Grandmother Dream Meaning

Seeing a grandmother in a dream is an omen connected to inheritances, connections between family members and connections with your origins (country, town, or village). If your grandmother is dead but you dream of her you need protection, affection and attention. Dreaming of yourself being a grandmother suggests big responsibilities in regard to your own family.

I do feel: Wisdom, guidance, and wisdom are symbols of grandmothers. Remember that families rely on preserve their traditions, values, and stories. To dream of your living grandmother could be an indication that you need guidance in your current life path. You might be unsure of what direction to take, or that a decision needs to be made. I feel these dreams may indicate that your subconscious is seeking advice and guidance from your grandmother. 

A dream involving your deceased great grandmother means you may have found yourself as a child -- reliving the past. I also feel, it simply suggests a desire to spend time with your grandmother. In general, a dream displaying your grandmother foretells happiness.

Is dreaming of your Grandmother good or bad?

This dream is interesting in that it personifies a woman's ultimate influence and recognition of the self. I do feel this is a good dream. This dream represents a combination of all the female aspects in life. If you argued with your grandmother then it is time to review what is important in your life. If your dream displays a relative that has passed over to the other side, this also signifies a comfort dream, in that the spirit wants you to know there is a place for you in this world and it is important to make sure that you are happy and content.

I feel that dreaming of your grandmother can have many different meanings and interpretations depending on context and personal circumstances. Whether she was alive or deceased, it is a reminder of how much love and support family members can provide throughout life's journey. The biblical meaning of dreaming of a grandmother can be interpreted as understanding the importance of family relationships, cherishing our loved ones while they are still with us, and being comforted by the knowledge that even after death we remain connected to them forever. If your grandmother is alive these are the reasons I feel you are dreaming of her.

You Long for a Close Connection with Your Grandmother

Firstly, your subconscious can bring up past memories, thoughts, and emotions in a dream. If you dream about your grandmother who is well and alive --- it could be that you desire a closer connection with her in your waking life. Perhaps you’ve grown apart, or there have been some misunderstandings. This dream may be a gentle reminder for you to reach out and reconnect with her.

Your Grandmother May Be Offering You Protection and Comfort

Grandmothers are symbolic of comfort and safety, and if you dream about her, it could be a sign of her literally protecting you. Yes, we all love that  feeling which comes from the thought that someone is always looking out for us. If you’re currently going through a difficult time in your life (or feeling vulnerable or insecure) your grandmother in your dream may be sending you a message of comfort through your dreams.

Your Grandmother Represents Your Inner Wisdom

Dreaming of your grandmother who is in the waking world may also represent your inner wisdom and intuition. I do feel that this could be a message from your subconscious, telling you to trust your instincts and listen to your inner voice. I’m sure you will agree in literature (think of red riding hood) Grandmothers are known for being wise and intuitive, so it can be a sign for you to tap into that part of yourself.

You May Be Longing for the Past

Sometimes in life stuff is thrown at us and it becomes message, that’s why I think a dream of your current grandmother could be a manifestation of nostalgia, longing, or that you are missing something from the past. Sometimes we may crave the comfort of our past or our childhood, and our subconscious could be bringing up memories and feelings of warmth and security. This dream doesn’t necessarily have to represent your grandmother's physical presence, but rather the emotions and feelings she evokes.

Interpreting this dream can mean I must also mention that you could be feeling disonnected from your grandmother. While dreaming of your grandmother who is on the earth is a hidden indication that you need guidance, a desire for a closer connection with your family (especially if you have fallen out with them), or a symbol of protection and comfort. I also want to mention, your subconscious mind could be trying to communicate with you and asking you to trust your inner intuition. 

Dream of dead Grandmother talking to me?

Seeing your Grandmother talking to you in a dream can indicate mother earth. Think of the Empress in the tarot deck, in that she represents: influence, power and nurture. It can indicate that you are in charge of your destiny. I don’t normally do this, but I need to tell you a story. It was Mother’s Day and my grandmother had passed away a few years earlier. But on this day, something strange happened. As I was sleeping a year later, I suddenly saw her face in my dreams. She was smiling at me with her big eyes and she seemed so alive! And as all people who have lived that long, I never thought that it would be possible for me to not have her in my life anymore. That's why this dream was so unexpected.

