Stealing a Bag

Stealing a Bag

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming about stealing is a message to be respectful of others.

It might be that you are taking advantage of others just because they have not respected you. Are these the rules that suit what you want. In a situation where you find that you are not being recognized, it might mean that you are trying to force recognition. You are aware of your selfish nature, but you are not doing something about it.

When you see yourself stealing a bag in a dream, it means that you are trying to take the credit for something which doesn't belong to you. It might be you are doing this in order to win favors from those around you. Stealing a bag suggests a selfish motive.

In the dream

  • A bag was stolen.
  • Someone stole a bag from you.
  • Seen someone stealing a bag.
  • Someone was chasing you for your bag.
  • A thief stole your bag.
  • You stole a bag.
  • Someone else's bag was stolen

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you steal from someone’s bag represents a selfish nature. This could be your selfishness or others.

To see a situation in the dream where you have stolen someone’s bag means that you are working on things which are not meant for you and neglecting your duties in the process.

When in your dream, someone steals a bag from you, it means that you need to act fast because it seems like you didn't work hard enough on a certain responsibility which was meant for you. It can mean someone else has taken over a project you were working on.

Approach the person and let them know that, you are willing to take the responsibility back and work on it.

When you see someone else steal a bag in the dream state, it means, you are finding yourself in a situation where you are helping someone to carry out a task which doesn’t belong to them. The best thing to do is, ask whoever you are helping to delegate back the responsibility to the rightful owner because they are in a better position to work on it.

When someone starts chasing you for your bag in your dream or you encounter a “pickpocket” it means, you are finding stiff competition in accomplishing your tasks. The best thing to do is to make sure that you keep your cool and focus on completing your task.

When you see a thief stealing your bag in the dream state, it implies feelings of regrets for doing something you were not meant to! It can suggest making a bad decision which has made you lose an opportunity which could have uplifted you in your life.

When you steal a bag in your dream, it means that you have been in trouble for getting involved in issues which were not meant for you.

Seeing someone else’s bag being stolen foretells bad luck and loss of character of the person in question.

To be arrested for stealing a bag denotes difficult times ahead.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Lucky, mischievous, competitive, loss, worried about stealing something from another.

By Florance Saul
May 8, 2017