Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Have you woken up from a dream of a ladder and wondered what is going on? The theories of traditional dream psychologists Sigmund Freud have been long out of fashion. He believed that dreams of ladders are associated with sexual desires. I’m more of a Carl Jung fan myself who was open to the idea that our dreams could mean something more spiritual.

Dreaming of ladders can echo the influences that we have in life. I believe ladders are strong psychic messages from our spirit guides. It is a sign to focus on our own obstacles and life transitions. I feel this dream is super positive and is connected to climbing your way to the top.

There are all different types of ladders, the physical ones and also the metaphorical ladders that means we keep trying to get to the top of something (such as a goal). Your dream could feature either. To dream of seeing a ladder (but not using it) indicates that you need to “avoid” not just falling into the abyss when it comes to goals. I am now going to briefly go over the main meanings of the ladder symbol as this is very interesting:

1) The ladder represents YOUR spiritual journey – the bridge between life and heaven

I’m not that religious but I do like to refer to the biblical meaning of a dream. I was surprised to learn that the ladder is a significant biblical symbol. There was a story in the bible called “Jacob’s story” he was turned away from the promised land and consequently encountered a vivid dream of a marvelous tall ladder, this ladder connected our world on earth to heaven. Additionally, Jacob noticed many angels were flying in his dream and concluded that the ladder is symbolic of god. Therefore, in dreams, the biblical meaning of the ladder is a “metaphorical bridge” between our world on earth and God.

2) The ladder represents your well being

The ladder represents your inner well-being and spiritual peace. Obviously, your willingness of growing spiritually is dependent upon the way that you react to your own environments. To use a ladder is very different from just seeing a ladder. I believe that being on the ladder (using this) in a dream is a representation of the process sends our higher self and how we interact with our own environment. It’s really important that we focus on understanding that the ladder symbol - is like the energy that shines inside of us.

3) Ladders mean goal setting

In dreams, ladders can also represent our internal goal-setting. Or even the need to set goals. Think of each step on the ladder as your own goal. Let’s apply a question to a particular goal that you might have so for example, you may have the goal of wanting to make much more money in life. The ladder represents in dreams that you need to think about the elements of the goal (parts of the ladder) which are more valuable to you.

This dream I believe is a wake-up call whereby you need to understand how to set goals and more importantly how to change them. Knowing your goals in life provides you with knowledge and power. If your goals are somewhat challenging (which I do believe they should be) then it means that you need to take risks in order to reach your goals. Goal setting has notoriously been difficult for us all. The most important aspects to think about in this dream, is what you want to achieve in life what you hope to gain? I do feel that the ladder is symbolism in dreams is associated with opening yourself up to the doors that lead to success and is a sign of setting smaller goals to achieve a larger overall objective.

General dream meaning of ladders

Ladders in dreams are generally very powerful symbol. Many people report that they dream of ladders falling down or going no-where. To see ladders falling in the dream (or if you are falling) can suggest a lack of understanding this could be in response to somebody close to you, alternatively the dream means you are worried about what people think. The good news is that “generally” ladders represent the near end of difficulties it could be that you're finding a task or job particularly difficult and that the ladder is a symbolism of change connected to a new beginning.

Ladders are normally kept in garages, rods and even found on racks or roofs on vans. Also, ladders are namely transported and “slide” into action. If the ladder is made of rope or is damaged this dream is about your passion. It is a sign that you need to think about bringing your wants and needs into existence. Of course, you need to think about how you can move yourself forward.

Ladders have rugs and to see yourself “step” on a ladder and this is parallel which means you need to increase your outreach. Success will come if you reach out. This really is the next step for you.

If your dream contains a broken ladder it indicates that you are starting to move towards clear goals but you keep encountering delay. The ladder is a “sign” from spirit that you need to reflect on yourself. And, that should understand “your own” source of higher power. The ladder can also symbolize possible love with intention.

