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A wedding in a dream indicates that there is a new beginning in attitude to a lover or life in general.

Congratulations this is a wonderful dream! My name is Flo and for the last two decades, I have spent my life researching dreams from a spiritual and psychological perspective.  during that time I have had many different experiences of dreaming various weddings. I know that when wedding appears in my dream this can be associated with planning ideas for the future especially in terms of your love life. Now, to see yourself in a wedding setting represents the unconscious mind. We all understand that a wedding is a union of two people in love. From a symbolic dream dictionary sense, this indicates that you will hold magical gifts in life. These gifts can potentially change your life for the better. This may be a clue to the area in your waking life which is under question.


In my view, if the person you marry is someone you don't know then perhaps you are seeking a nurturing relationship. It can also suggest that you have had an attitude of protecting yourself against others. A wedding in a dream is basically the union of two people. To see yourself getting married to another person in the dream indicates that you are in conflict with different aspects of an attitude problem towards somebody close. This can suggest that your own personality and approach to difficulties in waking life may need review.

For example, if you see a couple together getting married in the dream it is representative of the fundamental unit of life. To see a male and a female at the altar getting married is connected to spiritual embracement. In essence, these two people are celebrating their love for one another. In a symbolic view, the wedding dream can be associated with creative energy and an outpouring of more brighter happier future.

In your dream perhaps: you saw a wedding between two people. you married an ex-partner. who attended a marriage of somebody close to you. who attended a marriage of somebody you do not know. you attended a reception for a wedding. you saw a Hindu, Chinese, Muslim wedding. you wore a wedding dress or saw a wedding dress. you received wedding gifts or give wedding gifts. you were late for a wedding. you saw the union of two people. you saw a Christian wedding or a civil wedding. you got married in your dream. you eloped.

To see yourself getting married in a wedding setting represents the unconscious mind. We all understand that a wedding is a union of two people in love. From a symbolic dream dictionary sense, this indicates that you will hold magical gifts in life. These gifts can potentially change your life for the better. This may be a clue to the area in your waking life which is under question. If the person you marry is someone you don't know this means you are seeking a nurturing relationship. It can also suggest that you have had an attitude towards protecting yourself against others.

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Seeing two people unite in a dream: To see two people that you know get married in a dream indicates that you have emotional barriers in life. Perhaps you find it difficult to overcome a painful situation. You should respond to a problem in a different mannerism.

The issue here is that if people see you marrying someone you know then this indicates you need to just let go of any emotions you've been harvesting in the past. This is the only way for you to move forward. To attend a marriage and to see two people unite that you do not know indicates, that baggage in life seems to feel heavier. Progress may become drained. On a more positive note, this can also suggest happiness in the long-term.

Hearing marriage vows in a dream: To see two people giving their wedding vows indicates that times have been difficult for you, this could be in a relationship or possibly directly associated with the career move. In some dream dictionary interpretations In my view, it states that this means love in the dreamers life. To see two people providing their marriage vows to each other indicates a union. In a symbolic sense, this could be a union of understanding. In life you will shape yourself in a much better way. You might want to think about how you can improve your life.

Wedding music dream: The wedding music is traditionally played at Western weddings. There are many different types of wedding songs but the most famous are the wedding march. To hear the wedding march in your dream indicates that you are living according to your partner's wishes. It can signify that goals may be missed. To hear an organ playing in a marriage/wedding indicates that you are feeling better in terms of the progress of a difficult situation. It can also signify hidden talent that you have, and that you lack confidence in order to use this talent.


Hindu marriage dream: A Hindu marriage is a fantastic celebration. It can be an extremely colourful dream. As the wedding celebrations generally last for several days, in a symbolic sense this indicates that you fill your own emotions are being recognised by others. If you have henna applied to your hands or legs before the actual marriage this indicates that there are patterns that you must follow in order to ensure a successful outcome in a problem in the present. To see or witness a Hindu wedding indicates peaceful times ahead. To see food and socialisation after the ceremony is a positive omen. It can signify that you have been working very hard for many months of feeling rather exhausted. The outcome however, is going to be extra successful due to your hard work and confidence.

Jewish marriage dream: This is a Jewish wedding is a positive omen. There are traditional white robes, that are generally worn by the groom known as a kittel, to see this robe in the dream indicates that you are being rather polite in dealing with difficult people. You seem unable to get a happy balance and often find yourself feeling annoyed.

Muslim marriage dream: A Muslim wedding seen in a dream indicates that there may be some legal troubles ahead. As most muslim ceremonies are a legal contract between two people it indicates that happy times ahead after a minor legal matter. To see a wedding in a mosque indicates that somebody is going to deliver good news in the future.

