Addition Dream Meaning

Addition Dream Meaning

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So did you count numbers in your dream? Wondering what it means? To count numbers in a dream is associated with solving problems in waking life.

Great news your here! I am so excited to bring you this dream meaning. To dream of addition indicates struggling with difficulties in life. To not be able to add in dreams suggest that you need to understand yourself better. This can be achieved through meditation. Adding sums in dreams indicates that you will overcome any difficulties. If you are at school and you dream of addition this indicates that you will be happy in life. An important decision needs to be reached if you dream of teaching addition. If you don't know me, I am Flo, a psychic and I love interesting dreams, I have spent decades decoding dreams for users and this dream is quite amazing. Did you add any sums? It is all positive in the dream state - so good for you!

Now, I have studied many dreams about numbers and to dream of a mathematical expression suggests that you will be adding qualities in life. To be a child and performing simple sums (such as 1 + 1) suggests you will have a combination of new opportunities. To add on a calculator in a dream indicates you will observe others in life. To see the plus sign in a dream (+) this relates to feelings you have in life. To see a whole number can indicate new ways to approach problems.

Detailed dream meaning of addition 

To find yourself counting numbers and adding these together in a dream denotes that you are trying to solve problems in life. To see a successor number in the dream indicates that you will express yourself in life. Learning addition as a child in a dream suggests gaining experience in waking life. To be in elementary school in the dream suggests relying on your own strengths. If you see the addition table this can mean that you need to remember who is in control.

To see integers in a dream can be associated with trying to gain a simple solution in life. Consequently, it means that things need to be more simple going forward. To attend a math class in a dream is associated with trying to solve problems in waking life. Is there a problem you need to solve? Adding items in a dream or counting implies trying to come to a solution to a problem.  Adding various numbers in a dream can indicate that there is a responsibility in life that you are trying to achieve. To not be able to add any numbers in a dream can be a significant factor in moving forward in life.

Now, I must say that this dictates that you are feeling blocked or you are delayed in activity in life. To easily solve addition problems during the dream state is a positive omen in that you are going to gain the answers that you require in waking life. So good news hey! To add up millions of numbers in the dream signifies a new beginning. If you could easily add the numbers in the dream this is a positive omen that denotes success and well-being in the future. To fail a maths test in a dream indicates a possible problem in waking life, but don't worry it will shortly resolve itself. 

Please note: Adding sheep before falling asleep denotes contentment and happy times. It promotes good rest and sleep. 

The feeling that you have associated with the dream of addition 

Worried you are unable to calculate the dream. Relaxing and unwinding while trying to figure out the sum. Happiness. Worried about calculation.

Did you have any of these dreams about numbers?

Here are some wonderful dreams that have been sent in by my users over the years in regard to counting in dreams: You found yourself counting and adding numbers in the dream. You were adding a number of sums in the dream.

  • You went to a maths class in the dream.
  • You undertook an equation during the dream
  • You carried out a mathematical addition in the dream state.
  • You are adding that various numbers during the dream. You were unable to add up the numbers during a dream.
  • You could easily solve the addition problems in the dream.
  • You failed to get an answer in the dream.
  • It was apparent that you could add the numbers easily in a dream.

By Florance Saul
Aug 22, 2017