Eating Or Swallowing Spider Dream

Dreams About Eating Or Swallowing Spider

Dreams About Eating Or Swallowing Spider

Yuck! Eating or swallowing spiders in dreams is just plain weird! If you wake up after having a dream of eating a spider then the first thing you might think is “did I swallow a spider in my sleep?” The answer is probably not, statistically swallowing a spider is rare, but we have all heard the old wives' tale that we swallow 30 spiders a year --- this is just untrue. I will talk about this a little later on, but first I want to ask you a question.

Have you felt a little out of place? If you don’t seem to engage in conversations easily lately (maybe you just want to sneak away and watch Netflix) then dreams of eating spiders could represent that you have had enough - you just want to hide away. Life is not easy. Having to constantly show the outside world who you are, because people just judge us. Then we go on the road to wonder if we are selfish as we just don’t want to engage. The spider could be a symbol that you just want to shut up right now. 

Obviously, this whole dream of eating spiders is totally messed up, and weird but brings with it a spiritual meaning. Spiders in dreams are connected to deceit, and eating the spider can suggest someone will eat a humble pie! 

What is the spiritual meaning of a dream of eating a spider?

I’m sorry to say that the dream could indicate fear, especially if the spider is presented in an aggressive manner or if it is freaking you out --- even worse -- chasing after you. In this case, the spider represents something unknown and unpredictable ups and downs of life, that make you feel scared and uncertain. It could also be a sign of feeling threatened and vulnerable. Seeing someone else eating or swallowing a spider in a dream is about when we have to step out and move forward without feeling lonely or on our own. It’s tough. The trauma of watching the person eat or swallow the spider in the dream is about the fact that you might need to step away from someone that is not good for you.

Throughout history, eating or swallowing a spider in a dream has been associated with crazy meanings. Eating spiders can be seen as a way to gain insight into the spiritual realms of certain cultures. Spiders are not typically eaten by humans. This is because we consider eating spiders to be yuck! Imagine eating poisonous for example in Australia, there is a species of spider known as the Funnel-web Spider that can kill you if consumed. Now, this is weird, that, in some cultures, spiders may be seen as a delicacy or an important part of their traditional diet. For instance, in parts of South America, fried tarantulas are served as snacks, while in Cambodia they form part of a traditional dish known as a-ping. Spiders may also have health benefits in some cultures. In China, for example, they believe that certain species of spiders improve blood circulation and enhance kidney function, I’m not sure if this is true!

What is the dream meaning of eating a spider?

I have outlined a short interpretation of the dream above, but I want to share something else with you. If you did not want to swallow or eat the spider in the dream, then there is a chance this dream is about swallowing deceit. What do I mean by this? There is no doubt that deception is one of the most common tactics used by both animals and humans. When it comes to swallowing spiders in dreams it can signal that some people may be tempted to use deceptive tactics in order to get what they want. For example, you may encounter someone trying to deceive another person by exaggerating the amount of money they have. Certain spiritual occult texts believe that eating a spider can facilitate transformation and growth. Spiders may be sacrificed in spiritual rituals or ceremonies when you need to remove someone of deceit. Spiders are regarded as a symbol of wealth in China ---, so eating one may symbolize wishing for good fortune. 

Did you swallow a spider in your sleep?

It is not common for people to swallow spiders in their sleep, according to scientific evidence. It is impossible to know exactly how often this occurs In anecdotal reports, people have swallowed spiders accidentally while sleeping. In fact, it has been suggested by many experts that the fear of this happening is far greater than the actual probability of it occurring.

Moreover, spiders are unlikely to be observed in most bedrooms as a result of a variety of reasons, such as the fact that spiders need food and water in order to survive, and most bedrooms do not provide these necessities. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that spider webs will be found on your bed since you tend to clean your sleeping area on a regular basis. The likelihood of this happening is, therefore, very unlikely! So don’t worry. 

Conclusion of a dream of eating a spider

I have run over some possible interpretations of what it can mean to eat or swallow a spider in a dream. Depending on the context of your dream, swallowing a spider can have different meanings. A dream about swallowing more than one spider may indicate running away, deception of others or feeling overwhelmed by some situation or obligation that you need to face in real life. Maybe a lot of work is piling up, or you have too many responsibilities to actually get stuff done. To dream of eating a tarantula can represent an unpleasant situation that you cannot escape can make you feel trapped.

Last but not least, when I checked out my old dream dictionaries swallowing a spider in your dream in the olden times represented deception or being tricked. In this case, it could be someone who is misleading you with their words or a situation that is not what it seems.

By Flo Saul
Nov 23, 2022