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sand dream meaning


Sand moves and, therefore, is volatile.

Sand in the biblical sense represents the thoughts of gods. Sand suggests that you are thinking with your brain in life. The sea is associated with your inner emotions. Seeing sand in a dream indicates you are letting “time pass you by.” It can indicate that you are letting something control you. White sand featured in a dream suggests that you will understand more in life. Ancient dream dictionaries denote that sand indicates a loss of food, and that in life things are not stable. To dream of seeing or being stuck in quicksand may signify you've taken a specific path in life. There is a danger of being worried about things that you have little control over, are you overwhelmed by your emotions at the moment? To be stuck in quicksand in a dream or to die in quicksand denotes possible danger in life.


Dreaming of sand refers to a lack of security (“a residence created about sand”). Are your psychological or economic foundations unstable as well as prone to change? Sand in an hourglass signifies the passing of time; it is a picture which may be showcasing that you will want to make an effort to be involved with framing your lifetime. Do not “bury your head in the sand.”It is a reminder to live life more fully. 

Dreaming of sand portends poverty, unhappiness, and insignificant troubles. Sand suggests your closeness to family and spirituality. The dream of sandcastles is a warning that you are too far away from your family. Any dream involving sand is a sign that a hypocritical person will try to influence you against your will. Dreaming of sand foretells instability. If you see yourself carrying sand, this suggests difficulties ahead.

In your dream you may have…

  • You scatter sand.
  • Sandcastles.
  • You carry sand.
  • You have sand.
  • A sand clock.
  • You walk through sand.
  • You are lying on the sand.
  • A sand beach.
  • Wet sand.
  • A sand storm.
  • Sand in an hourglass.
  • You have sand in your mouth.
  • Sandcastle seen in dreams
  • Sand in a desert in a dream
  • White sand dream meaning
  • Dreaming about walking on a sandy beach
  • Sand symbolisation
  • Sand in the bible
  • Sand in the mouth in a dream
  • Beach sand in a dream
  • Dream interpretation of white sandy beach
  • Building sandcastles in dreams


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Advice from your dream...

  • You are open for changes.
  • Try to relax some more, and maybe take a vacation.
  • Learn from other people’s knowledge and experience.
  • Be more sociable, go out, and enjoy life.
  • Save some money.


Here are some specific dream meanings of sand:

Sandcastles seen in dreams


Seeing a sandcastle in a dream is associated with achieving what you can in life. It means you will explore relationships and the sandcastle is connected to temporary needs and wants. To build sandcastles with children in a dream indicates you need to explore your inner child and meditate. Sand seen in an hourglass can indicate the passage of time and the way you may believe that you're not achieving what you wish in life.

Sand is a natural “element” connected with the natural part of life, normally used in hour glasses to indicate each moment in life. It is a symbol of seeing into the future. Due the minute particles sand dreams indicate you will see clearly in life. Sand found in dreams, especially on the seashore can symbolize nostalgia and ambitions in life. It can suggest the sensation of “waiting for something to happen in life.” 

Footprints in sand in the dream

To dream of footprints in the sand denotes that you are holding onto feelings of distrust. You are unsure who will cross you in waking life but something will.  Walking on sand, and creating footprints across the beach can signify your goals in life. Whenever you're walking alone or with others you might be undertaking an inner journey before making a decision in life. To see animal footprints in the dream suggests you might be researching a new career. The sea itself may also signify upcoming projects and the unconscious mind.

Sand in a desert in a dream


The desert in your dream denotes feeling concerned or worried about something in life. Feeling empty inside is normally connected to this dream. At times you feel that you lack someone who cares about you. You have feelings about a problem in life, in that it is hard to achieve what you want. You are enduring deprivation in life if the desert had a desert storm. Life itself will be much more refreshing and content again if you were walking on sand in the desert. 

A desert might appear in dreams when you encounter a difficult friendship or a person who does not show respect. The sand in this respect is associated with feeling unnecessary empty. If the sand is hot on your feet there is a feeling that you feel estranged from people or areas which are comfortable to you. 

To be lost in the desert can imply you are feeling  situations will bring problems in life. 

