Dream of Breastfeeding A Baby

What is the meaning of breastfeeding a baby in a dream?

What is the meaning of breastfeeding a baby in a dream?

Chances are, you have had a dream about breastfeeding a baby and you are curious to understand the meaning. Breastfeeding a baby in a dream is connected to our internal peace and babies generally represent innocence. At times seeing a baby in the dream can be an indication that our spiritual husband is visiting us in our dream, this is our soul-mate or twin flame in another dimension. 

What is the meaning of breastfeeding a baby in a dream?

As human beings, we experience the second dimension when we look at our physical environment. This is known as our own awareness. However, there are many more dimensions of reality and these can be experienced through our dreams and meditation. Every single dimension connects with our soul on an individual or conscious level. There is a belief that all the dimensions exist at the same time and our soul has a presence across them all. If you don't have children in this life and dream of breastfeeding a baby then the dream could represent that you are having a baby in a different spiritual dimension with your spiritual husband, I will explore this in greater detail in this article.

Even those of us without children can sometimes dream about breastfeeding a baby. Perhaps you could not feed your baby in the dream, or you nurse your baby and you look down and the baby has transformed into an alien. These types of dreams are totally normal! We all know that breastfeeding protects the baby from a host of illnesses in real life and a source of nutrition. Therefore, seeing a baby breastfed in a dream can indicate that you wish to be protected. You may well have encountered an irritating person in daily life and this dream has occurred because you wish to protect yourself, to go back to basics again.

Breastfeeding enables you to “bond” as it provides the love hormone. And, did you know that scientists have uncovered that when a mother breastfeeds it enables emotional attachment. In dreams, seeing yourself breastfeeding is connected to the “closeness” in life that we are sharing with others. Being close to other people, lovers, children and having healthy relationships that surround us. Think about it! Breastfeeding is focused on how maternity connects with our baby. The dream itself illustrates that we will encounter possible vulnerabilities. If we look at the love hormone known as “oxytocin” which is released when breastfeeding, this can provide a clue as to the meaning and the fact we are connecting with a baby or husband on another spiritual dimension.

What does the dream mean if you are seeing yourself breastfeeding?

Dreams are often contrasted with areas of life, packed with our own hidden anxieties, fears, or joys. Breastfeeding often provides us with intense bonding emotions. Not all breastfeeding dreams are bizarre, however, recurrent dreams of seeing yourself breastfeeding are associated with our own nurturing instinct. 

If you are female, and you see yourself breastfeeding a baby in a dream can indicate harmonious marital relations, in this life and beyond. The milk is nutrition after all. If you are a single lady then to constantly see yourself breastfeeding a baby in the dream (in ancient dream dictionaries) denotes possible happiness in your love life, and a new lover is coming. Breastfeeding nightmares in dreams could also mean that you have a dependence externally. It could be a habit of addiction, a relationship, a feeling, or something you cannot resolve. 

Breastfeeding can also be a sign of motherly instinct meaning that you are ready to have a baby in this dimension, thus, ready to care and give love to someone else without reservation. It could also positively imply that someone is willing and ready to provide you with a new perspective or that you will soon have some good news. You should be ready to discuss your problems with others. To see yourself give birth then breastfeed your baby during your dream indicates you are soon going to find more care and love in life. 

What does it mean to dream of breastfeeding a baby girl?

Dreams of breastfeeding a female can be associated with our internal nurturing. If you are currently pregnant or hoping to become pregnant it could indicate your new feelings and experiences in waking life, or in rare cases signal a new baby girl in your own life. Rest assured this dream is positive and the journey of motherhood is entering your subconscious mind for a reason. If you have a connection with a baby in real life then often the dream of breastfeeding a baby girl appears, it could be a direct symbolization of what you've seen in waking life. The dream can also possibly point to the fact that you need to embrace something important in your life. The dream could also be a baby girl from a different spiritual dimension or your own spiritual baby girl.

What does it mean to dream of breastfeeding a baby boy?

Dreaming about breastfeeding a baby boy suggests welcoming changes. It encourages you to explore your environment, get to know yourself much better, and look at the areas of life beyond your body that could possibly change. The baby boy is a masculine symbolism that can point to the fact that you need to be more grounded and empowered. Ready or not changes are normally on their way if you are breastfeeding a baby boy such a dream reminds you of your own strengths and natural abilities. If you are nervous this dream can often occur, however, the baby boy as a symbolism illustrates it is important to embrace how important it is to build your own confidence.

What does it mean if the baby in the dream was crying to be breastfed?

Babies cry when they are hungry, if you see a crying baby in a dream it can mean that part of yourself is craving attention. Babies are all about nurture and it could represent that you are internally crying out in order for attention from somebody. Often, dreams of babies crying because they are hungry illustrate that we believe we are not living up to our expectations.

What does the dream mean if you are seeing friends breastfeeding?

