Strangled dream meaning

Dreams About Being Strangled

Dreaming of being strangled indicates that you feel stifled.

I am sorry you had such a terrible dream. Being strangled in the dream can leave you feeling unsettled for most of your day. I have researched this dream and this is connected to your feelings (internally) and self expression. These feelings have probably been suppressed or “killed off”. The dream can be a wake-up call, which is telling the more aggressive part of you to not permit yourself to worry in life. Things will be the way they are for a while. Normally, this dream makes us unpleasantly sense that individuals are possibly pushing away something - or it means you need to wake up to something in life. I will say that this may have been a worrying dream.

What does it mean to dream of being strangled?

If you have ever experienced dreaming about being strangled in your sleep, it can be very unnerving. It is even more confusing when trying to decipher what the dream may mean. One of the most common meanings behind these types of dreams has to do with feeling helpless when confronted with difficult decisions or responsibilities in life. You might feel like you're unable to escape from an obstacle or problem, regardless of how hard you try and regardless of what choices you make. This type of dream is often interpreted as feeling somewhat suffocated by circumstances and we may feel almost “paralyzingly strangled” by our thoughts inside - hence dreaming about being strangled --- literally means we are feeling overwhelmed! 

Another dream interpretation that I wish to share with you --- could have something to do with feeling overwhelmed by choices and responsibilities around us- like having too many nutzo choices without being able to decide on one option or direction; ultimately leading you nowhere or ending up in a dead end situation. Dreaming about being strangled can bring forth feelings closely linked with desperation and entrapment - metaphorically speaking perhaps due its implication that sometimes even after taking several glances at an issue from different angles - still leads nowhere and this is when we often dream of being “strangled” by something. The first question is what is strangling you?

If someone was strangling you, this feeling may relate to a situation that you feel powerless over, such as the outcome of an upcoming election, the success or failure of a job interview, or even general anxieties about the future. If you are dreaming of being strangled by someone you know, it may represent suppressed feelings that need to be spoken or acknowledged in your waking life. For example, if someone is holding your neck tightly and not letting go – this could indicate -- or represent how an external force is preventing you from expressing yourself freely or fulfilling your desires.

On a more personal level, dreaming about strangulation can also indicate difficulty making decisions in waking life; perhaps there are multiple paths available to take and you’re struggling with which one is right for you. The dream could also express fears around changes on the horizon.

Is this dream of strangling good or bad?

Sometimes, dreaming of strangling foretells a lack of money. If you are strangled, this can portend richness and honor. If you are involved in strangling someone in a dream, this means a pleasant surprise is coming your way. Seeing someone being strangled means misery, sadness, and troubles. The dream you want to strangle yourself is an omen for big trouble. Dreaming about a strangled man means you will encounter damage and loss. This is an unpleasant dream that portends trouble. There isn't necessarily a good or bad interpretation for strangling dreams - it really depends on how you end up understanding them personally based on your individual experiences. 

What does it mean to dream of being strangled by hands?

I feel that the dream of being strangled by someone’s bare hands can signify many things. I was reading online that there are different techniques for choking someone (very disturbing) such as the Judo choke or the piano wire. In dreams, being strangled by someones hands could represent fear of attack or some kind of threat. It could also indicate feeling restrained on a psychological level - feeling unable to express yourself or move forward in life. If I look back to ancient Greece, hands were often used as a symbol for power and authority, and strangulation can often pop up in our dreams when our power has gone. Hands after all area connected to “power” in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of being strangled by an object?

Indeed, I feel like dreaming of being strangled by an object can be a symbol of being physically or spiritually restricted in some way. Perhaps it’s related to feeling limited in your ability to express something that is deeply important to you, like a sense of belonging and love which may not be fully obtainable.

When understanding certain objects used for strangulation in the dream, these can vary from ropes such as rope or cable ties, chains such as necklaces and steel handcuffs (identifying oppressive tools) tights (restricting freedom) violence - bloodshed flowing around you you can indicate that there is conflict within yourself, wire (which might allude to power cuts in waking life). All these things have symbolic meanings and need careful consideration when interpreting their meaning for each dream. 

