need to be wary of difficulties surmounting. If you dream of a rabbit that is killed in the dream it can suggest that there will be a transformation in your life. Death featured in dreams is just symbolic, it doesn't necessarily mean death in waking life.

What does it mean to see a pet rabbit in a dream?

A pet rabbit featured in a dream indicates the positive attributes of your life. The pet rabbit can be connected to new start and possible positive situations which are soon going to come into play.

What does it mean to dream of a rabbit hole?

Down the rabbit hole is a metaphor which basically describes “going into the unknown” it comes from the fairy tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Wild rabbits often dig out extremely deep burrows, the female rabbit generally digs large holes, especially if she is pregnant. To see a rabbit hole in a dream is a spiritual message that you need to try to better yourself. It indicates you need to find and identify the tools to live your life in a better way. We often identify the term “down the rabbit hole” as also moving through a specific period in life where you have to question yourself. It is interesting because the rabbit hole can suggest that there is a question that you need answering. Seeing yourself going down a rabbit hole in a dream (from a spiritual perspective) indicates you’re going to go deeper into life. Sometimes it is hard to discover our own private thoughts, especially from a spiritual perspective. if you find yourself underground walking through different rabbit holes then this can indicate a desire to resist difficulties in life and try to focus on a solid path. If you dream of falling down a rabbit hole this implies that it is time to ultimately move forward in your life without any fear.

What does it mean to turn into a rabbit in a dream?

Ummm. What a strange dream. Turning into a rabbit in a dream can seem rather worrying, it indicates you can achieve a deeper emotional insight around your practical abilities, turning into a rabbit indicates should also use your imagination you can slip see a clearer picture of the future. Remember the rabbit is also a good luck charm, so things in the future are going to work out well! Sigmund Freud identified that in life there was simply no coincidences. He believed that our ideas, communications, wishes, and actions carry not only an unconscious and also subconscious meaning. Even though the dream may seem baffling, from a dream psychologist perspective it can suggest that this is a motivation dream. To turn into an animal during the dream according to Freud suggests means you are struggling with sexual frustration and expression.

What does it mean to be in a fairy tale with a rabbit?

The fairy tale dream is connected to “escaping” our problems in life. If you find yourself in a fairy tale or a story such as Alice in Wonderland then this dream indicates that you have been out of touch with life. It is important to get back to reality and get yourself into a position where you can factually make decisions. You have been living in the clouds for far too long. This dream is a wake-up call that you need to start to consider other people's feelings and also that you have to do is stop thinking about all the things you hold in your life such as houses, cars, and material goods, and associate reality with that now and here rather than keep looking into the future. The question is "what is important to you?"

To dream of being in a fairy tale and talking to a rabbit is often connected to relationship problems. We sometimes have these “fairy tale” dreams when we are trying to escape reality. Now, the rabbit, as a symbolism is connected to faithfulness and love interests. The fact that you are finding yourself in a fairy tale in your dream indicates that it may be time to focus on yourself rather than others. It is quite common to have such a dream when we are spending a lot of time supporting or helping other people in life. In these dreams, you could have found yourself in Alice in Wonderland or even Peter Rabbit. To dream of being in a fairy tale is connected to our visions and fantasies in life. If you saw the rabbit wearing a waistcoat then this can suggest that there will be some minor issues in a relationship. There are many different types of bedtime stories that feature rabbits, and you need to be aware of any external stimuli - maybe you read such a story to your children before bedtime? Sometimes symbols in our waking life creep into our dreams according to Sigmund Freud. In this case, the dream is just a dream!

What does it mean to dream of rabbit ears?

Oh, rabbits ears! Rabbit ears twist around in order to hear if a predator is close. This is the reason why rabbits ears are so large. The rabbit's ears in dreams can appear on people’s heads or maybe you dressed up as a rabbit? Either way, the rabbit ear can suggest possible stress that is building up and you are not being heard. The ears represent our communication in life. At times it is hard to admit that we are not perfect and to see rabbits ears in the dream can denote how insecure we are feeling in life. There is something rather distinctive about the rabbit's ears and this is a positive dream but can indicate that you have been suffering from stress due to miscommunication in life.

What does it mean to dream of a rabbit vibrator?

