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Have you just had a cat attack dream? Are you wondering what it means? A cat attacking in dreams denotes that you are feeling threatened by somebody in waking life. Many users have contacted me about having this dream even when they don’t own a cat. 

Regardless of ownership, the dream of a “cat attacking” is somewhat interesting as this is connected to your subconscious mind. Many people who own cats in real life encounter attacks, and this is because the cat may want to play or act aggressively. Research shows that cats are prone to aggression. High pitched noises, visitors, a dog, a strange smell and being outdoors when they don’t wish to can make cats attack. Owners can suffer claw wounds or bites. And, this can also appear in your dreams if you do indeed own a cat.

Cat attacks in dreams can be somewhat unsettling. Hundreds of users have mailed me over the years about being bitten, scratched and even killed by an aggressive dream cat. The "cat" as a dream symbol is connected to being creative, female power, creative and sexual. The cat can also (in rare cases) be associated with somebody that may be dishonest. The aggressive cat can sometimes mean you have to think about females around you. Are you being questioned or challenged? Some dream dictionaries also mention that the cat attack can be connected to how we are feeling about other people - especially females in our life. If the cat is attacking you by scratching this can suggest that you are highly worried in regards to your internal well being.

Cat’s are not really that solitary, even though they can live quite an isolated existence, they can also interact with a family and build up a solid “loving” relationship.

Turning to dream folklore this is the meaning of a cat attack dream:

If you are a female: If you are a woman and dream of a cat attack this generally represents your inner “female” internal instincts will be challenged. 

If you are male: If you are a man and dream of a cat attack it can indicate that there will be a proud moment in the near future. You may notice signs where something important will happen. Essentially, you may encounter a position of power which will be on the line. Maybe you will encounter a brainwave of removing problems. 

Is this dream good or bad? In order to answer this question let’s firstly review the reasons why the cat may attack in real life which will give us a clue to the areas of our lives and circumstances the dream relates to.

Kittens and cats have a huge amount of energy, they are always bouncing around wanting to be played with. Depending upon the species of cat may be competition or aggression. If we look at the cat attack in general terms if we see two cats looking each other through a fence for example,  and they are typically prevented from attacking each other, often the cat will turn and attack another animal - usually, a cat who is subordinate.  Has this happened in real life with anyone close to you? The relationships we see in dreams can also be a clue to what is happening in waking life. Human beings are often that innocent victim of a cat attack. 

There might be no signs of aggression in real life but an unprovoked attack is not in common cat owners. Aggressive behavior in cats during the dream can be connected to an aggressive female in waking life. The cat itself has a number of different weapons example its razor sharp teeth, mouth or even claws. Aggression in cats normally happens when there is some sort of hierarchical order. I read an interesting article in a magazine called Ffelis Domesticus that looked at how to keep a cat from going crazy. 

It was investigated by Tufts University School of Medicine and they took some blood samples. The reason that this feline attacked its owner was because it redirected aggression. The cat had seen a vigorous fight between two cats and they both turned on the owner and in turn, the cat had attacked its owner. Ok, the reason I discuss this because cat attacks are common circumstances and aggression can sometimes be redirected.

Dreams about a white cats attacking can indicate that you are holding some internal aggressions about a situation you are at peace with. To be bitten by a cat can suggest that you need to focus on respecting other peoples decision. Also, you need to deliver something important. There is an issue that ifs ar bigger than you think. With this situation - there will be a whole array of options. 

To notice the cats eyes in a dream implies (according to dream folklore) that you may find that there is a choice that needs to be made and you need to reflect on this. I put it to you, this dream could mean that you may be outmaneuvered in the future. If the cat is exhibiting any aggressive behavior such as “growing, dilated pupils and hissing” indicates that you may encounter a disturbing situation where you have to break up a fight.

Dreams about a wild cat attacking: To dream of being attacked by a wild cat suggests that you are looking for the balance. A wild cats implies that there is a situation like this is out of control and this can also represent a possible lack of direction. It may be that there is a need for more direction if you dream of seeing a pack of wildcats.

Dreams about a black cat attacking: In traditional folklore, a black cat represents feeling lucky. Which may be black cat can also represent jealousy of others. If the black cat was frightening then this often is connected with your own feminine power.

Dreams about a ginger cat attacking: To dream of a ginger cat attacking you can indicate that there is somebody that is going to provide you with some important news going forward. This news could be adverse alternatively open new doors for you. A ginger cat is a dream symbolism is connected to running away. This is because in ancient folklore the "gingerbread man" was connected to retreat. We can see this in the famous children's book entitled the gingerbread man.

