Sleep Paralysis Demon

Sleep paralysis demon

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What is the connection between seeing a demon and sleep paralysis? Here I am going to explain all.

Looking back into ancient occult mythology many people have allegedly reported sexual contact with different types of supernatural beings. In fact, most of them believe that the so-called “sex demons” are born out of the need to start accepting our own sexuality. I’m Flo and if you have experienced sex demons in your dreams I am here to explain and help you. It has happened to me only once, with a red women demon who I later researched as a Succubus, this demon had red hair. At that time I was in the state of “sleep paralysis” I am going to explain the connection between this state and also the demon attack that I encountered, to hopefully give you clarity if you too have experienced this.

I am not a lesbian so the dream was an experience, to say the least. I had no experience of this prior to this dream and after research into these demons, it is clear that they are considered taboo. A succubus is a female demon who has sex with men and women. The male counterpart is known as an incubus. A succubus is a female demon that can seduce you in your sleep. I read quite a bit on Reddit about people’s Succubus encounters. The succubus appears in a wide range of mythologies. These entities are supposed to visit us when we sleep along and they cause us to have erotic dreams. I read some interesting facts in the book by Nicholas Remy that a succubus case of a “witch-hunt” happened in 1581 and a man named Petrine Armenterious who lived in Dalheim was supposedly persuaded by a succubus to kill his son. It is thought that sometimes a succubus is actually a male (incubus) that collects mans semen to make a woman pregnant. Many men during the 1400's were tortured until they admitted having sex with demons. I know it sounds quite far-fetched in our modern world!

What is the definition of sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is the feeling when you cannot voluntary move during waking and sleeping. Sometimes you can even fear that you are going to die! Objects can move while in this state such as kinetic (flying objects) and most notably demons enter (or so they seem) and hallucinations which can also become auditory. This paralysis can last from just a few seconds to a couple of minutes and I have had this happen, its a scary and frightening experience. Just remember if you do have this, it cannot do any harm to your body or health.

What is the connection between demons and sleep paralysis?

Firstly, I want to explain what demon is with regard to sleep paralysis. The definition of “sleep paralysis” is when you are temporarily unable to move or speak during your sleep or when you wake up. Around 50% of Americans have had sleep paralysis over their lifetime but this is not to say that they encounter demons during this time. In some accounts people have experienced demon sex, being pulled from the bed and seeing demons flying above them or pressing on their body. Sleep paralysis is a key dimension of demon visits. In fact, there was some research carried out at Harvard University by Devon Hinton into sleep paralysis, demon encounters, and trauma. He looked at a number of Cambodian refugees who had been through traumas in life.

Various subjects in this research had encounters with demons including sleep paralysis experiences. This included neck or chest pain, a demon with fangs, demons pushing down on chests and also sex with the subjects. Interestingly the patients all suffered from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and this confirmed we have these experiences when we are highly stressed. In the book Payn, 1965 he stated that sleep paralysis could be a sign of psychopathology. Often we have such dreams when we are anxious, depressed and unsure of the future according to researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina, (2006) during this research they also found that the sleep paralysis images are “psychotic” in nature. So scientifically, they may judge the person that dreams of demons or sees them when they wake - as having mental problems.

Many people can either experience sleep paralysis just once in your life or frequently. Sometimes, it may occur to you several times per night, my friend experienced this for many years and often called me up for advice. As I mentioned before, you are unable to move or speak during this experience and it usually happens when you pass between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During the transition, it’s possible you experience sleep paralysis.

You might even feel like choking in your dream and suddenly wake up while you’re still in this condition. It can be a scary experience there is no doubt about it. However, as I said before, your physical and mental health isn’t endangered. Sleep paralysis might be part of other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. This disorder is characterized by the constant need to sleep caused by a problem with the brain’s inability to regulate your sleep.

Most people would ask if sleep paralysis is a sign of something seriously wrong with your body, mind and overall health. Sleep researchers claim that in most cases, sleep paralysis is just a sign that your body isn’t moving easily through the sleeping stages. Meaning, it’s nothing serious. However, in rare cases, the sleep paralysis might be connected to some underlying psychiatric problems. You might experience sleep paralysis one or two times per night. It may occur when you’re falling asleep which has a medical term – hypnagogic sleep paralysis. And it might happen after you wake up which also has a medical term – hypnopompic sleep paralysis.

I am sure you’re a little confused and wonder what actually happens in both stages. Well, as you fall asleep, your body is relaxing slowly, and when you become less aware, you’re not noticing changes. And this is when sleep paralysis kicks in. If you suddenly become aware of your body relaxation while falling asleep, you might notice that you’re unable to speak and move – the full package symptoms. The other stage happens during your sleep. While you’re asleep, your body alternates between NREM – non-rapid eye movement and REM – rapid eye movement. One cycle between these two lasts about 90 minutes. NREM usually occurs first and takes even 75% of your overall sleep time.