Well, the most popular vibrator that ever existed is the Rabbit. Even though this might be rather embarrassing (make sure no-one is peering over your shoulder at when you read this!) the rabbit became the most popular sex today in the beloved Sex and the City TV series. So, if you had a dream of the dual action rabbit vibrator what does it mean? Interestingly, in the 1930s when dream psychology was popular there was little focus on what the vibrator means but we can turn to self-love. Basically, the message is: try to resist the urge to be stuck in a dead end relationship. After all, the vibrator in your dream indicates self-love and self-sex.

To see others using rabbit vibrators in a dream can indicate that you may find yourself in a codependent relationship. You may be drawn to people who need to be “fixed” or “rescued” in life and sometimes this is not the best way forward according to Carl Jung. When one dreams of self-satisfying themselves sexually it means that you feel others need you and an immense feeling of being loyal to others. We can assume that you could see yourself using this vibrator, which indicates that you need to be more communicative in life. To dream of other people using the rabbit vibrator suggests that people need to turn to you for advice.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The dream was happy and content and you enjoyed the dream.
  • You enjoy the experience in your dream.
  • The hare or rabbit was a pet or domestic animal.
  • Elements of the dream are causing you contentment.
  • You successfully shot the rabbit in order to eat - or alternatively, you were able to successfully hit the target without any concern.

What is the dream meaning of seeing Easter Bunny?

The Easter bunny in dreams indicates a new beginning. The Easter bunny in dreams can cause some cognitive dissonance as we are unclear about the actual meaning and history behind the bunny that gives us candy! Easter is a wonderful time of year, there are amazing images of Easter bunny surrounding us and we need to identify that maybe this dream occurred because you could see so many external images of Easter Bunny in your daily life! This is a Freudian theory. Easter is pagan in its origins and the easter bunny has developed from Germany, bringing candy to children at the start of spring. Traditionally, the Easter bunny hides eggs outside and is a mythological character. As I’m sure you have already read above the bunny is a great omen. My conclusion is that this dream indicates you will learn things quickly and receive a “gift” spiritually from above! Rather like the candy, the Easter Bunny delivers!

What is the dream meaning of petting a rabbit?

Funny thing is, that petting a rabbit indicates that we need to care for ourselves better. If you see yourself petting or cleaning out a Rabbit Hutch it can suggest that you will suddenly have a realization you’ll feel much happier in life! This dream is all about pleasing yourself rather than getting worked up about other people actions.

What does it mean to dream of a friendly rabbit?

A friendly rabbit in a dream it is a suggestion that your mood can color and reflect your thoughts in waking life, If the rabbit or hare was was friendly it can indicate there is an opportunity to resolve the conflict and be more approaching with others generally, this dream indicates peace and contentment.

What does it mean to see a rabbit scratching you in a dream?

If you see a rabbit scratching you then other people are going to support your ambitions - but they may not fully support you. Try to take a more direct approach and explore all your available options in life. I feel a rabbit scratching you can be somewhat painful if you see marks left on your arm or legs during the dream this can also indicate from a spiritual perspective a lack of expertise.

What does it mean to dream of killing a rabbit?

There are many incidences in the waking world where we kill rabbits. After all, rabbits are often used for food. Additionally, rabbits are also chased by greyhounds. if you see yourself killing a rabbit in the dream it can be associated with a new start and the fact that it is imperative that you look at things in a different way. If you shoot the rabbit in your dream then this indicates a target that you’re trying to achieve. If you see other people hunting rabbits in the dream it can indicate a new start it is on the horizon, but more importantly, this will result in having content times.

What does it mean to dream of fighting rabbits?

To dream of fighting a rabbit, it is a suggestion that you need to look within in order to understand your next moves in life. To dream of a rabbit, fighting indicates that there will be some conflict or anxiety in the near future. Don’t despair, sometimes in life we need to have conflict in order to clear the air!

General Information about rabbits?

We all know rabbits as fluffy adorable creatures. However, have you ever wondered what do they symbolize in dreams? Have you dreamed about rabbits recently? According to dream experts, the rabbit is a symbol of luck, success and some sort of magical power. To see a rabbit in your dream means that you will soon encounter major success thanks to your small but efficient steps. You are a fast thinker and most of the time, luck is on your side in life. Especially when you react according to your intuition and follow your gut. Some say that rabbits also signify fertility and abundance.

Why do rabbits in dreams indicate sex?

