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Seeing a sailor in a dream signifies an ease of movement and one's capability to work harder in life, especially take on issues that help with mental turmoil.

A sailor is associated with water, and hence, emotions. You should ask yourself what are the immediate feelings that you experience and need to take responsibility for your actions. The symbolism of a sailor refers mainly to the wish for a change. As we have previously stated, the connection of sailor-water-may represent your ability to deal with your emotions.

In your dream you may have

  • Been a sailor.
  • Seen a sailor.
  • Seen many sailors.
  • Met sailors on a ship.
  • Met sailors at sea.
  • Spoken to a sailor.

Advice from your dream

  • You are ready to deal with your emotionality.
  • You feel through your feelings.
  • Accept change and incorporate it into your life.
  • Your dream was extremely positive.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of a sailor is associated with both friendship and love. A sailor symbolizes the journey. Therefore, a dream of a sailor can indicate that you will soon take an exciting trip during which you might face some difficulties. To dream that you are a sailor may mean that you will argue with your loved one.

If in your dream, you see a sailor, this can mean that you strongly feel the need to solve your problems by yourself and do not entertain the interference of others in your private business. If you are a woman, the sailor symbol can represent your need for a help. This maybe help from a male person, as the sailor symbolizes your life advisor and protector; he is taking care that nothing will happen to you. Seeing or speaking to a sailor suggests that you should not engage into a big trip at the moment in order to avoid a misfortune. However, the sailor does announce a possible big trip ahead, but also a possible infidelity in your love life. Sailors are an omen of long and exciting trips based on the search of fulfilling your wishes. The message is that you should try looking for meaningful solutions in your life, rather than departing your abodes to find the answers you want. The sailor can predict, you that your luck is near and not far away.

Working with sailors in your dream in a friendly, pleasant environment indicates that you might receive unexpected news ahead from a friend afar or some unusual events are coming your way. If you are fighting with the sailors, this means an extremely dangerous and risky event will occur in the near future.

Being a young woman in love with a sailor in your dream means that you might be separated from your partner soon, and this will occur because someone will interfere in your relationship. In such a context, the sailor can be the omen of the restlessness and constant change occurring in your life.

The sailor symbolizes your urge to travel, adventurousness, and inconstancy, but it is also the symbol of freedom, which can be, of course, freedom of movement, but also freedom of mind. The sailor is free of control and has his fate in his own hands. The sailor is the archetypal hero and the symbol of romanticism for women. For a man, the sailor stands for himself, an important aspect of his character, his urge for freedom, and whatever competency he must obtain to entertain such freedom. Spiritually, the sailor represents communication.

Being yourself a sailor in a dream means that you have a spirit of adventure and are passionate about traveling. Many sailors displayed in your dream suggest a trip with misfortunes ahead, uncertainty, but also adventure. Seeing sailors at sea omens danger and insecurity. Seeing one sailor, however, means success at work.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of sailor

Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Astonished. Confident. Happy. Proud. Upset. Surprised. Content. In love. Jolly. Admiring. Baffled.

By Florance Saul
Nov 18, 2012