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Catching fish is a great achievement in waking life and in the dream world.

It can be associated with your own pride and also embarrassment if the fish were small. Catching fish is covalently associated with love and passion you hold in waking life, as well as moving towards goals. For as long as I can remember I’ve been dreaming of fishing. This may be because I have early memories fishing while I was young, dipping in rock pools pulling tiny little crabs. I am Flo, for two decades I’ve been researching dream interpretation from psychology and spiritual perspective and I am glad to provide clarity on your dream of fishing. To make things super easy I have put the dream meanings into questions and answers. I urge you to scroll down to find your dream.

If you dreamt of seizing the opportunity of fishing on a boat then this can suggest that you’re going to tackle some life-changing events in future. I think it is also important at this point to say that many dream psychologists believed that watching television programs or reading books influenced our dreams. Therefore, if you discovered a fishing TV programme recently or was watching someone catching a fish while walking the dog - it is not uncommon to have a dream of fish. This dream included the “catching fish” symbolism of trying to gain a goal. Just like the fish at the end of the hook you may catch something in the future. This dream can also indicate that you are surrounded by support in future. The buckets of bait in your dream can illustrate wealth and prosperity. To fish in a lake or pond illustrates your own emotions and you are trying to take on something or seeking answers.

Very much like the fact you are tugging on the end of a fishing line. To dream of pin hooks or plastic rods can illustrate you are trying to catch something in life. Such as a obstacle or a challenge. If you encounter the excitement of the fish which is tugging on the end of your line it can illustrate that you might be at the end of an “era” in life. if you actually fish in real life as a beginner or alternatively an old-timer then this dream could just be a reflection of your overarching passion for fishing as a pastime. Fishing is often undertaken when we are trying to escape the chaos and mayhem of modern life, it is no exception in the dream state.

What does catching a fish in a dream mean?

If you do gain the fantastic prize of getting that large fish it can be connected to achieving a goal. Very much like how in golf you get a hole in one. To see yourself eating the fish that you’ve caught in a dream can be associated with a new adventure on the horizon. Catching a large fish indicates gaining in life. Perhaps you could see yourself cooking the fish in your dream (adding some time in parsley or even a little bit of chilli or soy sauce.) preparing fish to be eaten is a lucky omen. One thing does hold true though, eating fresh fish you have caught denotes wealth according to ancient dream lore. To catch a fish with your bare hands in a dream can imply you will gain something that you are not expecting. The "bare hands" can indicate as a symbol that it is a natural process and goals will be realized, I hope this dream meaning gives you some clarity.

What is the spiritual meaning of fishing?

Catching fish has also been associated with facing some obstacles in some dream dictionaries. The fish can be connected to how we approach our own feelings and can also signify opening up to various obstacles and challenges in life. The spiritual symbolism of the fish goes back to Christianity. Where Jesus fed the five thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread. Additionally, the fish symbolism is often used for those times when someone feels threatened. The fish symbol has been used to identify friends and enemies in ancient Rome. Additionally, the fish in pagan times are connected to fertility.

What do dreams about fishing mean?

As I have already touched on fishing represents how we are searching for a goal, work luck but also knowledge. It also signifies learning something. Because - you can’t just go fishing without knowing understanding how to fish and understand all the equipment required. To fish in your dream denotes the working hard in life and hope for a positive outcome. Many people have contacted me about this dream and it can mean that you hope to earn a great profit and get a steady job.

To dream of fishing in a pond indicates the outcome of your work should not depend on your knowledge and abilities. It also depends on luck. And you will have luck on your side this time as you caught that fish. If you catch more than one fish in your dream, expect growth in a career. To go fishing and catch nothing implies you need to work harder to earn more. Fishing dreams aren’t only about profit and wealth. They’re also about inner peace and tranquility. Fishermen are what I like to think of as calm. This wonderful pastime calms nerves and helps find inner peace. There are a few questions I wish to ask you. Are you feeling anxious lately? Did someone disturb your peace? If yes, it’s probably the main reason why you’re dreaming of fishing. You need to relax.

As I mentioned before, to dream of fishing means something positive is about to happen or you are defining your goals. Or maybe you’re in need of relaxation. Fishing in dreams also fortells you’re searching for something that’s necessary for you to feel peaceful again. What do you hope to catch in waking life? Answer the question and you will answer your own dream interpretation. Fishing in a river implies that you are feeling emotional. Fishing can also show that you’re mentally stable as the water signifies our own emotions, love and balance. And if someone’s trying to ruin your peace, it might be the reason why you’re dreaming of fishing – to recover your peace and calmness. Fishing dreams also predict prosperous and great time to come. Luck may be on your side, especially if you’ve caught a fish in your dream state. Your fishing dream also reveals your wish for better and healthier life.

What’s the meaning of failing to catch a fish?

