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An avatar is a graphical representation of a figure.

Let’s for now briefly define what an avatar is. An avatar is a projection of yourself that is not real. this can be a representation of seeing yourself in online games or an image on chat rooms. An avatar is also known as a god in Hinduism. So the avatar is basically a fake element in life. If you notice an avatar in your dream it suggests that you are trying to hide your true personality and live in false hope. There is also “secrets” and “dishonesty” associated with this dream. This might have serious implications.

Detailed dream interpretation:

Seeing yourself as an avatar in your dream implies that, you are struggling with the way you represent yourself to the world. To see the film the "avatar" means you will hide away when someone upsets you. Those around you portray you as someone whom you are not. This is causing strain in your life because it takes a lot of energy to "prove" yourself. You need to master the tactics of being self-sufficient. Who is the person you are pretending to be? Try to focus on positive things in your life, is it hard for people to understand the real you?

Someone is going through a fake moment. You might be in a social class lower than what you would like people to believe. This will mean that people will think you are comfortable financially - and they even come to you for assistance, while in the real sense, you are the one who should be going to them for help. The key message of this dream is that it is good to be your normal self because, that way, you will have friends and family who will help you to climb the ladder of success and become whom you want to be in life. When this happens, you will be in a position to help others who will be under you.

A situation where you find that a familiar person is an avatar in your dream suggests that you will be the one to help your friends and family live a real life without having to pretend to be whom they are not. You will have to explain to them the importance of being true to themselves and working hard towards being the person you are trying to be. Hard work with determination will make you achieve anything you want in life. Let others know the repercussions of their actions if they ask. They will learn to be themselves as they work towards their goal of being the real avatar in their own life.

An avatar of a strange person in your dream implies that you will have to move to a faraway place in order to start living normally without being pretentious. Where you are at the moment, people know the fake you and it might be hard to convince them that, you are not whom they have always thought you to be. To see an avatar on a computer denotes that you need to complete a project. If you watch the Avatar film then you will end up being right on a certain topic. In fact, any movie viewed in a dream indicates that you will learn an important lesson. 

Feelings associated with your dream:

Fake, pretentious, happy, desperate, nervous, worried and content.

In the dream:

You are the avatar. A familiar member is an avatar. You had a dream of the avatar the last air bender. A strange person is an avatar. Avatar the Greek god.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017