Dreams About Killer Whales

Dreams About Killer Whales

Uncover Killer Whale Dream Meanings

Freud called dreams the "royal road to the unconscious." when we do dream the types of the material comes to life. It is a process of transferring our everyday consciousness. Not only can dreams represent our own fears they can also represent the wishes, they can be connected to our own past experiences and represent different integral parts of our psyche. Re-occurring dreams of Killer Whales (or orcas) are especially significant and they continue to re-occur because they are trying to get across a hidden message. Here I will help interpret your Killer Whale (or orcas) dream meaning.

In dreams we see symbols, dreams about killer whales (or orcas) hold a different meaning to dreams of normal whales. There is much confusion over the difference between a normal whale and a killer whale (or orcas). 

A killer whale as I have already put in brackets so far is known as an orca and they are extremely similar to a conventual whale. In fact, it is hard to tell them apart. I have written a dream meaning for just seeing normal whales which you can find by clicking here. However, in this dream meaning, I will simply address the dream of a killer whale (known as the orca). 

The orca is known as a toothed whale, and in dreams, if the killer whale was present then it could be disturbing to say the least. Whales are very similar to dolphins. The term “killer whale” was given to all orcas by ancient sailors. The reason being is that orcas generally hunted the large whale species in the ocean. For many years, the killer whale has featured in marine folklore and believed to be a voracious predator that is dangerous to humans. These thoughts remain today, and killer whales (or orcas) have been disliked throughout history. 

Dreams about killer whales (or orcas) that are frightening

You might be wondering why your brain suddenly provides you with a nightmare, but this could be a part of a larger part of your life. As young children, we know the anxiety of waking up with heart-pounding fear and the unsettling feeling of a nightmare. To dream about killer whales (or orcas) could make you curious about why you had such a dream and what it means.

In a spiritual context orcas or better known as killer whales and we need to overcome the initial fright of the dream to understand it on a deeper level. The killer whale (orcas) ranges from living in the tropical seas through to both ice poles, and, they spend their time underwater and out of sight. This is an important trait from a spiritual perspective as it means that you could be trying to hide from people or a situation in waking life. 

If you have a dream where you are being attacked by a killer whale (or orcas) it could be a sign that you are seeing a threat to your physical safety, psychological integrity of even how you connect socially. 

Why have you had this dream?

Dreams themselves are more apt to be negative in nature when we are facing stress or through a crisis in real life. Killer whales (or orcas) live in the sea and if you noticed the ocean or a body of water in a dream this is connected to how you are projecting yourself in regards to others. The rougher the sea the more emotions you are feeling at the moment. 

What does matter in the dream world is areas that are often at the back of our mind during the day often surface when we are asleep. I'm going to assume that you are feeling unproductive at the moment, the reason being is that the dream of a killer whale (or orcas) suggests that you could have lost motivation in some aspect of your life. If you can recognize details that happen in the dream this will help you foster the desired change in your waking life.

Being uncertain about the true motives of some people in your life could be the cause of having this particular dream.  To see a killer whale (or orcas) in highly polluted water in a dream can indicate that you are emotionally drained. The color of the water is a direct association of how you are feeling right now.

Dreams about killer whales and psychology

Freud originally published his book “the interpretation of dreams” in 1900 and this book altered the understanding of dreams on our mental functions. It introduced the concept of psychoanalysis and how each symbol can be exposed and broken down to how our minds work. 

Freud's view for dreaming about water and creatures of the sea is a touchstone of the conscious mind. Freud believed that our emotions are out of control when we herald such a dream. Of course, we all acknowledge what goes through our minds before sleep and in the deepest layer of this dream - is simply that we need to take a look at how we are emotionally responding to situations in our woken state. Perhaps you deny that you have feelings of worry, anger, jealousy, or hate in normal life, but the dream about killer whales can bring such feelings to the surface. 

What does it mean when you dream about killer whales (or orcas)?

The dream about killer whales from a spiritual perspective is about control. Controlling your emotions and protecting yourself against threats from the waking world. You could be skeptical about the spiritual meaning of this dream, but in older dream dictionaries (post-1930s) dreams about killer whales (or orcas) are positioned to a better way to approach your goals in life and transform. My advice to you is that it is important to try to understand what is affecting you at the moment.

It's not rocket science, you need to feel supported in waking life. At times you may feel you just want to sit around and do nothing, this dream could be a coping mechanism that dealing with a highly stressful situation.

What does it mean to dream about a killer whale in the ocean?

Most dreams of killer whales (or orcas) will occur in an ocean setting, as naturally, this is where the killer whales (or orcas) live. If we look more into folklore the Tlingit of southeast Alaska, had the notion that the killer whale would never attack humans, but instead would help them. Today, killer whales (or orcas) are protected and have luckily not been subjected to commercial whaling operations. Every piece of knowledge we gain from the dream and the details will help compel us to understand the true meaning. The ocean is an important symbol when analyzing your killer whale (or orcas) dream.

