Dream about Mad Father

Dream about Mad Father

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A dream involving a mad father could is a negative symbol, especially if the mad father is your own father in waking life. You could expect some problems ahead.

But the same dream can also be a sign of happiness if the father is mad, but then he makes peace with you. In this case, the dream is an omen of happiness and joy in life. A mad father talking to you is also a positive sign.In most dream traditions, a dream of a father in any circumstance, including being mad, alive or dead, happy or sad, is a sign that you will have good luck in life and your health will encounter no issues. Overall the dream of a mad father is a positive one.

Detailed dream interpretation:

The dream about a mad father is a positive dream, foretelling joy. If you see your father is mad and telling you what to do in a loud voice, this is a good sign as long as you follow the advice received from him in the dream. Seeing your mother’s father, your grandfather being mad means you are involved in an interesting business. Seeing your father’s father, also your grandfather being mad is a sign of serious business.

If in your dream your father is mad, but you make peace with him, is a sign of a business trip abroad in the near future. If the mad father dies in the dream this is an indication that you will soon have a highly ranked social position. A discussion with a mad father in a dream could suggest that you are involved in a compromising business. If the mad father behaves badly towards you in the dream, this is a sign of good health ahead, or that you might be exposed to some unpleasant discussions.

A mad father in your dream that tries to set you straight indicates that you might receive advice from someone in the real life, and that you are under someone’s protection. Seeing an unknown mad father means misery, and potentially even a death. If you see your step-father being mad, this suggests that you have a rich imagination and you are social, friendly and open to other people. Talking to a mad father in a dream is a sign of satisfaction in the real life.

If you have a dream of seeing your own father being mad, this could suggest you need to overcome stress and stop worrying about event’s that have not happened yet. If you dream of your own father and he is mad, this is often a very good dream, suggesting good luck and good fortune. Dreaming of yourself being a mad can symbolize that you are angry with someone in real life, and it is important to try and find a solution to that anger.

Your dream:

  • Your father appears mad in a dream, while he is never mad in life.
  • You are a mad father.
  • Your mad father is talking to you.
  • You are a child and your father is mad at you.
  • You see your father being mad.
  • Your mad father is mean to you.
  • You see someone else’s father being mad.
  • You argue with your mad father.
  • A mad father being violent to you.
  • You are scared of your mad father.
  • You make a father mad.
  • You see someone making a father mad.
  • You are a father and you are mad at your children.
  • You see a mad grandfather.
  • You see your step-father being mad.


  • Despite the madness in the dream, the story ends well.
  • You pay attention to your madness in the waking life.
  • You avoid fighting with your father and making him mad in the real life.
  • You avoid an argument with your mad father in the dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mad father:

Grieving. Upset. Scared. Unpleasant. Angry. Mad. Anxious. Strange. Insecure. Furious. Tired. Confused. Overwhelmed. Anxiety. Denied. Inadequate. Discontent. Worried. In a bad mood. Offended. Insecure. Very scared.

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017