For females, breastfeeding in dreams from a psychological point of view represents nurture and love, and sexuality. If you see other people breastfeeding in the dream it could represent your own inner instincts of feeling secure and being loved. It is in essence your own inner child reliving your own desires which are regressive. If in the dream someone you don’t know is breastfeeding then this can at times indicate a new child or fertility in older occult books, which I will go onto in a short while. To see friends breastfeeding indicates that those who are close to you may need your help going forward.  This dream sometimes materializes when you are looking at childhood memories, it could be a situation that has now resurfaced in your adult life and you need to review this. 

What does it mean to dream of being unable to feed your baby?

To be unable to breastfeed suggests something which can be taken away, and this could include, but not limited to money, food, good health, within your family or friends circle. It could be a sign of emotional or physical support and wellbeing. It could also mean that you are feeling something is missing in life from your biological mother, maybe the relationship is not what you want or expect. 

What is the spiritual meaning of breastfeeding a baby?

So let’s now move onto the spiritual meaning of breastfeeding.  When I first had my child everything changed in life, my relaxing life itself was completely turned upside down. I devoted myself to my baby and breastfeed for many years. Yes, it is a spiritual gift and allows a real bonding with the child. It is parenting out of love and happiness.  As I have already highlighted in the opening paragraph breastfeeding can be significant spiritually, now, ancient dream dictionaries have outlined that breastfeeding is a one-way spirit that penetrates into your life and this results in problems. It is believed that the powers which guide this baby to go to the breast are powers of the kingdom. 

If you happen to wake up from the dream of breastfeeding a baby, you could feel weak, or wonder about the strange baby who has sucked your nipple in the dream! If you are married and you keep dreaming of breastfeeding a baby, it could just be connected to your relationship and you feel the need to be nurtured. To deal with the type of dream, you need to first of all deal with the baby symbol. 

What does it mean to dream of a man breastfeeding dream meanings?

Breastfeeding of a baby in the dream is normally viewed as your connection with a spiritual husband. So the occurrence of such dreams while you are married will make it impossible for people to recognize your good works and glory in your marital setting. 

Once in a while, the spiritual man might decide to make love to with you, and in the process, you become pregnant in the spirit world and give birth to a spiritual baby who will be breastfeeding in your dreams.  Once it becomes a tradition to breastfeed, you can only get deliverance via visiting a pastor for spiritual deliverance.  If not, then you will always experience limitations in your marriage. 

As a married woman, the spirits will manipulate your marriage, whereby fear will grip your physical husband to chase you away. A dream of breastfeeding, according to the spiritual guides in the 1930s, should not be taken lightly. It could be portraying that you are dealing with hindrances and problems on the path of your marriage. And in the process, your husband in this life may not gel with you as he did beforehand.

Breastfeeding a baby in the dream spiritually means that you have a spiritual husband. The love towards you which comes in the form of a baby breastfeeding shows that you are having trouble that has deeply been programmed into your life. 

What does it mean to breastfeed an adult in a dream? 

Seeing yourself breastfeeding others could denote that you have a desire to take care of them. Though the dream is actually a positive attribute and can signify success in life. Is there anyone draining your energy? Are you neglecting yourself? If this is the case, then you will have to reconsider how you are approaching your life and allocate some time to yourself. To breastfeed an adult in a dream can be rather worrying! This denotes that someone (an adult) will require your care and attention in life.

What does it mean to dream of having trouble breastfeeding?

Dreaming of having trouble breastfeeding a baby who is starving hungry denotes that you greatly depend on others. It is a dream that can signal several qualities which you require, but you need to review how you approach life. Don’t worry things all happen for a reason, if the baby can't latch onto your breast in the dream this can suggest conflict and trouble but you will overcome everything in life! To see yourself with cracked nipples or a poor latch indicates a reluctance to face problems. If you do not wish to breastfeed in your dream this can signify something decreasing or an abrupt change.

What does it mean to breastfeed a baby and you have never given birth to in a dream? 

A dream where you dream of breastfeeding and yet you have never given birth is a very unusual dream.  Though it is impossible,  it does happen. It could be due to your desire to have a baby of your own that has led to the subconscious dream. If you do not wish to have a baby in real life and dream of breastfeeding or nursing someone else's baby then this can indicate a change in circumstances in life. Often, dreams such as these denote a change in some aspect of life.

What does dreaming of breasting indicate when you are not pregnant or married in a dream? 

Many women are now unmarried into their thirties and span to different social-economic corners of the world. While marriage remains the norm there are many women who remain single. This could be by choice or circumstance. Women into their forties, fifties, or even sixties are free and society means that we are living more into a single-dominated world. It can feel though if you are single and do not have a partner there is something missing for some they enjoy the freedom a single life can bring. 

We all expect to marry in our twenties though. Some women are against marriage and maybe they don't truly love their partner. To dream of breastfeeding when you are not married could yield individual desires, ambitions, and circumstances and that you are down the highway of meeting your married partner. 

As a dream symbol in older dream books breastfeeding a baby in a dream can denote you will marry soon. It is normally viewed as a symbol of love or union. Alternatively, a dream of breastfeeding when you are not pregnant, don’t have children, or not married in real life could represent a new start in life.

What does it mean to dream of breastfeeding but you don't have any children in real life?

