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Hello, my name is Flo and I am here to help you decode this dream. A woman featured in a dream is common.

The woman in dreams is a reflection of you and can also be connected to repressed desires. The dream could have featured a group of women, a known female or an unfamiliar woman. Freud believes that every dream that we have is a symbol of our current state of mind. Recent modern interpretation of this dream indicates that the dream is connected to love, honor, nurture, temptation and our own inner personality.

What does dreaming of a women mean according to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung?

I will start with the famous dream psychologist in the 1930s, Sigmund Freud. When I read his book, there was a degree of focus on the Freud “dream” formula which is pleasure-need-fulfillment. He basically believed that our dreams were considered in these in either pleasure, need or fulfillment classes. When you dream of a woman it could indeed mean a reflection of your pleasures in life, your “female” needs or desires. Alternatively, a fulfillment that you require in life maybe cares and attention. In trauma dreams, for example, the woman was attacking you it can indicate a conflict between a pleasure and a need according to Freud. This is a really interesting analysis which we can apply to the dream of a woman. Sometimes, the woman herself may be distorted or a parent. Carl Jung believed to dream of a woman was connected to our animal instincts and that it showed our caring and nurturing side.

The dream about a woman is connected to emotion, greed, and energy. It also demonstrates the need to recognize life, death, and rebirth, and the woman’s image in your dream shows this process and the circle of life. A woman, either in work or business demonstrates happiness in your life, even if you are a woman yourself. In each female, there is a need to express and there is also an instinct to nurture. This dream also signifies he caring side of one's personality. I will now turn to the spiritually meaning that surrounds this dream, to dream of a woman is a reflection of different spiritual messages depending upon how the woman was perceived in your dream. The way that she communicating in your dream is also equally important. I have gone over some popular dream lore below on what women can mean from a spiritual perspective. Suffice to say, if you are a man and you dream of a woman it can indicate your pleasure-need in life if it was sexual in nature.

Quick spiritual meanings

  • Dream lore indicates: to dream of a beautiful woman means your in love.
  • Some psychic books state that seeing a woman in your dream could be a sign of lies, quarrels, betrayals, and unpleasantness.
  • Seen a woman with white hair denotes wisdom.
  • Seen an old woman same meaning of wisdom.
  • Seen a sick woman indicates health issues.
  • Seen a dark-haired woman then someone will come to you for advice.
  • Encountered women fighting with each other indicates friction in life.
  • Seen a bald woman suggests others will turn to you for advice.
  • Seen a very elegant woman can suggest a new start.
  • Noticed a woman dancing means a happy celebration.
  • Encountered a very beautiful woman means contentment.
  • Had a woman in your house foretells good times.
  • To see a pregnant woman in a dream indicates a new beginning.
  • Seen a businesswoman then positive business relationships will occur.
  • Seen a women working can indicate a new start.
  • Encountered a dead woman in a dream can suggest new goals in life - transformation.
  • Encountered an unknown woman means you are unsure of your direction in life.
  • Met a pleasant woman is a positive omen of dreams which means good luck.
  • Seen a woman brushing her hair can indicate a change in circumstances.
  • Seen a woman laughing foretells happy times in life.
  • Seen a woman you know represents repressed feelings about that person.
  • Seeing a group of women indicates gossip but also love.
  • Women relatives imply a change in the family.
  • A single woman can indicate uncertainty.
  • An old woman means illness and bad news from a loved one. It can also refer to a trip with unpleasant experiences.
  • A woman with white hair symbolizes insincerity, uncertainty, regret and bitterness, and damage.
  • If you see more women fighting with each other, this indicates that difficult times with material deprivations are coming your way.
  • A woman without hair could predict a happy marriage.
  • An honest woman refers to the protection of your own interests.
  • An elegant woman is an omen of a death or the loss of your honor. Seeing feminine clothes in your dream suggests a lack of organization in your waking life.
  • If you dream of a woman dancing, you will be lucky.
  • A divorced woman means misunderstanding, but kissing a woman foretells gains.
  • If in your dream you see a woman’s face, this represents worries.
  • A beautiful woman predicts that you are going to fall in love very soon.
  • A hardworking woman indicates your enthusiasm in regard to a proposal at work.
  • A female thief is a good omen.
  • Seeing a woman in your house is the symbol of your future plans.
  • A pregnant woman means difficulties and something new and unpleasant ahead. Talking to a woman in your dream tells that you are moody.
  • A sick woman could be a sign of an imminent death. Seeing a blonde woman in your dream foretells richness, while a woman with brown hair means love.
  • Many women seen in your dream is an omen of quarrels and misunderstandings.
  • A dead woman means a serious betrayal of a friend.
  • If the woman dies in your dream, you will experience separation from neighbors, friends, or relatives.
  • A woman giving birth in your dream means you will feel relieved soon.
  • Seeing an unknown woman is a symbol of love and hidden desires.
  • A pleasant woman means gains and unexpected luck.
  • If you see a woman brushing hair, the rain will come.
  • If you are brushing her hair, this indicates your fear about a specific task you have recently received. Interestingly, a sick woman in a dream can indicate loss.