Failing to catch a fish in your dream indicates a warning I believe. It means you may find yourself in danger to earn more money. To bring out the rod and nothing on the end in a dream warns you of a dangerous situation ahead. To fail to catch a fish in a dream means a plan to accomplish something that will most likely fail in waking life – sorry but that is the old meaning. It also implies that you will get a second chance to start all over. Maybe you’re good at what you do, but you will be better at something else. Often these dreams appear when we are questioning something in life. I like to think that this dream also asks you to analyze your goals, and yourself and approach to others.

What’s the dream interpretation of ice fishing?

Ice fishing in dreams symbolizes an emotional breakthrough. I feel you will break through some hard emotions to get to the other side. Many people have contacted me about this dream and it is normally due to a wrong-doing. Although you want revenge, and make others suffer the same way you did, forgiveness will seem as a better option to find your inner peace again. I urge you to find your balance by doing something that will not stress you out. Like fishing, for example. A key message in my view here is to relax.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a fish in the water while you are fishing?

I remember just the other day, a fish bobbed up from the lake featured in my dream. There are a few things I wish to cover here. Firstly, to see a fish in the clear water while fishing in your dream has a transparent interpretation. Secondly, I believe will be given a golden opportunity and you shouldn’t miss soon. It’s up to you and your skill base. If you manage to catch the fish or let it slip away it can, of course, imply a loss. I am sorry about this. This dream also reveals a clear solution to problems you’re currently facing. I urge you to solve problems on your own, you’ll have to rely on your intuition. Trust your gut!

What does it denote to catch a large fish in your dream?

To catch a large fish in your dream represents luck. You will accomplish a big success. Think of the fish as a success. You will encounter a positive time - in the near future regarding your career. Such a dream also represents your energy. You will be extremely energetic during the upcoming period. Everything will go as you planned, so you need to worry about things as much.

What does it mean to dream of a fishing rod?

To see a fishing rod in your dream indicates a warning. Many people have contacted me about this dream. Fishing rods can come in all sorts of sizes and this dream is about avoiding scams and problems. I will say try to open your eyes. The dream can be around a warning of fraud. You might also fail to accomplish a task you’ve been given. So, don’t get too disappointed. I believe the fishing rod is about catching your failures, using these as tools to help you build even greater victories in the future. You will know what to do next. According to dream lore, to see the fishing rod in a dream also symbolizes unnecessary worries. And disappointments. But, try to be wary of traitors and ‘close’ friends who are jealous of your success.

What’s the meaning of seeing a fishing rod from water?

If you remove a fishing rod from the water in your dream it reveals a longing for love. This is from ancient gypsy lore. You may wish to find your soulmate or you are searching for more love from a partner. This dream can imply a new, more focused person will walk into your life.

What does it signify holding a fishing net your dream?

The fishing net in your dream symbolizes opportunities that shouldn’t be missed. Seize each one of them by using your knowledge, skills and most important use that strong intuition that you hold. The fishing net is like catching our own emotions. Are you facing a difficult employer? If yes, your dream indicates an end to your worries and stress. Although you will face some difficulties, nothing will stop you from building a new, better future.

What does it say to dream of fishhooks?

To dream of fishhooks suggests creative ideas or concept that you need to realize. I like to think of those that dream of fishhooks are a creative visionary but they tend to ignore talents and focus on what’s unnecessary. The “hook” is associated with success and wealth. Seeing bait at the end of the hook indicates that you will come into money. It’s time you find out by realizing your wildest, most creative ideas. Or concepts. This dream also refers to your past relationships if you indeed catch a fish. A person from the past may knock on your door!

What’s the dream interpretation of sitting and fishing on a lake?

According to Carl Jung, to dream of fishing means you’re making an intuitive attempt to “catch” unconscious contents. Or what it appears to be in your dream the fish. A user e-mailed me about repetitive dreams of fishing by a quiet lake while enjoying the sun and all the beauties that come with nature. According to dream experts, to have such dream represents adaption to a certain situation you’re facing in waking life. Sitting by a lake in dreams represents a focus on mental balance. You may feel free and at ease in life.

What does it mean to dream of a fisherman?

You just need to walk next to a harbor in real life to see the amount of work that goes into fishing commercially. The fishermen in your dream signify feeling tiredness and numbness about your goals in the future. I will say, you may need to rest and think about how you can express your creativity. There are many ideas you must realize in order to feel satisfied and proud of yourself. In most cases, this dream indicates a wish for financial independence. I will say try to Invest in yourself. In older dream lore, seeing fishermen on boats in dreams represents your impatience and short temper. Try to practice gratitude and patience to gain what you want. However, to see many fishermen at one place in gypsy folklore denotes obstacles. The competition may try to bring you down. Apply the creative solutions and plan to fight back and win.

By Florance Saul
Apr 15, 2018