Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

To come across a dream that features woo such as timber it simply signifies prosperous times.

It is a sign that you will experience fortune and luck. But be wary because these times are usually temporary and the time of drought will come after. So I suggest that you save anything in excess and prepare for the coming of the dry season.

In your dream about timber you may see

  • Dying timber.
  • Burning timber.
  • Destroyed timber.

Positive changes are afoot if you see

  • A timber house.
  • Dreaming about woods.
  • Made something from timber.
  • Seen a timber house.

Quick explanation

  • To see timber means feelings of disappointment.
  • To cut timber means an abundant day is forecast.
  • Your existence is seeking growth.
  • You are living a luxurious life.
  • Running out of money.

Detailed explanation

A timber home is a sign of an abundant life. It is time to reap what you sow but remember that we need to save money for future use. It is also good to share the things that you have so when the time comes help will be on hand. If you are cutting timber it means you can be sure that you have someone to turn to. To make something from timber suggests the fruits of your own hard work; you may enjoy life at its fullest but be sure that you have something left for tomorrow.

To dream of woods is a sign that your personality is seeking growth and development. If you collect timber in your dream there may be a career that you choose out of personal choice. The growth that you are seeking may be mental or spiritual. To saw the timber it means you’re searching for inner peace. Find it then you make better decisions in life.

Seeing burning timber in your dream is a sign that you are living an extravagant life, perhaps you are spending more than you are earning. It is a warning sign that if you do not stop or change your life your source of monetary funds will soon run out. One should always consider the amount they are spending; moreover one must first consider investing before spending. That way one can be sure of enough financial funds if unforeseen circumstances happen.

Consequently, destroying timber is a sign that you may run out of money, your lavish lifestyle might cause the downfall of your savings, moreover this can also suggest the suffering of depression. Having said that, it is important to understand that what’s done is done, you now need to pick up yourself and start again. Start from scratch, a small business maybe that will keep you busy. In the event that you were burning timber in the dream this suggests a luxurious lifestyle - think about any past situations and decide wisely now.

To dry timber suggests a feeling of disappointment. This may be a time where you are not giving your best and you are feeling sorry for yourself. Try to give 100% dedication to a goal. The timber drying is a sign that things take time to become important in life.

Feelings that you have when you dream of a timber

Joy, happiness, contentment, abundance, prosperity, fertility and getting back to nature.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013