Dreams About Whales

Dreams About Whales

Whales Dream Meaning

If we look from prehistoric times to today the whale has given us thrills and has featured in many movies and films. Whales are the largest creature on the planet and have the biggest brains of any animal. Spiritually this is a powerful dream so I am going to run through what this dream means.

To see a plume of spray shooting in the air indicates that something important is about to happen to you. The blue whale is known as a “cetacean” which comes from the Greek word “kenos” that is translated to a sea monster. The whale is also connected to the word known as a wheel. If in your dream you could see high winds and crash waves the dream this can understandably be somewhat dramatic. Whales in dreams relate to how we are connected to others.


Whales swimming together indicates that you need to motivate and supervise a team to ensure work is completed against objectives. To dream of the whale's tongue (that weighs over four tons) indicates someone will communicate with you. Whales have been slaughtered almost to extinction to kill a whale indicates that there is a long road ahead.


In my experience dreaming of a whale indicates that we need to communicate better and think about what people need from us. The whale is associated with helping us be more positive in life and our emotions. In short, a whale seen in a dream offers protection, power, peaceful relations and communication.

The faster pace of life:

Whales can be used for blubber or fat, candles, lamp oils and soaps. The British scientist Sir Isaac Newton read his books by the light of a whale lamp, the reason I mention this is because seeing a whale caught can mean you will see the light to an issue. Seeing a sperm whale or bowhead whales indicates life will become faster and more intense. Seeing the whale’s blowhole in a dream can also mean that you will find solutions to problems.


The whale is the largest creature in the sea. This is significant because it can mean taking on a new project. This dream could mean you need to be aware of major problems in life and as whales are intelligent creatures they can show up as a dream symbol when you need to understand something spiritually.

What is the spiritual meaning of this dream?

Native Americans believed that the whale was the record keeper for the earth. In the bible, whales hold many associations. Take for example Jonah, he was swallowed by a whale and then he was reborn. The whale brings with it wisdom. If you are looking at using your inner intuition it is not unusual for whales to appear in dreams. This is quite a spiritual dream, in that this signals rebirth.

In spiritual terms, a swimming whale is connected to inner sense of recreation, power, happiness, darkness and also a distant focus on losing something important in life. Turning to action a whale indicates that we need “alone” time in order to grow spiritually. In dreams, it is common to see a whale attacking. When one is facing a crossroads in life the whale attacking during a dream often appears. Dreaming of seeing whales is connected to your own inner values which will eventually shape a rebirth. A whale is part of the dolphin family. Let me first start by understanding at the whale. The killer whale is called an orca which exists in the ocean and are one of the largest mammals at sea. The name itself comes from the term: Orcinus Orca. Killer whales will eat most things and are part of the dolphin family. I hope here to give you some indication of what the whale means in your dream so please scroll down to find your dream.

What does it mean to dream about groups of whales?

Surprisingly they are social and live in groups of around forty so they indicate teamwork. The killer whales come together when they hunt for food. The reason I mention this is that the killer whale is focused on exploring and the element of teamwork to achieve. An orca or killer whale is known as a marine animal which for many years has been a symbol of peace and serenity, but in a real sense, whales are classified as dangerous animals. If a whale appears in your dreams, I like to think that they are symbolic for both the great and negative parts in your life, but as I have already mentioned seeing groups of whales are associated with holding onto something that needs to be sacrificed and teamwork.

What does seeing a gray whale mean in a dream?

Seeing a grey whale can mean that people will gossip. The gray whale is known as the devilfish of the Pacific ocean. They are not aggressive and people can generally pat them like a pet. Evolutionarily, killer whales do not tend to kill their own calves but if this occurs in dreams it indicates lasting relationships.

What does it mean to see a killer whale in a dream?

If you encounter a dream where you see a killer whale, it could be a sign that you are gaining more strength and capacity in your life to enable you to deal with challenges in your life successfully. It could also be an indication of the feelings of calmness and peace, emotional and spiritual connectivity if the whale was attacking you or others. In recent days, maybe you have been in contact with someone whom you felt you were strongly connected to. Currently, you might be going through a period of reflection which is enabling you to connect with your emotions and this is what has most probably caused the dream.

How you are currently feeling?

If you are feeling inspired and creative, full of energy and ready to do anything that you desire, then dreaming about a whale can mean that you need to go the extra mile. The connection between your conscious and subconscious normally occurs when you have this dream. It could be that the dream indicates receiving answers to all questions in life by listening to your intuition.

