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Adult Baby

Adult Baby.

A dream of an baby represents the inner child. This is connected to feelings and the level of development in life.

Now, when the baby is an adult this dream takes a very different interpretation all together. Of course, this is a strange dream to have - an adult baby can be both frightening but also comforting.


Your dream may be reflecting a phobia you have in waking life; your unconscious is not trying to torture you but is encouraging you to confront a particular fear. Maybe you have a fear of bearing children? If you have a recurring dream of this nature, try to urge your dreaming self not to panic or run away but to face any problems.

If you are overcome with feelings of worry about seeing an adult baby, and this falls into a nightmare dream scenario, try to identify what it was that horrified you.

In your dream you may have…

  • Given birth to an adult baby.
  • Seen an adult baby.
  • Been in a brothel and seen an adult dressed as a baby.
  • Seen an adult wear nappies.
  • Seen an adult head with a babies body.
  • Seen an animal give birth to an adult.

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  • You have a dream that you have given birth to an adult baby. This is a positive dream because it denotes that you will become prosperous in your life and you will encounter may positive developments in terms of wealth, strength and power.
  • The adult baby in the dream is YOU! This means that you will encounter prosperity.

Detailed dream interpretation…

A dream of seeing an adult baby can mean that you will encounter possible irregular development in one’s life in terms of thinking. There will be times where you need to get through hardships, intellectual developments and ultimately you will be awarded prosperity.

To see an adult baby with a small body means that things are not going to run easily. Your dreaming mind may­be telling you that there is something you fear at an unconscious level in waking life.

When a male has a dream of a women giving birth to an adult baby then a possible loss of dignity in society is predicted. This dream can also suggest that one will become prosperous in terms of wealth or financial gains will be evident in the future. To give birth to an adult child can result in becoming rather. It can also mean that the life of the person will change drastically.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of adult baby...

Anxious, sad, scared, frightened, terrified. Worry about being the adult baby.

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