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An aerosol dream is focused on feelings of being out of control and the general pressure of life. It can also suggest a “difficult” period in life.

A dream that involves aerosol can indicate that you’re feeling under pressure and you need to release this pressure and stress as soon as possible before your worries affect your health. Is someone acting violently towards you? If they are, then the dream could imply that this is the reason for such a dream. An aerosol dream indicates our hidden emotions. People who carry a lot of stress and feel like they’re going to explode generally have such a dream.

In your dream

  • You notice an aerosol in your dream.
  • You spray an aerosol in your dream.
  • Other people spray aerosol is in your dream.
  • You noticed air freshener in your dream.
  • You use hairspray in your dream.
  • You could not find any deodorant in your dream.
  • An aerosol exploded in your dream.
  • You bought aerosols in your dream from a shop.

Aerosol dream meaning

So why would one experience dreams of this kind?

The answer is simple: it’s time you relax and start avoiding or cutting off people. Life is here to challenge us and if you dream of spraying aerosol it can suggest you are trapped in your own thoughts – that’s just your perception and the perception of others, which by the way, you can change at any time. Think about how your own actions affect others in life.

It could also suggest that you are going through an emotional time and you need to talk to someone in depth in order to feel better because carrying pain on your shoulders alone is not healthy. Try to share you life and problems with someone you trust. Otherwise it can damage your health and cause some serious problems.

What your dream is trying to tell you is that you need to find a way to release your emotions and maybe think about what you need to do to expand your life. Crying can reduce stress. It’s like tears can wash the pain in a bizarre way. Try it – you can’t lose anything except your stress.

If you dream that others spray aerosol in your dream, it could imply that other people are trying to provide advice, in reality, however, you don’t let them because you think that you can handle other people who wish to “be in control.” Sometimes everyone could use a hand from a friend or someone close to you in order to progress in life.

People who dream of not finding their deodorant implies they are scared of changes. You have to remember that a change is always welcome in your life because if nothing changes, then you will go insane. Try to open your mind that there will be something new in your life.

You bought aerosols from a shop: If you bought an aerosol in your dream, it could suggest that you’re trying to find a solution to some of your problems, or it could also mean that the solution is right in front of you, however, you need to expand your points of view in order to see it.

  • You use hairspray: You are ready to take control over your life and make tremendous changes, which is good and that’s what your dream is trying to tell you.
  • An aerosol explosion: You feeling a sense of denial. There are people who are stealing your energy and will drain you every day. Why do you care about other people’s opinions? Push them away and start listening to your gut because your inner voice is more important than people’s advice. To see an aerosol explosion indicates that something will be difficult in life.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of aerosol

Scared. Excited. Stressed. Out of control. Suppressed. Drained. Trapped. Free. Frustrated. Nervous. Sad.

By Florance Saul
Aug 18, 2017