Dream meanings Abbot

Abbot Dream Meaning

To dream of an abbot is directly related to control within life. To observe an abbot suggests that somebody has control over you in waking life.

Welcome! i'm Flo and I will help you decode this dream as many of my dreams have come true. Our dreams are often associated with our own comfort zones in life. Perhaps you are looking for improvement in some areas of your life? To be in any religious setting and to see an abbot - from a psychological point of view can also be associated with new ideas. Perhaps you feel that your old ideas have become stale or regimented over time. As a church is quite a regimented official symbolism in dreams it can indicate that you need to have a more enlightened approach to life. An Abbott specifically seen in dreams can also be connected to feeling a sense of restriction in life. The key message here doesn't be afraid to try life because if you don’t try you may close that door.

The dream can captivate our own thoughts, it always amazes me when somebody has contacted me after having a dream of an Abbott they are quite shocked at how much their life is regimented - when they actually think about it. The good news is that in the dream state we sometimes understand our own frustrations which are not often communicated in waking life. There seems to be a rich tapestry of life in the religious Catholic church. After all, God is served.

There is something important that we need to take away from the dream, in my opinion - if we turn to the famous psychologist Freud he believed that our dreams are a symbolism of sexual nature. Interestingly, celibacy is pronouncement throughout the church with 40% of priests who practice celibacy. There is a massive debate in the church about celibacy. I find this rather important when we trying to decode your dream. It could indeed be that you are frustration sexually if an Abbot is featured.

I’ve read many different dream dictionary meanings from psychic ancient books in private libraries and psychologists - through to different interpretations online. The point is this: the dream itself I believe is associated with our sexual frustrations in life. Interestingly, those that follow celibacy in the church are actually quite small. It could also be that you feel that God is calling out to you. Perhaps you feel you have been chosen for something in this religious dream is a gift for you? Yes, that is actually a wonderful message in life. I have to admit that I am in two minds about this dream. I do believe that it is connected to our sexual pleasures but by the same token, I think that it might be a spiritual message from above acceptance in life. I do think that the dream is connected to being faithful to yourself above all. Try not to lie to yourself in life.

If any part of the dream made you feel restricted in any way then this indicates you are likely to reach towards solving your obstacles and barriers to help you move forward. Most often we meet a religious figure who belongs to our early system of religious beliefs that later widen as we become an adult. An abbot is associated with the warning that there are negative influences around you at the moment. People surrounding you are looking at your actions and judging these and you may encounter some criticism.

Ancient dream meaning (pre-1920s)

To see an abbot in your dream suggests that someone has power over you and are making you do things that you do not necessarily want to do. Alternatively, you are feeling confined or restricted. You will experience many obstacles and setback before achieving success and prestige.The key message of this dream is of flattery: what enables you to succeed? New beginnings in your life are needed in your dream if:There was negativity within your dream, the dream involved fear and you were not able to enhance your knowledge or understanding in the dream.

If you dream that you are an abbot or monk ancient meanings state then this indicates you are longing for fertility - do you want children? It's time to take a step back in your conscious mind and remove yourself from your hectic lifestyle. Identifying your role within this dream will shed light on how you relate to other people around you. The key meaning of this dream is that you need to be able to recognize any inner truth and the religious aspects of the dream are connected to areas in your life. If the abbot formed a relationship with you then this dream is focused on reaching the divine and symbolizes that the only way for you to succeed is to express creativity. It is important to be prepared to accept that within your life there is a complete path that you must follow and the fact that you have seen an abbot in your dream means that you need to get back on this path.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • Any dream which involves abbot or a religious figure = this is great luck and also denotes success in life.
  • The abbot may have been in a church, abbey or religious setting = difficult times are over.
  • The experience of your dream was peaceful.
  • You encountered positive vibrations, particularly around any judgment or criticism.
  • The dream involved religious leaders.
  • The output provided you with guidance in order to remove any conflict in your waking life.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen an abbot or a religious figure.
  • Visited a church, abbey or religious setting.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of seeing an abbot

Closeness in companionship. Willing to please. Allowing others to take control. Peace. Religious praise. Feeling content. Happy. Freedom. Ability to deliver. Peace on earth. Seeing a positive direction. Ability to confront any negative perspectives successfully. Judgment. Following other people in situations. Ability to overcome any troublesome quarrels. Isolation. Learning from wisdom. Positive Vibrations. Ability to understand others around you better. Worried about the future (from what the abbot said) which results in a feeling of guilt. Expression of love and spirituality. Contentment.


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By Florance Saul
Oct 3, 2012