Dreams about killer whales (or orcas) attacking me

A widely popular dream is that of killer whales (or orcas) attacking the dreamer in their sleep. A dream of attack is generally the result of feeling threatened in real life. If in your dream the killer whale  (or orcas) attacked you, then this dream foretells that those around you could be questioning you in some way. Attack dreams normally occur when we need to defend ourselves. However, such dreams can leave you feeling open emotionally to people. 

Interestingly, killer whales (orcas) live in quite a close-knit family, these are known as pods. A pod normally consists of one adult male several adult females and they're young. Females stay with that pod for their entire life. Killer whales are quite playful animals and often race to the top of the water and skim the water. Killer whales (or orcas) travels in pods in order to protect each other, they denote being together, family, social interactions. Oceans are related to emotions. 

You cannot be sure about the true meaning of any dream often influenced by what happens to us on a daily basis. If we have hidden emotional abuse then the dreams of being attacked are normally prevalent. Some of our fears in life such as visiting the dentist or spiders are very common. However, if you have memories indicating some kind of emotional abuse then the dreams of attack often appear. It might be that you have a vivid memory of a traumatic incident in your life and these will often create stress-related nightmares. Emotional memories often have a focus on our dreams and it is important to think about the emotion that we felt when being attacked. To see multiple killer whales (or orcas) attacking you during a dream can be somewhat disturbing.

What does it imply to dream about multiple killer whales (or orcas)?

Multiple killer whales (or orcas) seen in your dream can indicate that you are looking for something to “kill” in your waking life. Obviously, this dream is much more influential. Often, seeing more than one killer whale (or orcas) can indicate that there is multiple threats that you are feeling in life. 

What does it mean to be trapped by a killer whale?

Feeling trapped in a dream is often your own conscious mind. I always feel that when a dreamer begins to start feeling trapped in the dream state it is because they are trying to free themselves from the difficulty in waking life. What are you trying to escape from? Even if the killer whale (or orcas) didn't hurt you during the dream it could signify that you're trying to escape from a situation where you are feeling trapped.

What does it mean to dream of a killer whale in a large swimming pool and feeling trapped?

To be in a swimming pool is representative of your own emotional soul. Waters are representations of our emotions and the color and body of the water are equally important. Killer whales (orcas) symbolically mean that we need to go deep within our own souls in order to understand and share our emotions. Think about how you felt in the dream, if the dream was positive in nature it could simply be a reflection of the fact that you need to focus on your life. 

What does it mean to dream of being drowned by killer whales?

Being drowned by killer whales is quite a powerful file. Obviously, this could stick in our minds long after the dream. The dream is associated with our internal processes. It could suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed by difficulties in life which will affect your own anxiety. In the same way, if we have a particular fear of deep water then this could be related to the situation of emotions in real life. The dream itself could provide complete intensity in the water present can be associated with feeling stuck in a situation in daily life. 

Being drowned by a killer whale (or orcas) can happen in different modes of water. The water itself is an important factor to understand the dream. For example, if the killer whale (or orcas) drowned you in the ocean then this could be a direct reflection of your own emotions feeling out of control. However, if it was a smaller body of water such as a swimming pool then this could be a reflection of how you're feeling trapped by your own emotions. Unlocking the dream meaning and relating this to emotions is important. If your dream is peaceful and calm that you do drown can indicate that you may be feeling rather stressed in life.

Recurring dreams are normally the direct result of an unresolved issue in waking life. Interestingly, reoccurring dreams happen in around 60% of the population. In order to make sure that the dream does not happen again, we have to try to figure out the problem. A killer whale is not a threat to us in daily life unless you are of course a fisherman. Think about how you actually felt within the dream state. Are you worried? Shouting? Are you terrified? Does the dream take on the same characteristics every time it occurs? Ask yourself whether there is something in your life that is making you feel fearful? This could lead to uncovering the solution and predominantly stopping the nightmare.

What does it mean to speak to killer whales in a dream?

If the killer whale spoke in a dream it symbolizes your capacity and potential to overcome an element of stress in your life. It's important to understand what dialogue the killer whale using during the dream - as this can give a clue to the meaning. When we are children we were exposed to much literature whereby animals speak – think of Peter Rabbit. This is a preceding tradition on which the earliest children's books were based on. If looking at 18th-century literature, for instance, children’s infinite mind was seen as a "tabula rasa." In layman's terms, this means they viewed the mind as a blank sheet of paper in which ideas and habits could be drawn upon. 

The animals proclaimed in literature as “alive” were probably because children often mistreated creatures such as butterflies and young birds. If the animals were portrayed as having a personality it would potentially mean there was an impossibility of harming them. Even today, in our modern world we see books and movies whereby animals speak. Often there are incidences in movies where humans are saved from disaster by animal instinct, think of black beauty as an example.