To dream of ladders high up to the sky (even in the clouds) is associated with the sacrifice that we have to make in waking life. All religions, to some extent, believe that with time we gain more knowledge and a higher level of intuition is required. The ladder can be a symbol of enlightenment, waking up and following our realization that we need to share our spiritual findings.

If you are climbing a ladder, this shows that you have made the required effort in order to succeed. If you fall off the ladder, then you are likely to encounter difficult people. If in your dream you see a ladder randomly, this is a positive sign, but if you fall down a ladder in your dream, this predicts some trouble coming your way. If you feel dizzy when you are on a ladder in your dream, this is always a negative sign. Ladders in Scottish folklore in your dream can be connected to your pride, despise, and possible annoyance ahead.

Is dreaming of ladders good or bad?

I do believe that this dream is positive in nature. This is because the ladder is a positive “spiritual” symbolism. However, even though this is a positive dream symbolism it does mean that in some cases dreams depend on the focus of the dream and whether the ladder is in good shape e.g. not broken. Our mind is very important when it comes to dreams. Our own emotional, spiritual, physical and emotional attributes affect our individual expressions in life while we are awake. I believe that a ladder is generally a positive omen and can suggest that you and others are going to succeed in the goals you set yourself.

Dream psychology of ladders

I have already touched on the fact that Sigmund Freud believed that this dream was connected to sex. However, Carl Jung (another dream psychologist from the 1930s) believed that the dream symbol of the ladder is connected to our psychic development and internal consciousness. Dreaming of rudges in the ladder is also associated with one’s spiritual insight. As I have said before psychic terms, the symbolism of the ladder is seen through many religions as a direct connection of our higher self, our own experiences, boundaries and also limitations.

Detailed dream interpretation from 1930s dream dictionaries

I fully researched my dream books to understand what ladders mean in the 1930s. There are some really interesting dream meanings as follows.

  • To see a ladder in your dream indicates that you are going to have a robbery in life which may bring you trouble and material issues in the waking life.
  • A golden ladder shows spiritual growth, and that you need to move towards a more fulfilling lifestyle.
  • If a ladder is featured on a beach in your dream, then this symbolizes a reminder that you need to enjoy the good things in life.
  • To dream that you fall off the ladder it means that you have to be careful not to be involved in a plot.
  • To dream that you step on a ladder means that you will have better living conditions in the future. In general, dreaming about ladders is a sign of spiritual luck.
  • The ladder suggests spiritual elevation and activation of emotions.
  • To dream that you enter a house through a window by climbing a ladder, or if you dream that a long ladder falls on you, this means you will be concerned about false friends ahead.
  • To dream that you climb a ladder and a step breaks suggests that your financial problems will diminish.
  • Dreaming about sliding off a ladder foretells losses.
  • Falling off a ladder portends failure, the loss of a social position and of your wealth, but also illness.
  • If you go down a ladder, you might enjoy success in business. Climbing a ladder with lots of steps means material troubles.
  • Wooden ladders refer to the fact that you might make mistakes at work.
  • To see or use extra long ladders mean tiredness and unhappiness, while seeing very large ladders predicts that you will improve your situation, success, but also love ascension ahead.
  • If in your dream you fall off a ladder, it foretells a more difficult period ahead in regard to matters of your heart. Short ladders mean that you have to be more active at work, but also that a danger might get closer to you. Going up the ladder in your dream means poverty, but if you go up a set of a ladder and they are broken, you will experience sadness and penury. However, seeing a ladder most of the time it means luck.
  • The ladders are a good omen in the Eastern tradition, symbolizing rising and support.
  • Sliding down the ladder is not a very good dream.
  • According to the ancient Persians, the dream of ladders was a sign of great luck.
  • The Western Tradition considers that it is more positive to dream of climbing up a ladder, as this means advancement, promotion, and gain.
  • If in your dream you are descending the ladder, this indicates that difficulties are ahead.
  • Obviously, we as human beings are limitless and these older meanings could just be folklore but they are interesting all the same.

Ladder types

As I have mentioned before there is different types of ladders that can appear in a dream, from stepladders, extension ladders through to platform ladders and loft ladders. Most have the same meaning but there are a few ladders that provide a different dream interpretation.

