Aconda snake

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So you dreamed of an anaconda snake?

The name “Anaconda” normally refers to a group of snakes, but it is also associated with the common green anaconda. The Anaconda is a large snake that generally constricts its prey. It is not uncommon to dream of such a large anaconda snake. There are many shades associated with this snake: dark spotted, yellow or the most popular green. So what do they mean in your dream?

Snakes in dreams: the snake is an archetypal symbol in the dream. If the anaconda snake lashes out or bites you then this is associated with a venomous person in waking life. The snake is often connected to personal situations in waking life. it is important to note that in life we see snakes daily - in our subconscious mind. The snake can symbolize how we stretch ourselves. Of course the anaconda can naturally provoke fear when in dreams.

Let’s turn to ancient dream books. A dream of an anaconda mostly denotes one is lacking something. At times it denotes pressure of outer circumstances. The anaconda symbolizes your potential and creativity. Dreaming of anaconda around one’s neck can suggest you need to be ready for change and new approaches to old problems in the future, both in your personal life and at work. It could be that you are going to meet a new acquaintance, a friendship might just bring the success you have been yearning for.

In some dream books, a snake in the dream promises great victory over a terrible and dangerous enemy.

In life you will have different types of dreams; horror, panic, adventure, animals or strangers featured in the dream. Things which can cause horror in dreams include snakes. Anacondas are large snakes. They are the ones who bring nightmares in the dream state.

Anaconda snake dream could include

  • Dreaming about anaconda snake biting your feet
  • Anaconda snakes are falling on you from above.
  • Your friend taming anaconda
  • A dead anaconda in a dream.
  • A man is dreaming about anaconda.
  • Anaconda around your legs
  • Anaconda in large numbers
  • Marks from anaconda bite
  • Anaconda standing on its tail and swinging

What it means if an anaconda eats you in the dream?

If in waking life you fear the snake, then this dream is a representation of your inner fears. It is how you approach snacks in the waking world that will give you a clue. To see a snake blocking the path in your dream can suggest obstacles. As you will see you will have no choice in a matter. To dream that the snake is constricting you, or eating you indicates there is something in waking life you are holding onto. The squeezing action of the snake is the gravitation of an important decision that you need to make in life. The dream world is somewhat clever, for example, to feel a snake wrapped around you in the dream state may also mean your nightclothes are too tight or restricting you! It could be as simple as that. If we look further into how the snake eats it’s prey we know that it opens the mouth to swallow the whole thing up. It can indicate a job or relationship has become complex in your waking life.

What does it mean when an anaconda snake was biting your feet in your dream?

Ok, so you wake up after seeing a large snake bite your feet? If you dream that anaconda biting your own feet, it is symbolic of a deep feeling of boredom which you tend to experience towards a specific aspect of life or life in general. Alternatively, it could mean that you are longing for fresh air from the monotony of life. If you have just overcome depression, this could also be a possible cause of the dream.

  • Anaconda snakes are falling on you from above: A dream where you see huge fat anaconda snakes falling on you from above is a warning that someone has bad intentions, focus on people close to you.
  • Your friend is taming an anaconda in your dream: If you find yourself in the dream of witnessing a friend taming an anaconda in your dream then this is a warning. If your friend is taming the snake by using either magic or music, it implies that a large organization may soon support you at work. This could be either legally or personally. It could also mean that someone wishes to inspire you.
  • To see a stranger taming an anaconda in a dream: To see another person (unknown) that is taming the anaconda illustrates a difficult situation which you are facing. Do not worry about others intentions.

Are you male and dreamed of an anaconda?

If you are a man and dream of an anaconda it suggests, according to 1930s dream dictionaries that you are going to meet a very beautiful lady! Lucky you! If you notice the anaconda is scaring several people in your dream, it denotes that there is a wedding invitation in the offing or a big celebration for people whom you are close with. If you see additional animals in the dream it is a sign that you are going to meet with an old lover.

What does it mean to see an anaconda around your legs?

A dream in which you see an anaconda around your legs is a sign of illness - possibly contracting a certain bug. If you stand there, dumbfounded and unable to move, it means that the fears you have are hindering you from some aspects of your life such as socializing and meeting new people in your life. If you can move from the entangled snake, it implies that you will move forward in life quickly - getting where you want to be!

What does it signify to see an anaconda in large numbers?

If you dream that you are surrounded by several anacondas, it is a representation of several attacks or misfortunes in your life. There is a possibility that, there are several individuals who are hiding in the background and will not be honest with you. In case they become successful in executing their plans, then it will have a disastrous effect on you. To prevent negativity be careful of those whom you think might benefit from your humiliation and downfall.

Seeing a dead anaconda in a dream - what it means?

A dead anaconda in the dream is an indicator that, you believe and trust in other people without a second thought. If you are a woman and you dream of a dead anaconda, it implies that you are soon going to have several admirers.

What do marks from anaconda bite mean in a dream?

To understand this dream we have to look at the ancient dream dictionaries. If you see marks from a bite of anaconda, it foretells pregnancy. If you are a female, it foretells you are going to become pregnant, or you are already pregnant, if you are a man, your partner is going to become pregnant, or she is already pregnant. Alternatively, it could be someone dear to you who is about or is pregnant.

What does an anaconda standing on its tail and swinging mean in a dream?

Seeing an anaconda standing on its tail and swinging is an indication that, you are surrounded by ungrateful and deceitful people. This is a rather unusual dream and can mean many different things. They are unappreciative and dishonest, try to choose new friends. Alternatively, it could mean that you will seek authority in matters at work.

Feelings Associated with an anaconda

Ungrateful. Sad. Deceitful. Happy. Successful. Cunning. Humiliated.

By Florance Saul
Oct 8, 2017