A dream where you see yourself breastfeeding but have not had any children in the dream can imply that you have been having a serious conversation with your partner about children or marriage. In dream psychology, Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are a reflection of symbols we see in real life. Therefore, the dream could indicate for instance that you have seen women breastfeed in real life. Therefore, this is a “wake-up call” to  If you have been yearning to get married and it has been top of your list, then be ready to either meet your partner or think about where your relationship is going in real life.

What does breastfeeding a baby who is not yours in your dream mean?

Analytically, this dream can be taken to mean responsibility. It can suggest worries about a member of your family whom you feel obliged to protect. Without your protection, you think that they are vulnerable and insecure.  It could be someone who is very important to you, and you envisaged that they had been left all by themselves and you feel that, it is up to you to provide them with protection and care. Although this will take most of your time and effort to be achieved, your determination will make it succeed.

Alternatively, in older dream books breastfeeding a baby that is not yours can mean that someone has deceived you.  Therefore, this is what I describe as a “warning dream” to make sure that you get to know a person’s intent before you begin releasing personal or confidential information.

What does it mean to dream of breastfeeding if you are married or pregnant?

When you have a dream where you see yourself breastfeeding a baby, and you are either pregnant or married, it denotes peace and well-being.  It is a sign that your marriage, your marriage is on the right track and that you and your partner will continue to be happy together. The person you are married to is your soulmate, and you should not have any regrets or doubts about them.

What does it mean when you are married and dream of breastfeeding a baby?

If you are married this dream represents the existence of love and harmony which you are feeling for your partner in marriage. When a baby is breastfeeding, it feels loved, cared for, peaceful, and calm; that is the same feeling that you have for your partner and the reason for your dream. 

When you wake up after having such a dream, you will feel some happiness, love, and calmness to all that is around you including your partner, children, friends, and family which will make you continue having a life of bliss. In case there is a problem that existed between you and them before the dream, it will be sorted out by mere conversation.

What does dreaming of seeing someone breastfeeding a baby mean?

A dream where you see someone breastfeeding a baby is a warning sign. It denotes that, you need to take precautions when around other people in your surroundings. It is a spiritual sign that someone is going to betray you or someone who is close to you will stab you in the back or let you down. After having such a dream, pay close attention to the actions of people around you, and if at any point you notice something which is unusual, then you should be careful and disengage, to protect yourself.

What does it mean to dream of breastfeeding a baby who then becomes sick?

A situation whereby you see yourself breastfeeding a baby in the dream who later becomes sick is not that positive. In life, breastfeeding is about giving people life, joy and happiness. Breastfeeding could represent financial health and thus when you see yourself stopping midway to breastfeed a baby is a sign that your resources are approaching their limit and your cash flow is drying up. And if the baby vomits after you have breastfed it, could denote that, there is a reversal of your current income or finances which you rely on. This dream indicates something needs to be worked out, and you will re-strategize in a situation. 

What does it mean to see someone else breastfeeding your child in a dream? 

Emotion is often present in the dream world. As a symbol, breastfeeding is associated with positive vibes, good health, and overall well-being.  So if you see someone you do not know breastfeeding your own child, it refers to developing a connection between you and someone else - which could become stronger as the child grows older. It could be that, as the child grows older you will appreciate their existence and success in life. If you have children in real life it could be a dream about their milestones.

What does breastfeeding several babies mean? 

Breastfeeding twins, quads or triplet babies in your dream is a sign of good health. If you are sick and you dream of breastfeeding several babies, it represents a possibility of you getting well soon. If you are not sick, it is a dream which signalizes that, your health is not going to deteriorate any time soon.

What does breastfeeding a baby mean in a dream when you don’t have any children? 

A dream of breastfeeding a baby for someone who is childless could indicate you are having a baby in another spiritual dimension. If you are cradling your little baby in your dream world and breastfeeding the baby this could indicate (for a motherless or fatherless person in the waking world)  that there is going to be a calm period in your life. The dream is about resting and it could be a time whereby you will care for a child or somebody close to you. The dream is focused on your own responsibilities and how you can apply yourself in life.

What do breastfeeding nightmare dreams mean?

Dreaming is a highly social affair, we spend a lot of time with other people in our dreams. These could be people and babies that we know and we don't. Often dreams such as breastfeeding babies will feel very real, when we experience them we wake up and believe that it actually occurred. 

Dreams don't always serve well and when we are looking at the interpretation it may go wrong, particularly if the breastfeeding dream was a nightmare. If indeed you had a nightmare and the dream was very negative in nature this could be due to traumatic experiences. By exploring your dreams you can look for psychological interpretations in order to understand your anxieties in waking life.

Summary of a dream of breastfeeding

A huge benefit of breastfeeding in real life is that breastfed babies are less likely to catch certain illnesses, and they are likely to recover more easily. Breastmilk in the dream world is associated with boosting your maternal instincts. Breastmilk is a live substance which changes according to the baby's needs. finally, to breastfeed a baby in a dream can symbolize that there is something in developed in your own life and you need to work in a new direction.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2021