Sand dunes

Sand dunes

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Sand dunes signify your own longing for protection and shelter from the elements.

If you have this particular dream, you need to determine what you need protection from and how you can feel protected. Sand moves and, therefore, is volatile. Dreaming of sand dunes refers to a lack of security (“a residence created about sand”). Are your psychological or economic foundations unstable and prone to change? Do not “bury your head in the sand”. It is a reminder to live life more fully.

In your dream you may have

  • You see sand dunes.
  • Big sand dunes.
  • Lost on sand dunes.
  • Beautiful sand dunes.

Advice from your dream

  • You are open for changes.
  • Try to relax some more, maybe take a vacation.
  • Learn from other people’s knowledge and experience.
  • Be more sociable, go out, and enjoy life.
  • Save some money.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of sand dunes portends poverty, unhappiness, and lots of small and insignificant troubles. Sand dunes suggest your closeness to family and spirituality. Any dream involving sand dunes is a sign that a hypocritical person will try to influence you against your will. Dreaming of sand foretells instability. In the Persian tradition, sand in a dream omens misfortune. For the Western tradition, this dream portends daily teasing. The Eastern tradition says that it predicts uncertainty, indecision, and instability.

If your dream involves sand dunes or an extra long golden sand beach, then this signifies emotion between yourself and someone of the opposite sex.

Sandy beaches are connected to your holiday memories and your inner wish to get some rest. Sand dunes in a dream is associated with waste and vastness, so the question you should ask yourself is what aspect of yours is eternal and what obstacles hinder your spiritual growth. Both sand dunes and the sea are symbols of emotional instability and insecurity.

If in your dream you see a sand dune, this portends a loss in your life. If you are lost on this sand dune, it means you are now undermining your own existence. A sand dune omens the breakdown of your achievements. Seeing sand dunes in a dream indicates that an uncertain relationship in your life will disturb you considerably, and this is a reminder to not waste your energy on it.

Walking on sand dunes means the deals you are into at the moment are unsafe. Shoveling sand on a sand dune is the omen of high profit, provided you bring some appreciation into the equation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of sand dunes

Surprised. Amazed. Curious. Impressed. Happy. Relaxed. Enjoying. Content. Feeling good.

By Florance Saul
Nov 18, 2012