A ladder that is used to paint a house, or you see one at the side of a house indicates that people around you will communicate with you on another level. To paint using a ladder is an omen of a new beginning. To dream of using the ladder to get from A to B indicates a journey (internal) needs to take place. A roof ladder can suggest a new horizon.

Dream of a wooden ladder

Seeing a wooden ladder in the dream is very interesting symbol. Wood is a representation of harmony from a symbolic viewpoint. This dream can signify a new start, happiness and also contemplation. Wood is associated with nature and also going back to nature. Have you ever wondered how some people have the ability to succeed at everything? Well, dreaming of wood ladders can mean that you will succeed at areas that you will never even think is possible! It can mean nature will be responsible for your success.

Dream of metal ladders

Ladders made of metal mean that you have made ​​efforts at work and at the moment you do not depend on anyone anymore. To see silver metal ladders indicate that you need to reflect on your own approaches and communication tactics.

Dream of a step ladder

A step ladder in a dream means that there is 2-3 steps in order to move forward. This is a positive dream, it means you are making “steps” towards a better future. A small ladder is focused on smaller goals that is required.

Dream of swimming pool ladder

A ladder in a swimming pool indicates your emotions will be stirred. If you see yourself climbing into a swimming pool using the small ladder in a dream this is a positive omen. Water is a reflection of your own internal creativity. Water is a positive omen in dreams and indicates that you are flourishing. The water I believe can represent your subconscious mind is ready to focus on your goals. If this women poor Waters was still peaceful this is a positive omen however if the dream itself was connected to drowning or large waves then this indicates that you may feel overwhelmed at the moment.

Dream of falling from a ladder to your death

To dream that you fall from a ladder to your death is rarely a negative sign up. This dream can indicate that you are experiencing feeling delays or stagnant situations. Death in dreams is associated with both endings and new beginnings.

Dream of going down a ladder

To go down a ladder signifies that you are likely to be unlucky in a love affair. It is important that you can show your feelings in order to make this love affair a success. To see others going down a ladder demonstrates that you have encountered an unpleasant person in your waking life. Falling down a ladder onto the floor indicates change is coming and you need to work out what it is.

Dreams about fireman and ladders

To see a ladder used by fireman either to hose the water or put out a fire indicates that you will find you are digging to try to make a success. If you are seeing a fireman using a ladder to rescue someone or something (such as a cat) this can indicate you are stuck in life. This means that you may feel somewhat overbalanced. An important message for you is to try to regain balance.

Spiral ladders

One of the most strangest places I have been to us the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in which the strange posture of the tower has been created with spiral ladders / stairs without rope sides. It is like you are climbing up but the whole thing might need toppling over at any given moment. To dream of spiral ladders can mean you might need to watch your pennies.

Summary of dreaming of a ladder

To conclude, ladders represent your own goals, communication, spiritual development and progression. The dream meaning of seeing a wood ladder is positive it foretells a new start and also communication with others. I do feel is important to note that the ladder in dreams can be represented as climbing “up” or “down.” Sometimes it's very hard to understand our dreams especially if they are confusing. Ladders as a symbolism represent goals, completion, a new start and more importantly our own spiritual forces associated with how we communicate with our own inner self.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of ladder.

Worried. Surprised. Upset. Content. In pain. Amazed. In a hurry. Curious. Enjoying. A ladder is a spiritual symbol.

In your dream you may have

  • You see a ladder.
  • You slide off the ladder.
  • You fall off the ladder.
  • You go down the ladder.
  • Ladder with lots of steps.
  • Wooden ladder.
  • Metal ladder.
  • Long ladder.
  • Climbing the ladder.
  • Short ladder.
  • Going down a ladder.
  • Going up a ladder.
  • A golden ladder.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Be ready to deal with difficult people ahead.
  • Have some clear goals in mind.
  • Show your feelings in your relationship.
  • Move towards a more fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Enjoy the good things in life.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013