Illumination dream dictionary

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Dreaming about strange illumination suggests that you could be disappointed, and experience failure ahead. Illumination can appear in various ways in a dream.

You can see for example illuminated faces, and this foretells issues in business and restlessness on both private and work levels. Seeing the sky illuminated, by the moon, for example, it is also a sign of distress. The dream about illumination can be a warning to take charge of your emotions. However, these are the only negative connotations of this dream, as illumination is most of the time a positive experience with good omens.

In your dream you may have

  • You see an illuminated street.
  • Illuminated faces.
  • Illuminated sky.
  • Someone illuminates for you.
  • You have a light to illuminate a place.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You take control of your feelings.
  • You encounter happiness.
  • The sky was light.
  • You see a big illumination.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you dream of illumination, you might encounter eternal happiness. If in your dream the sky is illuminated by lightning, you might be lucky for a long time. A big illumination suggests that you could be invited to a party. Illumination is also the omen of good words ahead. Dreaming about holding a light or a lamp in your hand in order to illuminate a place, is a good sign, especially for the young, as this means they will be successful in love, they will make plans, will triumph over enemies, and will be respected by everyone.

If you dream about someone being your illumination source, it means that you will discover a hidden crime or an evil act of someone in your entourage, and you will contribute to catching the perpetrator so that he or she will be punished.

Illumination is a good sign seen in a dream, as it foretells you are out of a range of issues causing you concerns and fears. Strong and bright illumination proclaims joy in your life and a release from a pressure in your daily life. A dream featuring the appearance of a bright light illuminating your path also means health or healing after a bodily suffering. Low illumination in a dream means that a desire of yours is not likely to be fulfilled.

Dreaming about various ways of illumination could refer to the fact that you will receive good words. Using candles in your dream to illuminate a room means gain. Seeing the candles burning and illuminating your room indicates lots of luck and happiness. Clear illumination predicts that you should expect good things from your friends. Poor and turbid illumination suggests a possible loss.

If in your dream you see that a white candle illuminates a place, this suggests that good things expect you in the future, but you could still experience a transient anger, sorrow, or you could hear about the death of someone. If the light is diffuse, you could have unpleasant mental states.

Dreaming about the sun illuminating the earth means your wishes can come true. If the sunlight comes from the rising sun, this foretells deep thinking, good deeds, and praise. Sunshine illuminating means that you are open and sociable. Seeing the sunlight or daylight illuminating the surroundings in your dream life is a good sign for your life.

Using electric light to illuminate means you will receive help. If the light is off, and there is no illumination, it indicates that you will experience a disappointment from someone of the opposite sex. Using a lantern to illuminate your way suggests that you might have transient annoyances. If in your dream you are in the dark, and you suddenly see a luminous point starting to illuminate the place, this is the omen of help and hopes. Being in the dark and illumination suddenly starts tells that you know some secrets, and somehow this will bring you joy.

Lots of light coming from candles is the omen of troubles and dissatisfactions. Seen in a dream, bright light, especially sunlight illuminating predicts peace in the everyday life, at home and at work, and even wisdom in solving difficult problems.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of illumination

Feeling good. Admiring. Pleased. Enjoying. Content. Joyful. Impressed. Happy. Relaxed. In control.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012