During this phase, your body is relaxed and restored by itself. At the end of the phase, your sleep experiences a transit into the REM phase and during the transition, your muscles are practically turned off. If you become aware during the transition, you can notice that you can’t speak or move. You might question what causes sleep paralysis in people. Well, according to researchers, four out of ten people around the world have experienced sleep paralysis. This sleep disorder runs in families. However, it can also be caused by other factors such as lack of sleep, irregular sleep routine, mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder or stress. It can also be caused by narcolepsy that we previously mentioned or sleeping on the back, and night-time leg cramps. You might experience sleep paralysis is you use certain medications and because of substance abuse. Besides explaining what sleep paralysis is all about in details, I wanted to share some interesting facts about this disorder that will definitely keep you up at night.

Sleep paralysis feels kind of like you woke up dead

I don’t want to call them “patients” because the sleep paralysis is a natural condition, but most people describe sleep paralysis like waking up dead. This is probably because of their inability to speak and move during the condition. The people who’ve had such experience say that they were aware of their mind being awake but unaware of their body. Meaning, they felt kind of trapped in the condition.

Sleep paralysis can be followed by hallucinations: As the condition, itself is not worrying enough, according to researchers, sleep paralysis may come hand in hand with hallucinations. And to scare you even more, unlike the visual nightmares you experience in your dream with closed eyes, these hallucinations occur when you’re eyes are open and your mind is alert which represents a terrifying experience.

In my experience, hallucinations are rather rare than common. However, if you’re lucky enough, you might be the winner of vivid hallucinations this evening. Those who have had such experience claim that they have felt a strange presence in the room. Some doctors explain the hallucinations as the natural reactions of the brain. It makes sense because when encountering sleep paralysis, whatever dream or entity that you see could be real to you.

If you’re experiencing sleep paralysis, you can’t just wake yourself up

Meaning, you have no choice than waiting for the paralysis to end. Some people claim that they could move their fingers, toes or even facial muscles. But that didn’t help in waking up the rest of their paralyzed body. Everyone tries to do something to get out of this condition as fast as possible but you just can’t fool mother nature. You can’t wake yourself up. All you can do is wait for the storm to pass.

This paralysis is common amid people with mental illness and young adults

According to the most recent researches, sleep paralysis is common among young adults such as students and people with a history of mental illness such as psychiatric patients.

Sleep paralysis is mostly caused by lack of sleep

According to some researchers, the less sleep you get and the more tired you are, the bigger the chances of experiencing sleep paralysis. Or any other common sleep disorder. Meaning, the better the quality of your sleep the less are the chances of facing sleep paralysis in the future: Avoiding sleep paralysis is as simple as improving the quality of your sleep. The better and longer your sleep, the smaller the chances of facing sleep paralysis are.

Have you heard of sleep deprivation? It can be measured in quality or quantity. For example, if you’re having sleep apnea and you wake up because your breathing stopped, it means that the quantity of your sleep is bad. On the other hand, if you consume too much alcohol, you’re prevented from entering the deeper stages of sleep, meaning the quality of your sleep is bad as well. Make sure you avoid consuming too much alcohol and eating large amounts of food right before you go to sleep if you’re dealing with sleep paralysis. This might compromise the quality of your sleep and worsen your situation. It also results in frequent sleep paralysis.

No matter all, there’s no definitive cause of sleep paralysis: Although we’ve mentioned some possible reasons why you might be experiencing sleep paralysis, there’s no definitive cause for this condition. It can come from depression, stress, inherited genes, certain prescription medications, and substance abuse. However, even if researchers try to reveal associations, there’s still no definitive cause of sleep paralysis. There’s also no explanation why it happens frequently to some and rare to other people. In fact, dream experts have been trying to explain sleep paralysis for centuries: Seriously, scientists and dream experts are trying to enlighten the cause of this weird phenomenon for centuries. But they haven’t come up with something more specific so far.

Sleep paralysis cases are registered in Persian medical files dating back to the 10th century

According to too them, the first clinical observation of sleep paralysis was made in 1664 by a Dutch physical who treated some woman with so-called “Night-Mare”. It was believed that the sleep paralysis was caused by spiritual possession or demons until the 19th century.

Sleep paralysis inspired the creation of a Renaissance painting by Henry Fuseli

Sleep paralysis was definitely a thing throughout history. It even inspired artists to create masterpieces such as the famous Renaissance painting by the Swiss artist, Henry Fuseli. He said that his inspiration came from supernatural dream experiences. Also, the growing interest in sleep paralysis at the time boosted his desire to create something on the topic. On the famous painting, you can notice a creepy little gremlin that represents the sensation of chest pressure. However, some interpret the scary little gremlin as just something that’s trying to get in with the sleeping young unmarried woman as well presented on the painting.

Throughout history, people blamed spiritual paralysis on basically everything, starting from witches, to UFO, to giant ghost dogs and more: When you can’t explain sleep paralysis, blame it on basically everything. This is what people did back in time. Sleep paralysis was associated with witches, giant ghost dogs, and UFO. There are various public legends attempting to explain this condition in different cultures. In the end, there’s still no evidence that sleep paralysis can affect your health in a bad way. Or harm you in your sleep, even though it might seem worrying. According to research, sleep paralysis isn’t dangerous. Aside from the old explanations of the condition, sleep paralysis is nothing more than a mysterious condition that can’t do you any harm. But it’s definitely a creepy thing to experience in sleep. If you wish to contact me about your experiences please do so on the comments below. Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
Apr 22, 2018