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Birthday cake

Birthday cake.

To dream of a birthday cake indicates that some celebration will be yours going forward.

The birthday cake dream generally appears when we need to celebrate the success or a happy occasion. If you dream that you eat a birthday cake and this suggests that success will likely be yours. To dream of making a birthday cake is additionally positive dream. To see others celebrating their birthday eating cake can signify that new beginnings are on the horizon.

In your dream...

  • You bake a birthday cake.
  • You eat a birthday cake in the dream.
  • Someone gives you a birthday cake in your dream.
  • You see a child's birthday cake in your dream.

As we've already concluded the birthday cake is a positive omen seen in the dream state, if however the cake is not delicious or is made of something that is not to cake mixture then this can suggest that you may find some minor complications in the near future. To see more than one birthday cake in your dream is an indication this can be multiple celebrations going forward.

If the birthday cake is of somebody that you do not know in the dream state then this can suggest that you will struggle to find your identity. If the dream is of a Victoria sponge type of birthday cake this indicates that two people are can be important to go forward.

If the cake featured is of the fruit variety, such as a fruitcake or a cake containing partial pieces of fruit like cherries and this indicates that positive situations are likely to happen.

If the birthday cake is destroyed in the dream then this is an indication that you will encounter some minor problems in the future. To blow out candles on the birthday cake indicates that a new beginning is forecast.

This could be a possible new relationship or even a new business proposition. The details of the cake are equally important. If the cake is white then this indicates that somebody is going to tell you they've loved you very much. It could be a possible new spouse or an existing partner. If the birthday cake is cut in a dream and this suggests that you are going to have a number of new challenges ahead.

Don't worry because the challenges will bring with them great success. To dream of a joint birthday cake is a positive dream. A birthday party suggests that other people are going to offer you guidance and support going forward. In essence, a children's birthday party is a reflection that you need some nurturing.

If you dream of a birthday cake from the past, for example, your own birthday and it is presented in the dream state then this can suggest new possibilities of growth is on the horizon.

A birthday cake found in a shop is an indication that you will need to pay others in order to gain some knowledge which will end up making you rather successful. If the birthday cake smashes to the floor then this can suggest that there are going to be difficult times ahead.

Birthday cakes featured in dreams as we have already concluded are a positive omen. If you are making or cooking a birthday cake in your dream this indicates that you need to protect yourself against others. Cooking is connected to a positive outlook in life and even though this is positive there may be people who will be jealous of. To see many birthday cakes in your dream is a suggestion that great times are ahead. Try not to worry too many things in life.

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