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Shopping or purchasing goods symbolizes our desires and needs.

We all experience shopping daily. In the dream world shopping can appear often. Maybe you could see a shop or you were shopping for clothes or food. The type of shopping that was carried out in the dream can be connected to love, sexual fulfillment, prosperity, or a job according to dream lore. I would say, try to pay attention to which kind of shop is in your dream. A clothing retailer indicates a new phase of life, whereas gifts are usually symbolic of skill and possibilities. A toy or sports retailer could indicate that you want to be more laid back and young at heart. Shopping at a mall in a dream can denote material wealth. I have defined many dreams here on shopping so just scroll down to find yours.

What does it mean to dream of shopping for clothes?

Maybe you don’t consider yourself as being fashionable or maybe you do! The shopping dream of clothes comes to us all. Whether it is buying sweaters or that new dress or even an infinity of scarfs. There is something emotionally attached to clothes as this dream indicates you are focused on your own identity. If you are actively trying to shop for clothing this can indicate you are going to gravitate towards a new focus in life. The clothes themselves are associated with a new identity and more often than not something you are going to achieve something that stands in your way. To see yourself in a dressing room in the dream indicates that you may need to look at yourself in terms of your goal setting. If there are many mirrors inside the dressing room this means that you will feel more refreshed going forward. To buy a new dress in a dream can signify a commitment to something that you have forgotten. We all have clothes in the back of our wardrobe that we rarely wear.

In fact, there are clothes I’ve bought still have a label on! To dream of buying clothes but not wearing them signifies you need to be brutally honest with yourself. To dream of clothes represents your self-image and self-esteem. According to old dream lore dreaming of shopping, clothes represents your emotional state. You’re probably nervous or anxious about a certain event coming soon. You feel like you have to pretend to be something you’re not in order to be liked by people. To buy clothes in your dream also symbolize your need to keep your private life to yourself or ‘cover up’ your secrets and mistakes. You’re exposed and need to take some privacy measures. Your dream also reveals a comfortable lifestyle and harmony. You will find someone that fits your standards. To dream of buying clothes from someone else, or second-hand clothes in a dream predicts business deals that will come out profitable and new opportunities on your way. Think well before you make any risky move. And remember not to spend more than you earn.

What does it mean to dream of shopping for food?

To dream of food shopping is rather common. Why? Because we all have to eat every day and shopping for groceries is necessary to survive each day. To dream of buying food from the grocery store or a supermarket represents your emotional and physical need to feel alive – to move towards your goals. In old dream lore this dream represents a warning sign. I believe this is a chance to pay extra attention to your well-being and change your lifestyle in order to gain your energy back, especially if you have been feeling tired lately. To dream of shopping for food also signifies the easy choices and smart decisions you have been making. To dream of paying for food in a dream implies that you are feeling comfortable with what you’ve accomplished so far. Yet, you will come across some problems that can’t be solved with solutions. This dream urges one to use your creativity to come up with new solutions, and prove to others you’re able to handle yourself in the most unexpected complicated situations.

What does grocery shopping with someone mean in a dream?

As I have previously mentioned, groceries are part of our everyday life. To dream of food shopping isn’t something unusual. In fact, it’s one of the most common dreams. To see yourself shopping for groceries represents the need to feel alive again. And to gain back your energy and willingness. However, to dream of shopping for groceries with someone else means you want to establish a profound connection with that particular person. It can mean your relationship is heading in the right direction. Your future with your partner (even if you have not met him or her yet) remains bright. You will keep it that way only if you remain honest about your feelings and future plans. To pack shopping into bags during the dream indicates that you are feeling happiness at the moment.

What is the dream meaning of a shopping mall?

The shopping mall in a dream symbolizes a surprise and new things are coming on your way. To dream of shopping at the mall indicates that something positive will happen to you soon. This will leave a large, positive impact on your life. This dream indicates you need some time off to enjoy the little things. The dream means you need to stop feeling sad about elements in life. And things you want but don’t have. Try to focus on what you already have and make most out of it. Your dream reveals the materialistic side of your personality. To see a large shopping mall implies you are a good person and you are kind so good news! If the shopping mall turned out to be a nightmare (like someone shooting or you cannot find the mall) this dream indicates there are moments when you think only of yourself, even if others are worried by your actions.