Christian wedding dream: To see a Christian wedding is typically a church wedding. You may see a vicar, priest or pastor. The ceremony of union usually given by this figure and has the words "holy matrimony." It is a positive omen to see this type of wedding in the dream, it indicates you might carrying someone else's baggage emotionally that you can deal with it and you hope to positively move on in the future. This dream can also signify a possible marriage between yourself and somebody else, or someone close to you will be marrying soon.  

Chinese marriage dream: The Chinese wedding scene within the dream suggests that somebody is going to deliver a message to you in the near future the Chinese dress is also influential. The more colourful the wedding dress the more success one is likely to achieve. To attend the tea ceremony indicates that you are going to overcome hurts from the past.


Elopement dream: To elope one's dream suggests that you are better to resolve or let go of difficulties in life. The symbolic meaning of running away in a dream indicates that you feel you are carrying the weight of other people. To elope yourself is a suggestion that you will be unable to deal with difficult situations. If you see others eloping within your dream this suggests that you are responsible feeling rather burdened.

Civil wedding dream: Civil weddings within the dream are often the sign of a union of two people in waking life. You will feel freer and lighter and possibly younger in the near future. We don't feel that you've been missing out on life you do for work too hard may be time for you to nurture yourself and spend less time thinking about the past.

Hen night dream: A hen night in a dream is an indication that you are going to have great social times ahead. Something you've turned your back on in life is going to re-present itself, there does appear to be some negativity in life. It's like you're running towards your goal but unable to find out what it is you want.

Stag night dream: To attend or see stag night in the dream indicates that there is a secret in life. The fact that there is a group of men in your dream indicates that you are looking at the emotional issues in a situation in waking life. It is important for you to embrace a happy ending to a situation in regards to emotions. While making great progress in understanding yourself and the changes that are required.

White wedding dream: A white wedding is a positive omen. If you see a bride in a white wedding dress this indicates that you are going to release grief you have been holding onto. There will be a welcoming smile as you try to overcome difficulties, it is important for you to think positively in life. Everything changes and everyone has a way of releasing and dealing with difficulties.


Wedding dress dream: The wedding dress seen in the dream is the most important symbolism. For example, in Chinese culture is the wedding dresses are red, this is because red is considered lucky and the red protects the bride from any evil. It is no different to how it is interpreted in a dream context. The red wedding dress signifies good luck for the future. A white wedding dress indicates protection and peace and harmony. A cream or ivory wedding dress suggest the best of intentions in life. You are ready to define your own boundaries or let go of your walls. It is time to be emotionally committed to somebody. To see many colours on a wedding dress denotes good luck.

Wedding veil dream: The wedding veil seen in a dream indicates you are looking to build a beautiful life with somebody. The veil itself hides your true emotions. In a dream sense it is symbolic. One maybe very worried about the future. The key message here is not to be too concerned how things are going to turn out - they will do so for the best. There are new changes and challenges if the veil is white in colour. If the veil is gold then this indicates a good spirit is looking over you.

Wedding reception dream and evening suits: It is important for us to look at the interpretation of a reception or evening suits in a wedding context. To see a wedding reception or party indicates that you will have great times with friends or acquaintances. To not see a bride or groom means that you may feel rather uncomfortable because you don't know how to act in a given situation. This can indicate that you will accept a social engagement but you may not feel entirely comfortable. If there is food at the reception or a wedding cake this indicates that sometimes you feel rather exhausted and you need the fuel in order to keep you going. Positively, you will gain new friends and your energy levels will rise accordingly.

Marrying a current spouse or partner in a dream / Seeing a partner marry someone else in a dream: To marry a current partner or spouse indicates that you're in the perfect relationship. This suggests love between two people. Let this dream show you the beliefs that you hold and the emotional bond that you subconsciously desire. It can also indicate that you have great personal power, this dream does not signify independence but union. It means that in order to become the best you can in life you have to do appreciate your spouse or lover.

To be happy with marrying your current partner in a dream indicates that you can stand on your own two feet and think about an issue right now. There may be a problem that has been concerning you.


Other wedding dream meanings: To see your partner marrying somebody else is quite a common dream,  this indicates that you are feeling like you haven't got what you want in life stop dreams take the different forms and can suggest that you have fear of losing the relationship that you have.  I truly believe that to dream of a wedding is a positive omen. Especially if you see a church in your dream. Don't forget to check other interesting meanings about wedding dreams in the rest of my dream dictionary I have detailed the links below. Wedding vows a commitment to another person I've also included some ancient dream meanings below which I would love to cover:

  • Marrying a boss can indicate a promotion.
  • Marrying an ex boyfriend means that a new start is on the horizon.
  • Marrying an ex girlfriend suggests true love does not always run smoothly!
  • You will have excitement in life to dream of a wedding horse and carriage.
  • To plan a wedding means that good times will soon be yours.
  • To split up after a wedding suggests a new career.
  • To marry and divorce in the same dream indicates a sudden surprise in life.

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