From my perspective on this topic I think what ultimately matters is exploring what this dream means for you personally because only then will it make any real sense at all. It could simply mean nothing more than lacking oxygen hence the sensation of “asphyxia” during sleep perhaps due to allergies. The actual physical pressure caused by whatever obstacle is strangling you in your dream could provide insight into how much unconscious pressure is currently being placed upon yourself while awake.

What is the biblical meaning of being strangled?

I believe the biblical meaning of being strangled “runs” far deeper than the physical sense of being choked or unable to breathe. I'm not an expert in biblical scriptures, but I feel it's important to understand that the passages connected to strangling in the bibal can shed some light into your dream meaning.

The scripture from II Peter 2:11 says that "Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, do not bring railing accusation against them before the Lord." The passage implies that God will forgive any sin - even strangling another person - as long as his grace covers you. This suggests that accepting responsibility for wrongdoing also involves recognizing your own human frailty and understanding your lack of perfection in comparison to God's. 

The scripture from II Peter 2:11 says that "Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, do not bring railing accusation against them before the Lord." The passage implies that God will forgive any sin - even strangling another person - as long as his grace covers you. This suggests that accepting responsibility for wrongdoing also involves recognizing your own human frailty and understanding your lack of perfection in comparison to God's. 

A second scripture can be found in Ecclesiastics 5:8 which says “But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries” (KJV). This passage conveys how burdensome sin can become when our mistakes lead us away from submission. Putting it in simple terms: strangling someone can both cause physical harm but also spiritually bind one greatly in guilt if left unrepented over time without proper acknowledgement of its impact on oneself or others involved within its wake.  The bible shows us through these passages that no matter whatever transgression we commit-- whether big or small-- healing is needed mostly within our hearts upon repentance.

What is the dream meaning of being strangled by someone you know?

If you dream of being strangled by someone you do not know, then you have been feeling slightly trapped by your situation. Maybe what you thought you really wanted is not in reality what you want? To see someone trying to strangle you, this indicates that you are powerless, and you probably detached yourself from maternal instincts. To see yourself in your dream strangling someone else, this is a reflection of how you act and behave in your waking life. Are you repressing or denying a vital aspect of your expression?

What is the dream meaning of being strangled by an animal?

To strangle an animal or be strangled by one, such as a snake, may represent something in your life that you feel is emotionally restrictive. To dream of strangling a baby or a child expresses your frustrations with a person in real life. Also, the person being strangled may represent an aspect of yourself that you are not allowing yourself to express.

Dreams of being strangled by an animal can be very strange, weird and freaky. I believe that the interpretation of such a dream could depend on the type of animal involved and its symbolism in various cultures. For instance, if you are being strangled by a snake, it could mean possible betrayal or fear. In some cultures, snakes can represent hidden things that might be threatening to your life or well-being. Likewise, dreaming of being strangled by a monkey could signify powerlessness and vulnerability as monkeys are often seen as powerful creatures in mythology and dreams.

As I have said before strangling is like a wake up call. Many people dream about animals to bring attention to something they need to pay attention to in their lives or emotional state at the time. Specifically when it comes to dreaming about being strangled by an animal, it is likely attempting to draw our attention towards something we may want to confront with courage and strength before it gets out of hand. 

In terms of spiritual meaning for dreaming about being strangled by an animal - historically speaking - this was thought to be connected with evil spirits; although this is a rather dark interpretation! Such a dream may mean (trying) to fight off strong emotions like anger while showing compassion towards yourself as well – suggesting that perhaps during these moments self-control will help you face whatever challenge lies ahead more effectively than letting fierce emotions run wild at any cost!

What does it mean to dream of being strangled by your partner?

