Explosion dream meanings

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An explosion occurs when a large amount of energy is released suddenly, resulting in a loud noise, high temperatures and rapidly expanding gases which produce shock wave. Explosions in dreams signify repressed emotions, thoughts and words suddenly being released via anger or passion.

Explosions in dreams signify that some situation has come to a violent, unpredictable head and that there will be far ranging consequences. To dream of setting off a bomb indicates that you are quite literally a ticking time bomb who may present a danger to those around you. The area where the explosion takes place and the severity of the damage affect the interpretation of the dream.

In this dream you may have

  • Witnessed an explosion at a distance.
  • Heard an explosion without seeing it.
  • Been blown down by an explosion.
  • Created an explosion by setting off a bomb.
  • Been burned by an explosion.
  • Seen a volcano erupt.
  • Been injured in an explosion.
  • Witnessed another person being hurt in an explosion.
  • Had your home destroyed by a gas explosion or bomb.
  • Had your car explode.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Explosion leads to new construction or growth.
  • The birth of the universe.
  • Launching of a rocket.

Detailed dream meaning

Witnessing an explosion at a distance or hearing an explosion without seeing it suggests that the actions or words of others will have a destructive impact on your life. You may be unjustly accused of something or you may be implicated in some wrong-doing. You may also face the censure of your boss or someone else that has power over you. Fortunately, the negative impact will be short-lived.

To dream you are caught up in the explosion in some way signifies that you are involved in a violent dispute or a passionate affair which is all-consuming. The location of your injury in the dream is telling. If your face is injured, it means that your image will be tarnished and you will lose face. If your hands or arms are injured, it means that your finances or business relations will be negatively affected. If your legs or feet are injured, it means you will be hampered in attaining your goals. If your ears are affected or if you lose your hearing as a result of the explosion, it means that you are so consumed by your feelings that you are refusing to listen to the counsel of others.

A dream in which your home is destroyed in an explosion indicates that your repressed rage is destroying your family and tearing asunder your hopes for your future. Your home also represents yourself in dreams, so a dream in which your home is destroyed connotes self-destructive tendencies which will undermine all aspects of your life. To dream of your car being destroyed in an explosion signifies that your ability to transition from your current misery to a new beginning is being ruined by the resentments that you harbor.

Dreaming of a volcano exploding suggests that your anger has reached cataclysmic proportions and is threatening to engulf all who find themselves in your path. Alternately, an exploding volcano in a dream connotes being overwhelmed by circumstances outside of your control like being a victim of a violent crime.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Malicious gossip.
  • A bar fight.
  • An argument with your spouse.
  • Being accused of a crime.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Explosions

Rage. Bitterness. Violence. Obsession. Agitation. Madness. Stubbornness. Anguish. Misery. Repression. Desperation. Wretchedness. Tension. Mourning.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012