I remember the feeling of being in her house again and the smell of her perfume when she hugged me. It felt like I was home, something that I had not experienced since she passed away. And even though it was just a dream, it felt so real and comforting. The biblical meaning behind this dream is still somewhat mysterious to me but I believe there are some profound lessons hidden in my experience. It taught me that no matter what happens in life, we can always be connected to our loved ones, even after they’ve gone on to the afterlife.

It also showed me how important it is for us to stay close to our family members while they’re still alive - to cherish them, create memories with them and show our appreciation for the time we have together. I feel so blessed that I got to experience my grandmother in such a special way, even after she had passed away. It was a reminder of how special family relationships are, and how much love can be shared between generations. So on the next Mother’s Day, I was thankful for the dream that reconnected me with my beloved grandmother one more time.  I’m sure she is smiling down on me from Heaven, just like on that special day and this is the message for you --- to remember your grandmother and for her to let you know that she is around you.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of your Grandmother?

I always turn to the bible to understand our dreams better, I find scripture gives us clues as to the meaning. Now, the bible has several verses that could be related to dreaming of a grandmother. Proverbs 17:17 says “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” which could be interpreted as family members always being with us - even in the afterlife. Furthermore, I also know that Psalm 116:15 states "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" which further means that our beloved ones are close to God when they pass away.

What does it mean to dream of your Grandmother's house?

If you are dreaming of a long-lost house of your Grandmother then the meaning can be summarized as: comfort, leading to protection and stability in life. After All if you are going back to the house then this can indicate that you need to be scooped up and protected. If your Grandmother is deceased then dreaming of being back in her house can indicate that you treasure those times. I often see protective and loving sentiments associated with past memories which means there is a safe haven ---- your grandmother’s home. 

Maybe this dream occurred because your grandmother's house serves as a portal to exploration around childhood recollections full of joy and frustrations, challenges that caused evolution or even regression during youth, and remembrances that may have been all but swept away with time. 

Dreams have a strange ability to act as our subconscious muse and offer pathways we never thought possible; just like those found within the wallpaper at our grandmother's home. The fact your grandmother's house appeared (I remember seeing snakes in the living room in my dream) can indicate that after feeling abandoned you want to return to comfort.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of your Grandmother?

Another association with this dream is nature; in that nature is important in your life and it is recommended that you go for a long walk in the countryside in order to appreciate your life and all those things around you. This dream also signifies the need to use emotion in order to be able to nurture and fulfill your true desires. The general meaning of a dream showing your grandmother indicates that you are likely to encounter an argument with a family member.

Another message could be that you have basic instincts to protect yourself. If you dream that you are a child and you spend time with your grandma this often indicates there are situations outside your control.

Dreams that involve many family members can foretell that you may have difficulties with a relationship in the forthcoming future. If you are encountering stress at the moment, this dream shows that difficulties with the family are likely. The nature of the relationship with your grandmother suggests that your perception of females in the waking life is likely to change. Dreaming of your grandmother can also suggest that she is your guardian angel. If she is dead in real life make sure you think of her and wish her all the best, because she protects you from all the evils of the world. Pray for her inner peace.

Talking to a grandmother or any old woman for that matter is an omen of difficulties that will be hard to overcome, but you will soon receive useful advice that will help you to get out of trouble. Talking to a dead grandmother could foretell that troubles could happen to someone in your close circle of friends and it is possible to be overwhelmed by lots of responsibilities.

In your dream you may have

  • Argued with your grandmother.
  • Found that your grandmother or father is transformed into somebody else.
  • Dreamed your grandmother is over protective.
  • Dreamed of her death.
  • Dreamed that your grandparents have behaved inappropriately.
  • Encountered rivalry in your dream.
  • Dreamed of your parents looking after your child.
  • Dreamed of adolescents or being a child.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You avoided arguments with family members.
  • You were happy and content with your situation.
  • You were able to spend quality time with your grandmother.
  • You were offered advice from your grandmother in the dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a grandmother

Comforted. Expressive. Dependent. Comforted. Fun. Amused. Anxious. Denied. Inadequate. Loving. Happy. Content.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012