What does a black and whale mean in a dream?

Dreaming of a black whale indicates behaving in an overconfident manner or denying something in life; the whale in the ocean could represent a good idea, but then you feel scared about moving forward in reality. It could mean you are excited about meeting someone and you may fear meeting someone in person. This dream is also about the ability to succeed and your own personal power is symbolized by the whale. The good news is that the whale appearing in the dream can indicate that the universe is protecting you. They can also signify that you are about to experience luck in your life.

What does it mean when the whale attacks?

If you are uncertain about the true motives of some people in your life can be the cause of having this particular dream. I know it is not great to have a whale attack you in a dream. When whales are around you, they behave as if they are your protectors and guardian angels and you might wonder why. If the whale evoked distrust and suspicion this is a reminder that you need to be careful about whom to trust are warnings the killer whale brings into your dream.

Overwhelming destructive forces can make you see a killer whale in your dream. There could be something upsetting or bothering you or you are just filled with negative emotions which are uncontrollable towards someone such as envy, anger or jealousy without any justification. Changes in your life can be symbolized by this killer animal in your dream. Changes in business success or becoming hit by misfortunes might occur. There is a focus on making the right decisions or celebrations in life. Acquiring or purchasing an important item (such as a house) in your life can trigger a negative whale dream; this is simply because you are making an important decision in your real life.

What does it mean to dream about a whale?

I have briefly gone over the basics about having such a dream. Here I will touch on the whale in a deeper sense. A dream about a “whale in general” in your dream could imply that, happiness and kindness will soon enter your life. that someone is currently giving you in your life. It is portraying your relationship with a special person in your life who might become a romantic partner in future. The person is very important in your life and you cannot imagine living without them. After such a dream, you might need to also pay more attention to this person because, in the past days, you could have neglected them.

What does it mean to dream about a humpback whale?

Dreaming of a humpback whale indicates that you will soon find a new path in life. The humpback whale is known as a “baleen” whale and if you hear any cries and howls from the whale in the dream then this is connected to love and attraction. As the humpback mothers and babies swim together it might be associated with trying to grow spiritually. A humpback whale in dreams can also be associated with moving fast in a situation, this is due to their powerful tail fin known as a fluke.

What does it mean to dream about a killer whale?

Seeing a killer whale in the ocean could mean that, in the recent past, you received a chance to improve your life. There is a problem that is trying to hinder you from grabbing an opportunity. After the dream, you will have to face your fears and utilize the chances that life has thrown to you.

What does it imply to dream about more than one whale?

Seeing multiple whales in your dream could be a sign that, you value your family or friends. Whales are symbols of gentleness and kindness. Seeing many whales swimming in dreams could mean that, you are experiencing “love in your life” at the moment, which is positive. If you have not shown your family members enough attention or spent quality time with them, then this is a sign to pay them more attention.

What does it indicate to dream about swimming with whales?

Swimming with whales in your dream could be a sign that, in the coming days, you need to make significant important decisions in your life regarding your social relationships with others or about a new job. Rely on your intuition to make the right decision.

What does it mean to have a dream concerning seeing baby whales?

A whale swimming with babies in your dream could denote that you will encounter a maternal instinct. There is also a strong focus on feeling happiness in your life. Normally these types of dreams occur when one is feeling a strong desire to ensure that the family is protected from negative happenings. This dream can occur after disconnect or stressful situation in the past which is the reason behind the whale dream. If you don’t have children and you have this particular dream, it could be symbolic of your desire to start a family with someone which could come true very soon.

What does it mean to dream about a whale jumping in the water?

A whale jumping out of the water in your dream could mean that you are feeling relieved because, at long last, you have overcome your emotional challenges. Such a dream can indicate suffering a drawback in life. This could be the reason why you are feeling stagnation as far as success is concerned. This dream indicates that you should utilize the opportunities that come your way to ensure you make friends. An emotional wall can be a hindrance to socializing with others.

What does it imply to dream about whales communicating?

Whales communicating in your dream could be an indication of your desire to say or reveal something to those around you. This dream results in secrets that you have been hiding for a very long time and which have been disturbing your mind for quite some time. After this dream, you should focus on inner courage and ensure that you can communicate well with others.

What does it indicate to dream about seeing a whale swimming by a boat?