What if the woman in your dream is a close friend?

If you dream of a close female friend then this can indicate that your relationship with your friend is of happiness and contentment from a spiritual perspective. I must go further in this “woman” dream, we also need to analyze Freud's concept of punishment. Perhaps a former friend in a dream appeared. This is recognized as your underlying assertion according to Freud. So, the importance of what the woman was doing - should be enhanced depending on her details. Also, does the dream make you feel better?

What does it mean if the woman in the dream is your partner?

To dream of your partner, wife or lover is extremely common, in fact, we generally have at least two dreams of our partner each week according to scientists. In order to define what the meaning is we need to turn to the details of how your partner was perceived in the dream state. I would say that you must turn to the similarities in the dream. Interestingly, from a psychological point of view to dream of your partner who is female illustrates an understanding of yourself. Yes, it is about you! It is how you communicate in this relationship.

I know, you are wondering why that this is of particular interest and why this dream suddenly occurred in your subconscious mind. Let me explain, in waking life learning about your partner can often present some major challenges. There is no particular wisdom or understanding and if you dream about your partner in a general sense then this can often be associated with the fact that you are finding it difficult to understand aspects of the relationship. Now, through our dream state of the woman, we often use our unconscious mind in order to develop self-awareness. Maybe there has been a struggle in the relationship, or you have not felt comfortable. To dream of your mother as the woman is often again connected to your subconscious mind feeling there is a struggle in the relationship.


If you dream of female co-workers it can often mean that there is something hidden from you in your working life. You should try to develop self-awareness. This will help you progress in life and reveals some complicated hidden emotions inside yourself. Try to meditate and the reason why the women appeared in a dream. Has anything happened recently in the relationship?

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of women?

Sometimes in dreams, we are on the edge of awareness, it is hard to decide if there are not elements in our waking world that have influenced our dream state. If that is the case, it is important to look at the spiritual meaning. Spiritually, in many dream publications on the occult ( that I have reviewed in various private subscription libraries over the years and find some sources outlined below) indicates that if you dream of a woman it is associated with the fact your subconscious mind is trying to heal. Most importantly in society women are supposed to be caring and loving. Perhaps it is because of our social acceptance of the caring mother. There could be a sense that you need to be mothered yourself and you need to be cared for!

To dream of women if you are a man

Dreaming of a group of women is rather common. This is notably more common so if you are a man. In my opinion, the women can be associated with many different aspects depending upon how she is perceived in your dream. Dreaming of a single women if you are a man is common if you indeed know their identity.

What does it mean to dream of a woman that you do not know very well?

To dream of a woman that you do not know very well has the same meaning as a general woman This could be if you are a man from a sexual aspect perhaps you are looking for a new soulmate or lover? If you are a female and dream of somebody such as an female acquaintance this can indicate that you are feeling isolated and need to widen your social circle.

What does it mean to dream of an old woman?

An old woman in the dream is a representation of spiritual wisdom. Obviously, as we age we gain more knowledge and also opinions on life itself. It could be that your subconscious mind is seeking that knowledge and wishes to bring it to the surface. I have dreamt of old women a few times, in terms of from a psychological viewpoint I do truly believe that it is connected to our belief and experiences in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of an unknown woman?