What does it mean to dream to dream of a store closing?

To dream of a store closing indicates a failure. Something you wanted to have won’t come that easily. You will have to work harder to realize your goals. Maybe you’re not ready to handle the pressure that comes along with realizing your goals. This dream is warning you. Prepare yourself before you make any move that can make the realization of your goals easier. This dream means that you are capable of handling yourself in any situation possible. And it’s one of your best qualities.

What does shopping for makeup mean?

Makeup in a dream symbolizes beauty, hiding flaws, covering up mistakes and embellishing. To dream of makeup means you feel like you need to hide some personality trait in order to be liked. Yet, you are completely wrong because the people who love you will want you just the way you are. To dream of buying makeup represents your wish to change and become a better person for yourself and the people you love. Yet, you’re not going to accomplish this by covering up your flaws. Try to highlight them. Your imperfections are what makes you imperfectly perfect. And it’s time you accept that. Accept yourself the way you are and admire what you see in the mirror. There’s no doubt the world will follow. Your dream also implies the secrets you’re hiding.

What does it mean to dream of a pawn shop?

The pawn shop indicates loss and bad luck. You will have to sacrifice something you already have to get something you always wanted. This means you will lose something that has emotional value to you in order to get something that will help you accomplish your highest aspirations and life goals. What you’re about to do will help maintain your balance. However, there’s no guarantee you will experience absolute happiness once you get everything you ever wanted in life. You’re the creator of your own destiny. Are you feeling wrong by doing the right thing? Then stop doing it!

What is the 1930s detailed dream interpretation of shopping?

Here I have included some of the older dream lore from the 1930s. You might find some odd things in here like shopping for velvet but I think it is important that we share the ancient meanings. Right, so generally shopping for items in dreams foretells that you might have financial difficulties. This is a good sign if you dream of taking into account every spent penny. If you dream of a store or a shop, then this is a spiritual exchange dream. This dream also means that there may be a need for important business decisions in the near future. If the shop in your dream is a happy place to be and you are content, this suggests that it is important to spend time with other people. If you dream of a market which is busy, this dream suggests that you have to look after yourself much better.

If you find yourself purchasing items from a market, store, shop, or a restaurant, this dream indicates that you value your possessions. More importantly, you are grateful for what you currently have in your life. Choosing a tie in a store means good changes are coming your way. Seeing a fur coat in the window show of a store means you have well-thought plans while seeing jewelry suggests that you are going to take important decisions in the future. If you see a messy store, this portends misery. Packing stuff in a store means that you are going to consolidate your position at work. A closed store predicts that a problem might appear in the future, but also jealousy and hate ahead. Seeing things in the window of a store means spiritual problems. A beautiful store portends richness while a well-organized and clean store foretells spiritual accomplishments. If you dream of a store full of products means you will enjoy well-being and prosperity ahead. Seeing yourself selling in a store means your situation will improve. To be a shop assistant is a positive omen.

To dream that you own a store means that your income will increase. If you dream of working in a shop, this indicates that you will have better conditions in life. To dream that you purchase something in a store means that you will have personal problems and more responsibilities. Shopping for guns in a dream is an omen for a turbid situation. If you are buying grocery items, this means you will enjoy a calm state ahead. If you are buying jewelry, this foretells love and lust. If you are shopping for a wool coat, your enemies will take you down. Shopping for cattle in a dream is the sign of a comfortable and quiet life.

Dreaming of shopping for cheese means high aspirations and ambitions, while buying potatoes suggests a pleasant visit ahead and that you will be able to communicate very well with other people. Buying a notebook is an omen that you will be rewarded for your courage, while a book means hope. If you are shopping for any kind of meeting, this portends abundance ahead. Shopping for velvet means disappointment in love.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of shopping

Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Happy. Satisfied.

Your dream

  • You are in a store.
  • You are shopping.
  • A messy store.
  • A closed store.
  • A beautiful store.
  • You shop in a store.
  • A full and rich shop.


  • Spend time with other people.
  • This dream made you happy.

By Flo Saul
Nov 22, 2012