A whale swimming by a boat in your dream could denote that, you are currently preparing yourself for some important event in your life. If you are not sure of a positive outcome this dream can indicate your worries in life. Alternatively, the dream could denote that in the days to come, you are going to encounter some misfortunes related to finances or work. The good thing is that you will eventually overcome them by confronting all your worries.

What does it denote to dream about killing a killer whale?

A dream about killing a killer whale could imply that you are currently in denial of your spiritual guidance and spirituality. If you were fishing or hunting and then this resulted in killing the whale, the dream is indicative of being able to accomplish a major goal. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you have just made the right decision that will see you achieve your success in life.

What does it mean to dream about a killer whale close to you?

Dreaming about a killer whale close to you is negative, especially if you are currently in a relationship. It could be a family member or just a friend whom you had some kind of disagreement or an argument about something. Take the dream as a warning that you need to fix your relationship before it gets out of control.

What does it mean to dream about a whale attacking you?

A whale attacking you in the dream could signify that, in the recent past, you have encountered a somewhat stressful situation and now you are reflecting on this through your dreams. Maybe you are making crazy decisions and people don’t really understand. We all make crazy decisions at some point in our life. Sometimes these decisions are right, at other times they don’t turn out well. To dream of a whale chasing, you indicate a feeling that you were trapped and pressured by something which you cannot seem to fix and you try to fix this. Although the situation is over, the feeling is still lingering on and that is why your brain is still expressing it in the dream.

Alternatively, the dream could mean that you have an argument with someone who is close to you. If you are feeling negative, then this often causes a dream of a whale attacking you.

What does it mean to dream about a whale in the ocean?

Dreaming about a whale swimming is a representation of your progress - which could be in business or personal life. This dream is a result of your dedication and hard work. On the side of your personal life, you might start enjoying good relationships with those around you: your partner, friends, and family members.

What does it mean to dream about a dead whale?

A dream where you see a dead whale could represent your inner feelings. You could currently be feeling abandoned and alone, and this dream is manifested in your inner thoughts. Feeling this way could have happened as a result of you in the past, neglecting others when they needed you, now that you need them, it is payday, you will need to feel how you felt when you abandoned them.

What does it imply to dream about a killer whale turning your boat in the water?

In ancient times people use to go whaling and these voyages probably resulted in catching 2-3 whales. They were so valuable that the money obtained from the whales would pay for being at sea for 3-4 years. Whales are the largest mysterious creatures, which I have already covered and witnessing a whale turning your boat in the water in your dream is a sign that, you are carefully handling projects or relationships which are too challenging for you. It could be an indication that, a major event is about to happen in your life and you are not sure if you want to get involved or not. Alternatively, the dream could mean a run of good luck but with it: sorrow and sadness. Sorry, it is not more positive. Overall though overarching good luck will follow anything negative in the days to come.

What does it mean to dream about killer whale swimming in the sea or the ocean?

In Japan, there is a story of a whale and a sea slug. This follows the same type of story of the hare and the tortoise. The whale moves quickly from place to place, but sees another sea slug and thinks it is racing the same slug. There is a question of “speed” in regards to this story and outwitting another. In connection with your dream to see a whale swimming at speed in your dream could mean you are not thinking about what should happen long-term. In spiritual terms to dream of a whale swimming in the ocean denotes, you are currently being connected to your spiritual guide. It could also be an indicator of great changes that are going to happen in your life which at first you could be skeptical. Whales can be spiritual or a sign of great things to come.

What does it mean to dream about chasing whales?

A dream where you see yourself hunting or chasing killer whales could indicate that you are feeling ambitious. This is a positive dream to encounter if you wish to achieve your goals.

What does it mean to dream about a beached whale?

You have most probably seen reports of beached whales. Beached whales in dreams relate to us feeling stuck or blocked in life. It is rare to encounter a beached whale in real life. Thus, translating this into the dream state indicates that you may be feeling worried about something unnecessarily.

What does it mean to dream about a whale’s tusk?

There are many myths and legends regarding whales tusks. The Haida people believe that if a Haida chief is killed by an enemy the spirit becomes a whale. In Europe, narwhal tusks were often thought of as magical tools. Seeing tusks on the whale in a dream can indicate that magic will enter your life, positive energy!

In summary, when we dream our brain provides us with many images. Whales can often enter our dreams when we are undergoing and emotional problematic times. Wales are often beautiful creatures can symbolize various aspects of our own life's, depending on the details of our dreams.

By Florance Saul
Aug 8, 2018