It is always quite concerning I think when you dream of an unknown woman. It always sparks a question in your mind of why this woman appeared in a dream. In my dream state, I have had many different types of dreams that involve women that I do not know. Interestingly, from a psychological point of view the woman that you may not know could have just passed you on the sidewalk and for some reason, you’re actually dreaming of them. In my dreams, when I have encountered a woman that I didn’t know it was quite surprising how vivid this woman appeared to me. Therefore, to dream of a woman that you know or do not know generally has the same meaning. It is all connected to your female needs and wants in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of seeing but not speaking to a woman in your dream?

If you dream of a woman but you do not speak to her in the dream then this can indicate that there are some issues and problems with the woman in waking life. Generally, the dream is also connected to how you are perceived by other people in life. Are you communicating necessarily? In my opinion, this dream is all about communication, the fact that the woman isn’t talking to you indicates that you should be communicating on a much better level going forward.

What does it mean to dream of making love to an unknown woman?

This is a very common dream. The meaning still applies if you are female or male. I can remember I had a dream of a female making love to me. I found this quite disconcerting because I did not even know who the woman was, Yes, this is my dream confession! To dream of making love to a female regardless of your gender can suggest that this dream is connected to relationship needs and wants as outlined by Freud. I do not think there’s really any other meaning of the dream apart from that.

What does it mean to dream of a faceless woman?

Faceless women in a dream can be particularly worrying. At the same time but is rather refreshing for this is the symbolism of fear. In my opinion, this is a dream about healing and the female aspects of your personality. The fact that the woman hasn’t got face indicate she has no identity. This is quite interesting as I believe this is a reflection of how you feel about your own identity, in that you will find it difficult to understand where you are now where you want to be. Sorry if this makes your head spin! The goal I believe of this dream indicates how you can bring all aspects into your life in alignment to unveil your true identity. After all your intelligent human beings and the smarter you become the better you will succeed

What does it mean to dream of a woman at work?

To dream of a woman at work is often connected how you feel in the workplace. It is quite a self-explanatory dream I hope. The fact that there is a woman at work in a dream can just indicate the feeling of being overburdened especially with what people expect of you. More importantly, it’s the expectations of yourself. Seeing more than one

What does it mean to dream of two women?

Two women in a dream, in my opinion, is connected to our feminine side and qualities in waking life. Like most people in life, sometimes we face life with mounting difficulties. This dream may bring you to your knees. As you will learn to change your life the two women in your dream is received in your subconscious mind because you need more insights into how to use a feminine side of your personality. If you are a man in a dream of two women this dream can indicate the spiritual perspective of women in your waking world. If you are female you dream of two women it can indicate that mounting difficulties will disappear in the future.

What does it mean to dream of multiple females?

So, let’s begin now, to see multiple women in your dream is associated with how you connect with females in the waking world it is important to understand how the women were portrayed during the dream state and how they were perceived by yourself and other people. To see a room full of women indicates social pleasures with women in the future. Now the most important takeaway from this dream is that multiple women as a “dream symbol” can also suggest that you be supported by female friends through troubles. In my view, multiple women can also suggest possible problems in regards to fertility. Now, according to ancient psychic books, women in dreams generally indicates emotional energy. Don’t worry the women in the dream can also suggest you are going to be engaging with a woman for advice and support in waking life. To see multiple women in regards to a sexual orgy in the three according to the dream psychologists Carl Joe and Freud,

What does it mean to see old women in a dream?

I have researched this dream and to see an old woman denotes that you need to focus on yourself for a while. You have not been giving yourself enough time to relax in life. Now, the symbol of an old woman is associated with your own motivation in life from a psychological viewpoint. Of course, we’ve all had the experience of being rather motivated but also unmotivated as the “motivation” does not last. Perhaps you’ve joined a gym in the past, spent money on some new gym clothes then this whole thing ended up in the fact that you were not motivated to get in better shape. The dream of an old woman indicates that motivation is called for at the moment in your life. Without motivation, your life is unable to progress, so from a psychological viewpoint, the old woman represents the fact that you need to ensure that you have the motivation to achieve your goals in life. So go out there are do it!!

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My sources for this dream meaning

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Positive changes are afoot if

You have a genuinely meaningful conversation with the woman. You see a beautiful woman in the dream. You speak with an important woman in the dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of women or businesswomen

Admiring. Content. Happy. Proud. In love. Enchanted. Satisfied. Upset.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012