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Elderberries are considered magical and purposeful. Many religions use elderberries in their rituals or hold high regard for them.

They also are useful in tinctures and for healing as well as nutrition. They are a good omen to dream about as they foretell positive occurrences regarding resources for the home, family life, and comfortable wealth. Elderberries is generally a good dream.

  • Seen an elderberry bush.
  • Eaten an elderberry.
  • Drank elderberries in a tea.
  • Used elderberries for nutrition or healthcare.
  • Helped someone with elderberries.
  • Crushed elderberries.

What is the detailed dream meaning of elderberries?

Elderberries are used for healing and food and therefore are considered nurturing items within a dream. They can indicate harmonious relations in the home, finding a mate, or simply internal harmony. They are considered positive omens in a dream and are ones that you should expect positive changes in your life to be coming your way. Eating elderberries in a dream indicates positive health and happy emotional interactions. This is a sign of longevity and vitality and therefore is also a good sign for healing if you are ill. If you see someone who is ill in real life in your dream and there are elderberries present it’s a good sign for their recovery.

The bush of an elderberry is also a good omen. If you see the berries blossoming it is a sign of a new relationship coming to you in your life. However, to see rotten elderberries indicates a relationship going sour and is a negative sign for your waking life.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

New love. Family life and childbirth. Healing from an illness.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of elderberries:

Happy. Hungry. Calm. Helpful. Thankful. Tired. Weary.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012