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A wake is a celebration of life that is done after the death of someone.

These kinds of dreams can really drain emotionally. Celebrating the life of someone is the optimistic side of the wake. Sometimes people consider wakes to be sad and dreams of loss, loneliness, despair, and sadness. These dreams, however, are indicative of looking at the positive, being commemorative, and even though they can be sad dreams for the dreamer, they often have positive connotations for the waking world of good health or fortune coming your way or to the person that you saw dying or dead in your dream. Do not be sad about these dreams, as they are usually a good sign.

Detailed dream meaning

Going to a wake in a dream shows a sign of missing someone or wanting a connection with them. Often these dreams will represent worry about someone that is ill or sick. If the dream you have concerns someone who has recently been ill and you dream about them dying, this is said to be a good sign that their health will recover. When you have the full effect of the wake in a dream and someone has passed but you are surrounded with those that you love and you are commiserating over the loss, consider how this person is or has influenced your life. Do you feel that there are things you need to say to this person or have you been waiting? While it is a good sign about health – these dreams can also be a sign to open up to the person you dream about.

Dreaming of your own wake can be a disturbing dream. When you die and there are people around you in the wake but you are there in spirit, consider the people that you see in your wake. Do you know the people in your dream? What are the people saying about you? When people are happy that you are dead and not sad but rather the celebration is because you are gone then this is a sign of your own guilt about how you treat people. When people are mourning your death and miss you this shows a good deal of people around you that love you and a reason to be grateful for your waking life.

Sometimes there will be a loss of life that concerns a child. Parents specifically will often have these dreams because they worry about their own children’s health. Dreaming of the death of a child indicates good health and is not a sign of worry. If you are pregnant (or your partner is) and you have a dream about the wake of a child, this is a good sign for the pregnancy or fertility in general.

In this dream you may have

  • Gone to your own funeral and wake.
  • Been in the wake of someone you know or love that has died.
  • Been in the wake of a stranger.
  • Seen a ghost at a wake.
  • Attended a wake where the people there (may or maybe not including yourself) were strongly emotional, such as everyone was extremely happy or sad.
  • Met someone new at a wake.
  • Made out with or had sex at a wake.
  • Heard music that reminded you of a wake.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Healing or having health on the mend.
  • Worrying about health or illness.
  • Missing someone (especially someone you love who has passed).
  • Fertility and child birth.
  • Being financially sound.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You attend a wake of someone you know (especially if this person has been sick or you are worried about their health in the waking world).
  • You mourn the loss of someone.
  • You receive a positive prophetic message from a dead person.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a wake

Sad. Unsure. Lost. Lonely. Startled. Longing. Depressed. Happy. Jovial. Celebratory. Commiserating. Nostalgic. Honest. True. Friendly. Relieved. Worried.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012