Carrying Too Many Bags

Carrying Too Many Bags

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

It is a burden to carry too many bags because they will make you be exhausted and tired.

When you dream of carrying too many bags, it denotes something positive, you are going to move to new places where you will start life on a fresh page. In case you have any bad memories in life you will have to leave them behind and start life afresh. You will need to pursue new aspirations and plans. Avoid the past mistakes and make life better than it was in the past.

A new environment brings with it several things which are symbolized by the many bags you are carrying in your dream. It is up to you to make life worthwhile by making sure that, whatever plans you embark on, they bring goodies to you. Avoid destructive or bad company; make sure you choose the right friends who will encourage you in the right way and before you know it, you will be prosperous.

In the dream, you may

  • Unable to carry all the bags that you have.
  • Seen others carrying many bags.
  • Seen many shopping bags.
  • A room full of bags, ready to carry.
  • Happily carrying many bags.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream whereby you are unable to carry the bags you have mean that you have been presented with a lot of opportunities to the extent that, you are wondering which way to go in life and which one to leave behind. Choose wisely and make sure that, your choices agree with your plans and you are able to handle them to the end. Don’t choose something that might turn up to be taxing and you get defeated to finish it along the way. You should remember that you are starting your life on a fresh page, incomplete projects should not have a place in it.

When you see others carrying many bags in your dream, it means that you have been yearning for a change of environment but it seems that it is not forthcoming. All your friends and relatives have been able to move on with their lives in new jobs and businesses.

You are a hard worker, but it seems as if you are not being rewarded for it and this is making you become envious of others. The best thing to do is to make sure that, you ask for guidance on what to do in order to get changes in your place of work; be considered for a promotion; make your business to expand so that it grows.

Seeing many shopping bags in your dream means that, you are destined to get many rewards for hard work. These gifts will be in the form of monetary grants or salary increase and it will enable you to improve your life and that of your family. You might be gaining a promotion at your place of work which will require you to relocate to a new area and with it - an increase in your salary. A business offer might come your way which will make you expand your business internationally and with it, prosperity will come your way.

When you see a room full of bags, ready to be carried, it means that a lot of opportunities are opening up for you and it is for you to grab them and utilize them so that, they can help you to better your life. You need to work hard and use them and before long, you will be on the highway to success and prosperity.

A dream where you will see yourself carrying many bags means that you are surrounded by things destined to make you rich. You are going to travel a lot on business trips which will make your life better than the way it is. You will be in a position to better the lives of those who are surrounding you and life will be a bliss. The only thing you need to do is to be hardworking and kind hearted and all the rest will follow.

Feelings associated with your dream

Happy, kind hearted, hard working, incomplete, tired and exhausted.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017