Rabbits indicate sex due to their breeding actions. Rabbits mate when the female is 5 months old, and the male a month older. However, this is only the smaller breed of rabbits. The bigger breeds mate when they’re a bit older. The female rabbit is also called a doe, and the male has a silly nickname called the buck. The mating process is called breeding. Rabbits often are associated with a healthy sex life. Strangely, while in captivity, rabbits don’t do anything in particular to attract mates, it’s a different story in the wild. Some of them change their fur color, hold their ears erect, and others perform a breeding dance. During this dance, the male chases the female until she stops and punches him in the face with her front paws. Unbelievable, but true. I am getting carried away with all these facts. To dream of rabbits breeding, signifies a birth in your family, or news about someone’s birthday.

What does it mean to dream of a hare chasing you?

To dream of a hare chasing, you symbolize a lucky person who can be easily intimidated. If you dreamed of a hare, it also means success. You are going to accomplish a goal by taking small, but efficient steps. Your dream is also a warning sign. You should protect your family and watch out for enemies. Pay attention to your friends. Not everyone’s loyal as you believe. Your dream foretells that you’re a person with a positive mindset and you will soon be awarded for your positivity. You also like to connect to others - and you will soon meet a person that will match you both, physically and sexually. If the hare was jumping around in your dream, it reveals your volatility.

What is the spiritual meaning of the white colored hare?

If you saw a white hare in your dream, it is concerned with your complicated love life. It can foretell that you’ve had some issues with your partner, it will be solved soon. Your dream symbolizes faithfulness and sexual activity. You will enjoy sex more than you used to. To see a white rabbit also denotes that you’re going in the right direction in life. If the rabbit was black in the dream, it means you’re scared of intimacy and sharing your feelings with your partner. Face your fears and express your feelings. Otherwise, you might lose your partner or the people you love. Be honest and open your heart. If the hare scratches you or bites you in your dream state, it indicates a warning. Your relationship is heading in the wrong direction. You should more attention to the details when it comes to love.

What is the spiritual meaning of the brown colored rabbit?

If you dreamed of a brown rabbit, it denotes that you’re headed in the right direction in life. You are going to experience a romantic moment with someone new and special. So lucky you! Your dream is a symbol of extreme warmth. You’re going to encounter happiness for the first time in your life. Dreaming of a rabbit has a spiritual meaning related to your intuition. You have hidden intuition that you rarely use. You should use your inner gut more often. Especially when you’re making an important decision. Your dream is also associated with fertility. To see many rabbits foretells an excellent fortune and abundance. You will become wealthy thanks for your patience and hard work.

What is the spiritual meaning of the black colored rabbit?

If you dreamed of a black rabbit it denotes a fear of intimacy. Are you scared to get close to people? Do you fear they might hurt you if you do? It’s time you face your fear and express your feelings. No one can actually hurt you unless you let them. To be chased by a black rabbit indicates a warning related to your fear of getting close to people and commitment to life. You might lose the people you love if you don’t open up soon. The black rabbit also symbolizes luck, especially if you’re a female and you gave birth recently. If the black rabbit was giving birth to a bunny in your dream, it predicts a profitable investment. However, if you talked to a black rabbit in your dream state, it means you should pay attention to what certain people advice you in waking life. Their advice might guide you on the right path to happiness and success. Dreaming of a black rabbit also signifies dishonesty and disapproval. You will encounter some difficulties and you may disagree with someone close to you about something important. The hidden messages of a black rabbit dream is to listen to your intuition.

What are the different types of rabbits?

I just thought it would be interesting to include this. There are multiple breeds of rabbits. You have the American rabbit that weights around 9 to 12 pounds. The American fuzzy top with a bulldog face and lopped ears that weight approximately 3 to 4 pounds. The American Sable, the English Angora, the French Angora, the Belgian Hare, Beveren, and the Britannia Petite. They all weight less than 12 pounds and have a captivating appearance.


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Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of seeing a rabbit or hare

Happy. Scared. Weirdness. Silly. Fun. Nothing. Worried. Scared. Unsafe. out-of-control. Confused. Powerful. Threatened. Shocked. Angry. Concerned. fearful. Pleasant experience.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • You are considering a new type of career because you have become bored and discontent in your current career or work affairs.
  • This dream suggests that you will be receptive to a new frame of mind and way of thinking in connection with social gatherings in the future.
  • This dream means that you will find you will have an inspiration to seize the day and attempt to fulfill your desires in love.
  • The rabbit in the dream shows that you will soon be married and represents permanence and success.

By Florance Saul
Feb 4, 2013