Dream Zoomorphism

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Zoomorphism is not that common in dreams.

This means that you have changed into an animal or a totem. This is a spiritual dream. The focus is on trying to find out why you had this particular dream. A common dream is of someone changing into a snake or spider. This suggests that there is someone adverse in your waking life.

The dream means that you are trying to focus on the boundaries that you have in waking life. The animal can also mean that you have a desire for closure in life. To dream of changing into an animal more than once suggests that feelings are coming to the surface. The animal that you turn into is also an indication of the meaning of this dream. If you dream of shape shifting this suggests you are trying to be like other people.

To shape shift into lizards or to see someone turning into a lizard within one's dream means that you are going to have a more focused life. In waking life there are many conspiracies on shape-shifting animals. Some believe that alien beings live among us and shape shift into humans. No matter what your views to see any type of "change" in one's dream means that a change in one's life will happen.

Detailed dream meaning

This dream means that you have some sexual desires. We have touched on the fact that this dream is not common in the introduction. As discussed the actual process of shape shifting means that one will need to ensure that boundaries will be removed in life. This dream can also suggest independence in life. Many native Americans believe that each person has a correspondent animal whose spirit represents that person, and for whom that animal holds special meaning.

To see the animal within one's dream can represent one's "spirit totem", "animal totem" "spirit animal" ("animal spirit"). Looking up the actual meaning of the animal will give more indication of the meaning but in a nutshell, to see something "changing" into an animal represents removing boundaries from life.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen yourself shape shift in a dream.
  • Witnessed zomorphaism.
  • Connected with your animal totem.
  • Viewed humans turning into animals.
  • Seen a snake turn into a person.
  • Turned into an animal.

Positive changes are coming if

  • Someone close to you changed into the animal shape.
  • You changed into an animal.

Feelings encountered during this dream

Worried about the change, unnatural, worry, disturbance

By Florance Saul
Jun 18, 2015