So why am I mentioning all this? Basically, it can indicate that you were programmed when you were younger it is acceptable for animals to speak. Also, we have to think about our animal totem. We each have an animal totem and this can be accessed through spiritual development and meditations. It could be the killer whale (orcas) is in fact your spirit guide.

Killer whales (or orcas) talking to you in your dream could be an indication of your desire to say or reveal something to those around you.  You could be holding onto secrets that you have been hiding for a very long time and which have been disturbing your mind for quite some time. It is best, after such a dream to gain courage and ensure that you go through a soul searching and share them with someone you trust.

What does it mean to have a dream of seeing a killer whale with its young?

A killer whale or younger generations of whales featured in the dream can indicate that you feel you need to protect something in life that is important to you. Newborn killer whale calves are normally borne every 3 to 5 years to every killer whale (or orcas). After a few days after their birth, their tails and dorsal fin start to become very flexible but they gradually stiffen, if you noticed a baby killer whale in your dream then it's important to observe the behavior of others. After all, the young killer whale often looks to its mothers to learn how to develop the world. What is making you feel stiff? Are you getting enough exercise?

Dreams about being chased by a killer whale  (or orcas)

To be chased by a single killer whale (or orcas) in real life will be rare, however, in a dream, you may find yourself chased by just one or a pod of killer whales. To be chased by just one killer whale in a dream could mean that you need to travel, the energy of the killer whales (or orcas) could be connected to our own energy. To be chased by a pod of killer whales (or orcas) means you need to bring in protection, finding others that you gel with, and also improving your home environment. 

Being chased in a dream is often connected to trying to get away from something in waking life. It is important to note if you are frightened in the dream. Think about how this makes you feel. Also, as killer whales (or orcas) are often found under the surface if you see yourself in the water (underneath) it can mean that you are not addressing something that should be important to you. 

Dreams about other animals and killer whales  (or orcas)

To dream of other animals in addition to the killer whale is associated with our own internal primal instincts. It could be that you're repressing your real feelings in waking life. Sometimes when we are not sure what to do in a situation we become quiet, even withdraw to some aspect. Is this how you are feeling at the moment? Try to think about how your subconscious mind is trying to deal with the situations that you have going on at the moment. This could be the fact that you are having dreams of animals and killer whales (or orcas). We need to remember the details of the dream and the animal that you actually witnessed. We all need in a freedom and seeing a larger animal against the whale, such as a giraffe or elephant can indicate that you have a hidden potential. If you see another scary animal as well as the killer whale it can indicate that you are encountering some emotional problems at the moment.

Dreams about the ocean full of killer whales (or orcas)  

If the ocean is full of Wales and the interpretation in this dream meaning will have more significance. Dreams of multiple killer whales represent internal feelings and as they generally congregate in courts, of at least five different killer whales you this dream can indicate that you are going to feel an outcast and situation in life. At times, killer whales (or orcas)  uprise out of the water and land with a splash. If you notice in your dream that you are swimming together with the killer whale then this could indicate that there could be a breach of communication in your family or close-knit community.

What does it mean to dream of a killer whale killing you?

Dreaming of a killer whale (or orcas) actually killing you in a dream can be a terrifying experience. The dream is often the result of pent up anger, it could be connected to an addiction or a tangible person who brings about confusion. When we face a transformation in life then often we dream of being killed. A dream of killing in any capacity could suggest that you are bottling up your own emotions.

What does it mean to dream about a dead killer whale?

A dream where you see a dead killer whale (or orcas) suggests that at last something has moved on. In life, we are all given lessons to adhere to, and with these lessons comes learnings and our feelings for people and situations. We all craft associations in life and when we see a dead killer whale in a dream a part of our life has died and it is time for transformation.

Dreams about a killer whale swimming near your boat?

Killer Whales (or orcas) are notorious for attacking boats in the Atlantic ocean. They are similar but larger than dolphins they can often ram the side of boats, there have been countless reports. If you are on a catamaran in your dream when you are travelling into the sunset, but being attacked by killer whales  (or orcas)  this could be distinctively disturbing. Being attacked by any whale on a boat just mean that you are going to face some difficulties going forward.  If you can hear a loud thumping sound from the hull or you dream the whales are trying to get into the boat during the dream, it is a sure sign that there will be an unexpected event going forward. 

To dream of a boat indicates that you are balancing things in life, there are two schools of thought that the boat is a symbol of balance or control. To see a killer whale (or orcas) attacking a boat in a dream is an indication that things are out of control. 

If the killer whale (or orcas) overturned your boat in a dream this can indicate that things might suddenly go wrong. Perhaps unexpected trauma. Do not fear, this might be something trivial but the key message is to be on guard, especially if the boat overturned. 


Overwhelming destructive forces can result in seeing a killer whale in your dream. There could be something upsetting or bothering you or you are just filled with negative emotions which are uncontrollable. What do I mean by this? Feelings such as envy, anger or jealousy with of cause justification.

By Florance Saul
May 3, 2021