I believe dreams are our subconscious mind's way of communicating with us, and in the dream world can take various forms depending on what is happening in our relationships. Dreaming of being strangled by your partner (boyfriend, husband or wife, girlfriend) can be a very difficult and a worrying experience. It could mean something as simple as feeling suffocated or overwhelmed in your relationship, or it could suggest something more serious such as fear of betrayal or feeling trapped in the dynamic that you have built together. 

As well as this, if you have recently been going through a particularly stressful period with your partner, the dream may be highlighting this tension and suggesting that something needs to change so that you don't end up strangling each other figuratively speaking! If your partner is trying to strangle you (but cannot succeed) in a dream it can mean that it is important to spend some quality time together away from other distractions (such phones) like maybe taking a walk together for some fresh air and reconnecting emotionally?

I also believe that this dream could allude to deeper issues. Remember what I said above --- dreams often represent suppressed emotions – so what might feel too intense to talk about while awake can sometimes come out while dreaming. This might indicate unresolved trauma between yourself and your partner such anger at past experiences or even current ones which remain unaddressed; maybe ask yourself: how safe do I feel in my partnership? What issues am I struggling with which I've never discussed openly?

What does it mean to dream of being strangled by a man?

Well, I feel this is a very personal dream and the interpretation of this “dream” could depend on many factors such as the feelings you associate with the male in your dream, any life situations that may have been running through your mind when you had the dream and so on. The man that is strangling you could be someone you know --- or someone you don’t. At the end of the day, this represents the male ego.

I believe that dreaming of being strangled by a man is usually symbolic of feeling vulnerable or powerless in some situation. It's possible that this could relate to something going on in your life like feeling overwhelmed or not having enough control over an outcome or feeling someone else has power over you. This feeling can lead one into dreams where we are facing physical risks without any sort of defence mechanism since we feel so vulnerable because of our circumstances. 

Let me consider a few other possibilities as well. Perhaps what you were experiencing in real life became associated with a sense of fear due to its intensity; thus manifesting itself as being suppressed by a male (in waking life) within your subconscious mind at night? It’s also possible if there’s someone who makes you feel uncomfortable – consciously or unconsciously - it might be leading to these kinds of dreams. In either case, being aware and understanding more about why you are having these types of dreams could allow for better processing and exploration and I feel this might just relate to a male in waking life that you feel is out of control.

What does it mean to dream of being strangled by a woman?

I believe that being strangled by a woman in your dream is about your feminine side. I believe that the “interpretation” of this dream is about the fact that you are being held down and overpowered by someone both physically and mentally weaker than yourself in real life - this feeling can be especially worrisome. 

Let’s face it, women often have control. After all they possess (or are perceived to possess) qualities such as wisdom, gentleness and empathy which make them so strong emotionally compared to men; more capable of manipulating with both words and actions. 

So if you find yourself strangled by a woman in a dream then perhaps this is about trying to drive home an important point about who really holds the power in life --- It could also indicate your own hidden anxieties about allowing women into positions higher than yours, where they could control your authority within a relationship. I feel that dreams about being strangled by a woman might be an indication of underlying anxieties you have about a female counterpart.

Conclusion of a dream of strangling

A dream about strangling someone foretells a difficult illness ahead. If other people are strangled in your dream, you might receive an inheritance, as well as professional ascension. Strangling yourself in a dream can suggest disagreements in love. To dream that you can not breathe because someone is trying to strangle you means that you have to spend more on fresh air to avoid disease. If you have experienced trauma involving physical violence then seeing strangling in the dream could be associated with feelings of fear and having difficulty coping with certain stressful scenarios. Ultimately, dreams can help us better process what we experience during our daily lives so understanding why we have these images in our minds is often beneficial to self-reflection and personal growth.

Your dream

  • You are being strangled by someone.
  • You strangle someone else.
  • You are being strangled by someone you do not know.
  • You strangle an animal.
  • An animal strangles you.
  • Strangling a baby or child.


  • Do not repress vital aspects of your personality.
  • You did not die in the dream.
  • You did not kill anyone.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of strangled

Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Furious. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. Offended. Insecure. Upset. Angry. Scared.

By Flo Saul
Nov 22, 2012