White sand dream meaning

To see white sand in the dream suggests peace and happiness in life. You will want to remove things that may hurt you in life.  Walking on white sand is a indication of relaxation and comfort. It usually means that you will appreciate a calm and tranquil time in the future. This dream also suggests that you're overlooking the peace you deserve in life.  Dreams where you are running on the white sand denotes favorable news. It possibly means you will have material wealth in the future. Dream interpretation of a white sandy beach is basically your goals in life will be met.


Black sand in a dream

Black sand is a sign of relaxation, taking time to make decisions and hard work. The black color can also suggests problems at work, but these will be resolved. Finish the pending actions before you take this time out to relax in life.

Sandstorms in dreams

Sandstorms are linked to our inner emotions. They can suggest psychological disturbances and emotions might run high if you cannot see anything - due to a sandstorm in the dream. To dream of a sandstorm can indicate that the high emotional feelings you currently have.  From time to time, we don't know how to respond to people in life, the sandstorm in a dream give us the guidance to trust no-one in life.

Sand symbolisation


Sand in spiritual context represents time passing, the small grains of sand indicates that time will pass. Sand from a symbolic perspective is also associated to “time running through our fingers” so this means that we need to grasp everything we can in life and live life to the full! If sand is featured in a dream it can mean you need to gasp the time to do what you wish in life. Seeing sand slipping through your hands or feet suggests you need to be more soft towards others in life. Brown sand symbolises mother nature it can suggest relaxation and ensuring time passes by with success. Yellow sand suggests material gain in life. Playing with sand indicates you are taking life too seriously.

Sand in the mouth in a dream

To find sand in your mouth during your dream suggests you need to watch what you say in life. Think about gossip and keeping things to yourself. It may suggest you are having difficulty communicating with others.

Sand on your body in your dream

To see sand on your body indicates that things in life have been shaky. There is a danger of being too caught up in your own emotions.  You have been feeling pain too in life.


Beach sand in a dream

The beach is associated with peace and relaxation. A windy sandy beach indicates hidden emotions. Sand dunes seen in dreams can also imply that there are barriers or issues which are gradually getting larger.

Detailed dream interpretation...

In the Persian tradition, seeing a pile of sand in a dream implies misfortune. For the Western tradition, this dream portends the daily work grind. The Eastern tradition says that it predicts uncertainty, indecision, and instability.

If your dream involves sand dunes or an extra long golden sand beach, then this signifies emotion between yourself and someone of the opposite sex. Sitting naked on a sand beach is a sign that you are going to start a new interesting project. If you are wearing a swimsuit, you will have to answer for whatever you gossiped about. If you dream of pulling a small boat on the sand beach, this is a sign that you will ask someone for help in regard to money. Sandy beaches are connected to your holiday memories and your inner wish to get some rest.


Sand in a dream is associated with waste and vastness, so the question you should ask yourself is what aspect of yours is eternal and what obstacles hinder your spiritual growth? Both sand and the sea are symbols of emotional instability and insecurity. If the sand in your dream is in an hourglass, this is a warning that your time is running out. Generally, sand symbolizes the passing of time and the temporarily of everything, including our lifetimes. Therefore, a dream of sand often means that you are afraid of aging and even death.

Dreaming of sandcastles is a reflection of uselessness, because sandcastles will be washed away by the sea, but at the same time, they are a strong symbol of impermanence that should teach us how material needs are useless. If the dream of sandcastles is somehow connected to your work, this means whatever you are trying to build at work and in your life is impermanent, short lasting, and in the end, illusory.

If in your dream you see a sandstorm, this portends a loss in your life. If you are caught in this sandstorm, it means you are now undermining your own existence. A sandstorm is an omen of the breakdown of your achievements. Seeing sand in a dream indicates that an uncertain relationship in your life will disturb you considerably, and this is a reminder to not waste your energy on it.

Walking on sand means the deals you are into at the moment are unsafe. Shoveling sand is the omen of high profit, provided you bring some appreciation into the equation. Dreaming of scattering sand portends the waste of your property. If you feel you have sand in your mouth, this means someone will make you really angry.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of sand.


Surprised. Amazed. Curious. Impressed. Happy. Relaxed. Enjoying. Content. Feeling good.

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