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Dreaming of a ditch could be a negative sign. It could be an omen of unexpected difficulties, especially of a financial nature.

Dreams involving ditches of any kind foretell dangerous situations in the near future, and that you may face some type of injury. However, cleaning a ditch is most of the time a very good omen and it represents good fortune.

Falling into a ditch or driving into one means that you will have to deal with a peculiar situation and you will have to make immediate decisions with a strong impact on your future. Especially if you are self-employed, this dream is not a positive one, and it refers to some difficulties in your business. It could mean a financial failure.

In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a ditch.
  • Fallen into a ditch.
  • Driving into a ditch.
  • Seen a ditch filled with clean or turbid water.
  • Dug a ditch.
  • Jumped over a ditch.
  • Seen a small ditch.
  • Seen a large ditch.
  • Cleaned out a ditch.
  • Swam in a ditch.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You do not fall into the ditch.
  • You are able to clean out the ditch.
  • You remove some danger from a ditch.
  • You prevent someone else from falling into a ditch.

Detailed dream interpretation...

A ditch suggests that you are walking on insecure paths, and you could expect suffering in your waking life. Falling in a ditch foretells big obstacles. Digging a ditch tells you that you need something new in your life. Jumping or passing over a ditch represents a misleading trap.

This is a dream that foretells negative developments in your life, problems at home and/or at work. It is even worse if you dream of yourself falling in the ditch.

A ditch with clean water is a sign that you will overcome your current troubles, and your financial situation will improve. A clean water ditch means happiness in love. Seeing a water ditch can however foretell debts. A ditch with turbid water means unpleasant events. If the water stops running, this foretells confusing feelings. A long ditch or a faraway ditch means marriage somewhere abroad.

Crossing a small ditch means you will see somebody important. Swimming in a ditch or floating with a boat on a ditch it is an omen that your romantic life could suddenly become complicated. Being in a ditch or lying down inside a ditch tells you that you should be careful how you act with other people in order to avoid troublesome situations. If in your dream you are working to clean a ditch, you will be lucky at your new job.

If water is blocked and cannot flow in a ditch, and considering that water symbolizes vital energy, while the ditch is the symbol if how vital energy expresses itself, the image could be positive or negative. It could have a strong spiritual reference, especially if spiritual matters do not usually hold a place in your life. Take the dream as a warning and try to welcome a deeper meaning of your waking life.

A ditch could represent something in your waking life that you need to avoid. It can also hold a message about your emotionality. The dream could tell you that you need to let go of your emotional baggage if you want to move on in your life. You should probably examine a recent situation in which you reacted without any logic, but rather under the influence of your emotions, and then evaluate the results. To dream that you are digging a ditch means that you are feeling guilty about something. You will know what that something is, and you should examine if there is a good cause for your guilt.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a ditch...

Disgusted. Lost. Worried. Confused. Guilty. Betrayed. Insecure. Sentimental. Lonely. Scared. Ambitious.

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