Dreams about big cats attacking: Large cats attacking suggests that you are going to be treated by others. Larger cats such as tigers or lions can suggest that the “problem” in life will seem hello allot bigger than it actually is! 

What does it mean to dream of a rabid cat? A cat that has rabies in dreams might turn into a nightmare like something out of a horror film! If you had a dream that the cat was foaming at the mouth and drooling then this can indicate that somebody waking life might attack you, just like the rabies virus has attacked the cat. The reason why the cat drools in real-life is that rabies causes painful spasms of the muscles that control their breathing and swallowing. If the cat is foaming at the mouth and the cat in a dream showing slight aggression then this can suggest that you are feeling paralyzed by situation waking life. The final stage of rabies is that the muscles in the jaw and throat become paralyzed! So my question to you is who is paralyzing you? 

Dreams about cheetahs attacking: The more we know to understand, especially in regards to the ecology of large cats we often try to understand why they can kill a man. We don't really know how many attacks occur on people but larger cats can kill people because they are simply hungry. Alternatively, cheetahs hunt during the day. For example, cheetahs with no hunting experience may hunt out zebras also even the school bus that has entered the zoo! Seeing a cheetah hunting you or someone else in a dream can indicate that it is time to let go of people that cause problems.

Dream of being attacked by a tiger or leopard: The people of northern Tanzania the indigenous people use blowpipes and poison-tipped darts to hunt tigers. This is because the cats hunt them down and eat them. So, they hunt them first. From a dream perspective, what I am trying to say here is that I feel this dream has occurred because you feel a threat from someone you know. 

Dreaming of cats eating people: A man e-mailed me this dream question a few months ago. What does it mean if cats were eating humans? He had a nightmare that a pack of wild cats had been eating people. But what does it mean? Cats are known as obligate carnivores and they eat meat. To see cats eating human beings in a dream can indicate a new phase in life. Something has ended and began. 

Dreams about a tiger attacking: If you dream about a tiger attacking you this is quite an interesting dream. Tigers play a role in many religious beliefs of Asia. For example in Hinduism, Shiva is a destroyer that also the producer. He destroyed cities when wearing a tiger skin and he also mounted and rode a tiger. In regards to the Hinduism dream interpretation of a tiger attacking this can signify that you are being attacked by something evil. In addition, there is a discipline of Buddhism connected to riding a tiger. Tigers demonstrate psychic powers and the ability to overcome difficulties. If we turn to Asian culture they are profoundly influenced by the Tiger and the dangers to other people. For example, many forest tribes in India have erected temples to worship Tigers. Aborigines, for example, living in Thailand and Malaysia believe the Tigers are supreme beings and that they will only kill an absolutely necessary.

What is the symbolic dream sign of a large cat? To see a large domestic cat in a dream can indicate a new start. Larger cats in safari represent different things depending upon the culture. For example, Jaguars and pumas have symbolic roles which are similar to those of lions and tigers. Large cats are normally displayed in religion, culture and art. For example, the Jaguar in Maya history signified the symbol of the night in the sum of the underworld. Jaguar are connected to night terrors and also death. If you see a Jaguar in your dream it can mean you need to focus on your internal power and control. Shamans believed that Jaguars selected after their death and some people take the shape of the Jaguar.

Advice from a cat attack dream: To be attacked by a domestic cat in your neighborhood can suggest that you need to be aware of all things around you. Cats automatically communicate and influence their own movements when they are hunting in various neighborhoods. If you are seeing a domestic cat living in the wild or on the street, eating from garbage dumps and attacking other cats in the dream can suggest that you’re really trying to look for clarification of a female behavior. Many different domestic cat species could appear in your dream and in my view the represent a female that you know. 

In summary, cats attacking in dreams normally mean that you need to concentrate on your own intuition and be aware of a female in your life who could be controlling. The overall condition of the dream (good or bad) and how the cat interacts with you will give you a clue to decoding the dream. If the cat, for example, is sick or mad in the dream (such as rabies) this can indicate that you need to listen to your internal voice. To dream of being attacked by kittens can suggest that you’re feeling helpless in life. Perhaps you are feeling somewhat vulnerable? I do hope you enjoyed my dream symbol meaning and remember each element of your dream should be analyzed for it’s own interpretation. Flo

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