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Crown dream meaning


This dream generally symbolises a range of different levels of spiritual awareness, success, power and material gain.

The crown is the ultimate symbol of success. To dream of a crown is to acknowledge your own success and to recognize your ability to forge ahead in life. To see a tiara in a dream suggests mental or intellectual abilities that are not being acknowledged in waking life. It could also signify a desire for the magical world. Maybe you wish to explore spiritual success.


In ancient dream dictionaries the crown signifies success of material wealth. If the crown has missing gems this can suggest that there are many things that need to be worked towards in waking life. A crown (made of any material) is connected to status and success.


Wearing a crown in your dreams may be your subconscious way to say "you are great" even a pat on the back for a successful job that you recently completed. Perhaps you have experienced recognition at work or at home and the crown is a symbol of your own increased status?


In this dream you may have...

  • Been crowned by someone.
  • Had a crown on one’s head.
  • Other people have been given crowns.
  • Wore flowers on one’s head.



Positive changes are afoot if…


  • You were happy.
  • You seen others crowned.
  • You were crowned yourself as this represents success.



Detailed dream meaning...



This dream also indicates that you will have victory in your professional status in the near future. To see a gold crown means that you will gain success. If you dreamt that a crown or laurel wreath was placed on your head or a garland of flowers was placed around your neck, this could suggest that you crave to be liked by other people. To see a silver crown means you will have many abilities in the future that will earn wealth. You may also be about to receive some sort of honor or award.


If you dream that a crown of jewels is placed upon your head then this clearly acknowledges you should be proud of past achievements.


This dream also indicates that you are trying to overcome anxieties which belong in the past.



If the flowers are dying or have died this could suggest that the giver's admiration is wilting, or that your expectations are disappointed. If the dreamer discards the flowers this signifies bad relations between the dreamer and someone close.


It is important that you do not control situations that you shouldn't be in the future. In a nutshell, this dream is a positive omen which shows that you should celebrate our successes and opportunities with others.

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